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God Save My Marriage

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  2. Hello Shanen Brigette, I’m sorry I didn’t see your post until now! How are you and your husband doing? The process can take time and have ups and downs. This doesn’t mean all is lost. I know it feels like it at times. For myself, when I need to let my husband know he has hurt me, I have learned to do so as clearly and concisely as possible. He usually is aware of what caused the atmosphere to “cool” in any case! When you have let him know how his words made you feel, be sure to ask for an apology. He needs to know what to do to fix the problem. He does want the marriage to be
  3. Hi all. I have come to the forum for support. my husband has started reading the first book. He agrees with the content which has been a relief for me. we have been shifting our marriage in the right direction. Tonight an old pattern arose and it was such a stark contrast to the understanding man I’ve had specifically over the last couple of days that I now see clearly why I’ve felt so insecure in my marriage. because I’ve started to feel safe based on my husband being communicative, patient and gentle and then tonight I saw the mean side of my husband, with hurtful replies when I
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