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  1. Julie, I'm sorry to tell you, but Joel started an Intensive today and Kay said he won't be on the call tonight. Kay and I are saying "no" to the public post until Joel can chime in. You were told to stay DARK until Damon did all the things on Joel's list. He has not. You must stay DARK. Love you . So sorry he is being such a "terd."
  2. My soon-2-b-x husband snail-mailed me a link to a marriage site (I cannot recal the name) that he was blogging on. As I read through the postings to him, I came upon a woman directing him to Godsavemymarriage.com and she told him to ask for Joel Davisson . I went to your sight immediately and shed tears of joy and validation. My life and the lives of my 3 sons have been eternally blessed for finding you, Joel and Kathy. Thank you for all you do!
  3. Glad to hear you happy today, Julie. You've been doing a great "big girl" job at going dark . Keep it up and the times of heartbreak, Peace and contentment will ebb and flow indeed. Hopefully, sooner than later, His Peace will be paramount .
  4. Perfectly put, Suzanne. SW, your strength and determination to save hurting wives from their abusive husbands needs to start spilling over into your life . You can do this too... love you a lot! Doing a great job Julie at going DARK. BRAVO!
  5. I understand that he cannot drive, BUTTTT if he is trying to win you back (and not the other way around) why is he making it your responsibility to make it happen (again)? A knight-in-shining-armor would rent a limo and pick her up . I guess money is an issue??... but regardless, I don't like that 1SM is putting the "work" on Looney to make a "date" happen. IMHO .
  6. . Great job, Julie. Keep posting here and letting us help you and stay DARK with Snooky. You see, it won't be hard for him to get help... we're all hoping for the best for you!
  7. Good job, Julie. I'm glad to hear you being optimistic. As Kay said, stay DARK so that God can work .
  8. Here is your sticker for being a good girl this week and growing up 11 years in one week (2 to 13): (click on link) http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Ladybug+picture#focal=2b679b5ec83c2196750ec0fa90cbb21c&furl=http://www.schachtspindle.com/images/Spinning/Ladybug/ladybug2.jpg (Julie asked me to give her a sticker on Sunday for getting through the 7 day commitment ). Congratulations, Julie. Really, we are all very proud of you!
  9. Julie said: that's the problem, Julie, he has figured it out... he knows you're being instructed to NOT talk to him. He doesn't want to do it God's way, via J&K. He wants you to DIE and be his mommy. God does NOT lie. So, this is a false statement. There is ALWAYS hope in Jesus Christ . NEVER forget that, sweet Julie. Re-read Joel's testimony in J&K's books.
  10. Ya, and got on the call tonight without your prompting. Cool, huh? No one is believing he has suddenly turned his heart over to God, but it has to start somewhere Julie. Joel and Kathy and Kay were very good with him. I know you're happy that he is making the effort, at the least. One question I have is that he said his business is up for sale... with whom? Where is it being advertised... he doesn't give the full story. I am not sold on this.
  11. Hi Julie, I hope our talk this morning was somewhat healing. God wants you to lean and rest in Him. Know you are loved by many, but especially by the God of the Universe . Doesn't get much better than that! Love you and praying for you. Cinderella .
  12. that is how God designed you... to desire your husband. He wants a mommy. Thank you for the Psalm
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