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God Save My Marriage
  1. Welcome to our Forum! Marriage Help and more!

    1. Quick Message Board For Immediate Attention

      Welcome to the God Save My Marriage Forum with Joel and Kathy Davisson, the authors of "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!" You CAN have an OUTRAGEOUSLY HAPPY MARRIAGE!

      Do you need to ask someone to read a post you made? Does something need immediate attention? Is there an administrative glitch? Please post this here.

    2. God Save My Marriage Resources and How to Use the Forum

      Links to resources by Joel and Kathy. General instructions on how to use GodSaveMyMarriageForums.com posting boards. This is a ministry to bring healing to hurting marriages. It is not a free-for-all for marriage paradigm debates. You do have to be "approved" to offer actual directive advice to people. (anyone can offer encouraging words.) Everyone can ask for help, regardless of current status. That is what this marriage forum is here for!

  2. Ministry to Marriages - Find YOUR Miracle!

    1. Ministry to couples who are working together to build an Outrageously Happy Marriage!

      Marriage Help from Joel and Kathy Davisson; along with others whom they have helped.

    2. Ministry to men who are working to win their wife's heart back.

      (Wife is gone, or she is angry and bitter, or she is in an affair etc.)

      Ministry from Joel and Kathy Davisson; along with others they have helped. What wife can resist a Christlike man? Marriage Help for the man who hopes to change enough to win his wife's heart back.

    3. Ministry to women whose husbands are working against the marriage.

      (He has left the family on his terms, he is in an affair, or he is abusive and not interested in learning.)

      Ministry from Joel and Kathy Davisson; along with others they have helped.

    4. Ministry to that wife whose husband is working to win her heart back

      Ministry from Joel and Kathy Davisson; along with others they have helped.

    5. The Other Side of the Fork in the Road

      It has been almost Ten years since first releasing "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!" We have been conducting Weekend Marriage Intensives for Seven Years. So many couples have received astounding miracles of restoration and love, going on to live an Outrageously Happy Marriage. Occasionally, there is a husband who simply decides that he is NOT going to live an outrageously happy marriage. His wife has given her "all" in doing what she can to encourage a restoration and an outrageously happy marriage. In the end though, her husband absolutely refuses to participate in that restoration. This forum is for women who are on the new "Fork in the Road!" We recommend that a wife stay private and seperate to the Lord for a period of two years after being physically seperated from her husband. She needs time to stabalize - and to get her feet solidly on the ground in her new life. For that wife who has spent herself in trying to have a restored marriage; God seems to go to GREAT LENGTHS to bring you to a place of peace, security and supply asap. We will love to walk with you in this season of your life!

    6. Favorite Posts by Various Authors, by Joel and Kathy Davisson and Favorite Posts on Certain Subjects

      If you see a post by someone that you feel is simply awesome, you can copy it and paste it into their "Favorite Posts By" section. There are also a few subject lines for special topics that you can copy and paste posts from other sections into.

  3. Praise Reports, Facebook Daily Life Posts, Devotionals, Blog posts.

    1. Forrest Gump's Blog Posts

      Forrest Gump (Real Name, Erik Matlock) is blogging and is going to be adding blog posts to this topic.

    2. Praise Reports - Joel and Kathy Davisson Welcome You to Our Online Marriage Forum!

      PRAISE REPORTS! God has been doing AWESOME and WONDERFUL miracles in marriages - and He can do the same in yours! Reading testimonies will fire up YOUR faith for YOUR marriage miracle! Marriage miracles take many forms - but God is always involved!

    3. Help Create Daily Devotionals

      What did you read in the Word today that spoke to you? What is exciting you today about Jesus? About our Heavenly Father? About the Holy Spirit? Anyone and everyone can post something that the Lord blessed them with during your daily time with the Lord in the Word of God or in prayer. This does not have to be marriage related - it can just be your love for the Lord. Share it here!

    4. Kathy's Facebook posts. Daily Life things. Have fun!

      Kathy sends text messages via facebook and shares some daily life things as a way to introduce people to the ministry. As she goes along, she is going to be adding those to this topic!

    5. Livin' on Top of the Heap! With Kathy's Mother-in-law!

      Elizabeth, (Kathy's Mother-in-law) is going to start making blog posts. They will show up here as we figure out how to do so! Elizabeth, also known as Beth, conducts the couples call at 9 pm on Tuesday night with positive living, overcoming depression, living on top of the heap!

  4. Marriage Mentoring Recorded Call Archives

    1. "Girl Talk" and "Help and Input for Singles!"

      Advice for Christian dating and just Christian life in general.

      If you want Gods blessing, you need to do things God's way. We're here to help.

    2. Women's Group Call Conversations and Accountability! Recordings

      This is a private access forum for the Women's Group to talk online about the things discussed on the women's calls. Kathy conducts one call each week. The call is to help those wives whose husbands ARE working to become great husbands.. and she needs some help in how to respond warmly and in how to correctly hold him accountable to change when he misses it. Kathy did this PERFECT and she is the EXPERT! The women's group is $25 per month. The $25 covers your group call once each week with Kathy and gives you access to these recordings to review calls or listen to missed calls. To get access to this section, please send an email to JoelandKathy4@aol.com or text Kathy at 386-334-7873 and let us know you are part of this group - and give us your username for the forum.

    3. Couples Marriage Conference Call Recordings

      These are recordings of the couples calls. This section will be available to everyone who is giving the minimum $10 per month gift to the ministry to access the group calls. NOTE: If you are already giving $25 or $100 for the Women's calls or Men's calls, then you are covered. You do not need to add $10 to the men's or woman's group. We just want everyone to carry a small bit of the load and $10 per month is like NOTHING for six calls per WEEK to get help for your marriage and to now access these calls on the forum. After you are on the automatic $10 per month giving using the giving link at the top of the forum, please send an email to JoelandKathy4@aol.com and let us know you are part of this group - and give us your username for the forum.. (or if your household is already giving the $25 or $100 per month).

    4. Men's Call Recordings

      This is a private access forum for the Men's Group. We conduct three calls per week for men who are working to win their wife's heart back and some men are involved who are with their wife but want to get more input and direct help on these special calls. The group is $100 per month and covers all three calls - and access to these recordings to review calls or listen to missed calls. To get access to this section, please send an email to JoelandKathy4@aol.com and let us know you are part of this group - and give us your username for the forum.

  5. Business Opportunities, Health and Nutrition and other affairs of life

    1. Have stuff to sell? Services that Everyone Can Use? Need Attorneys on call?

      Do you have something that you are selling that is helpful to others? You can post about it here!

      Whatever you are selling - introduce it here! Our people are SMART PEOPLE! - and you probably have found something AWESOME that will HELP EVERYONE!

    2. Business Opportunities

      We feel like couples should strive to be together as much as possible. Therefore, we do encourage couples to build a business together; on a part time basis; something they can do together; that will ultimately/possibly result in being a full time income.

      In this section, you may share ideas and business opportunities that you are doing that may contribute to reaching this "perfect" world in a couples financial life. Feel free to discuss network marketing, import/export, crafts - or any other potential income producing business ideas.

    3. Health, Exercise and Nutrition

      For people who have a passion to encourage others in health and nutrition. Share your motivation and knowledge that might help our readers live longer, more full and happier lives by addressing health, exercise, weight and nutrition. Yes, you may introduce your favorite health and nutrition network marketing product.

    4. Various Issues of Life and Other Life Victories

      This is for various issues of life; all of which affect marriage, but none of which are marriage specific. For example: "Your salvation experience - How did you meet the Lord and get saved?" - "Have you come through a serious life issue successfully?

  6. "Retired" Sections and Retired but Sometimes Interesting Announcements

    1. Prayer Requests

      Need emergency prayer? Post here! Also, join the prayer time Fridays at 12:30 pm eastern time.

    2. Holiday Greetings ~ Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary & Happy Valentines Day!

      Want to say a "Happy Birthday" to your honey! Happy Anniversary to someone on this forum? How about "Happy First Anniversary of our Weekend Marriage Intensive!"

    3. Interesting Past Things from Quick Attention Boards

      To keep the quick attention boards cleaned up, we are dumping interesting articles and things into this section. Searching for gems? There are more in here!


      A forum to share with Joel and Kathy our thoughts and prayers at the one year mark of the passing of their "almost 14 years old" daughter, Shekinah Glory Davisson - September 17, 2008. One year ago now. Update - well, now it is three years later.

    5. Homeschool and Marriage

      In honor of the many families that we have who do homeschooling, we wanted to open a section for you to converse about your marriage and how "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!" brings positive change to the life of HomeSchooling families. The principles are the same for all couples - but homeschooling does have some unique situations that are specific. Here you can find support and encouragement for homeschool families in one place. This is a brand new forum begun in mid-February, 2009. You do not have to be a homeschool family to interact and offer help. This is for everyone - just an easy way for homeschool couples to support each other in one spot. Spread the word!

    6. Bringing Healing to Children by Living an Outrageously Happy Marriage!

      Parenting, in the context of having a healthy, healed, whole and happy marriage. As a husband and wife get healed, the healing trickles down to the kids. A happy marriage is a source of life and strength to children! Young children AND grown children are healed as they observe dad and mom having a wonderful relationship. Let's talk about parenting here!

    7. Singles Forum - advice and make friends!

      You can save yourself years of grief by making correct choices before you get married. In this forum, you can ask advice for current relationships and get to know other singles who want to have a marriage based on the biblical principles of "The Man of Her Dreams/The Woman of His!" Come for advice and come to make friends! Married helpers OF COURSE are welcome to chime in and offer help, encouragement, guidance and advice.

    8. Seeds of Wisdom - Chris Davisson - Joel and Kathy's 19 year old son

      This is a forum for Chris and the other Davisson kids, and other young people - and anyone for that matter! - to make posts on a variety of subjects that might not have to do only with marriage. It can be anything - current issues, parents, parenting, advice about boyfriends and girlfriends etc.

    9. Past News and Updates and more that are still valid today!

      Today's News and Announcements has become quite "busy". This new section is for us to move a lot of important information that needs to stay available that was formerly in "Today's News and Announcements" Be sure to look the subject lines over and read the posts that interest you!

    10. Great Marriage Articles by Others From Around The Globe

      If you find an article that you feel is awesome, concerning marriage or family, you can post it here. Be sure to give credit to the original author.You can create a topic here, titled something like "Great articles by Gary Smalley" or "Newsletters by Paul Hegstrom". All material here is subject to review (possible deletion) at any time by J&K or moderators.

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