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  1. I would whole heartedly invest in this venture. You figure out how to get it done and I will offer you seed money to get you going, so long as I get a good working set for my own use. Nice to know I am not alone out there; and YES it is what their father taught them!! Now on to issues of blood pressure. I bet I have you beat, my blood pressure was 210/107 or was it 207/110 , but in that neighborhood on Thursday. They were pumping BP reducing meds in me like every 15 minutes or so; at least that is what it felt like. All I could keep saying was "cold", I was freezing!! A year ago I ha
  2. Chrysallis, NOPE!! I have completed the MRI on my head, PRAISE THE LORD the cancer has not spread, so that is NOT what is wrong with my right eye; which they did not think it was. I see the other eye specialist on Tuesday of this week, so maybe she will have a suggestion of someone to see. I am so tired, I can not shake this anesthesia this time; multiple complications, which I don't have the energy to type all out, but hey I am still alive!! BLessings, Tigger
  3. Oh Sister, You made me laugh so hard!! I love it "hobble"!! That is an accurate picture of what I can come close to doing in the walking department right now, but I am not complaining!! I went to a new doctor for my foot and hand yesterday. He is going to send me for an MRI, because he wants to get a better picture of what is going on in there. He agrees that it should not look like this, especially after 16 weeks/(nearly)4 months. Anyway, I feel more hopeful with this doctor, he actually listened to me and was not rushing to be out the door. The other person I saw seemed to be inconv
  4. Oh Looney, I feel your pain. I posted on Sister B's thread just a bit ago about the whole dizzy thing. I wont repeat it all, I know you read there. I am praying for her, you and Eeyore. BLessings, Tigger
  5. Sister B, I can empathize with you. Been through so many of those tests, and then some; back 15+ years when I first became disabled. I really feel your pain, or dizziness as the case may be . After I typed in this icon , I really thought about how funny or NOT funny that was. When you have dizziness problems you can not move your head without feeling like you are going to fall over!! Can you imagine how this little guy must feel when he is spinning around all the time!! :lol: :lol: Well anyway... I hope you will soon be feeling better, Looney too!! Sorry to hear that yo
  6. Oh thank you my dear friend Looney, I needed a good laugh and trying to picture your barn yard "circus" was just the trick I needed!! I know you will enjoy your visit with our 100 Acre Wood friend, share some extra hugs from the west coast with each other. BLessings, Tigger
  7. FW, Oh I so agree with you, I would love to read a compilation of her 'stories', which funny enough are NOT really 'stories' but real live/truthful life experiences. Truth is always stranger then fiction, and in this case... funnier!! MJ, I totally agree with you, there is something wrong, even if it is "only" a cry for help in the form of attention. I look back and think some of mine was that cry for attention, because I was being molested and terrorized and they (hear: My Mom) did not want to hear those "things". I did have legitimate things that happened too, but I know that I like
  8. Sister B, So sorry you had to go through all of this, but at the same time I am happy that you had the opportunity to walk through this with your family. My one thought about your son... GOD knew you needed to be there for him, because if what you 'think' was Cap's look of ---> Oh brother, towards the situation was accurate then he likely would not have stepped forward and embraced your son. I think that you were the roll model for Cap. He may have been insecure on his own, but once he saw you step up to the plate and... No one else was digusted by your sons "break down", then he felt
  9. C2, IR is Insulin Resistant, different from Diabetes but still having to do with the same systems. Thank you MJ and C2 for writing, having a bad eye morning and not seeing too well, so this is short. BLessings, Tigger
  10. Looney, Lifting you in prayer. Hope you are feeling better. Let us all know how you are, when you can. MJ, You crack me up!! My parents always said I was a hyperchondiac, so now I never think I am worthy of any compassion. I always think that I am "over reacting" and think I do not deserve to believe that there is really anything wrong with me. I doubt myself and have no faith in myself; such that I let things go too often. Anyway, that is not for this thread, this is Looney's space. I did so enjoy your humor though, MJ!! Sending you lovely ladies all my wishes to be well and he
  11. Hello Family, I could not seem to get on the forum yesterday, so here is what I do know. I am going to my primary doctor today, as a follow up and to keep her in the loop; plus one of her med changes from about a month ago is not working. For you medical people... she changed me from HDTZ or is it HCTZ to Lasics (sp). Anyone have any thoughts. The 1st one they had increased from 12.5 to 25(mg or mcg) and I did not think it was enough. She changed me to Lasics (Furosemide 20mg), and frankly I am much worse then I was on the 1st one, even on the low dose. I gave it a month, but now I th
  12. Hi, Great difficulty seeing right now, eyes still really dilated. We just got home, so am quite tired, so forgive the brevity and lack of info. I have not had good news today and am still processing. I am fighting tears and am not sure what to say. I am going to call tomorrow to get my braces removed, as they want me in for an immediate MRI; like yesterday, if the doctor had his way!! I had extensive blood work and they are looking to refer me for multiple consults, with other doctors and specialists. The good news is, my "BAD" eye- the one I have had the cancer in, actually looks unch
  13. Dear Praying Forum Family, Hate to come here asking, yet again, for more prayer, but... I am scared!! I have a blood burst spot in my right eye that is slightly smaller then a dime, but much bigger then a pencil/pen eraser. It has slowly been moving closer to the iris, either that or it is spreading. I am being taken for the 4 hour drive south to see my eye specialist; he has moved, so it is much farther and harder to get in to see him. I will leave in a few hours. Second weird thing. During the night I woke up and my ear, also on my right side, was---> as best as I can describe
  14. Any word yet?? Praying for my dear friend and trusting that she is feeling the presence of GOD with her. Deep in my prayers dear sister you are and wishing I could be there to hold you and help with your family. BLessings, Tigger
  15. Sorry you are feeling so yucky. I hope this too will pass soon. Good luck with the singing. I am sorry if I sounded snotty about Cap. Thank you for the prayers you are sending my way too. It is late and I need to hit the hay. This is just been a hard day, been praying for Lorna and Chris, I can not even fathom. I have had several friends being hit with harsh tragedies lately, satan is on the prowl. Praying for you and all my forum family. BLessings, Tigger
  16. So just to soothe my curious self, are you divorced already? What was the point of your call with him?? Did he call you just to give you a hard time or was there any value in it at all?? Sorry about him, but you have known he has been 'sorry' for a long time. Wish I could send you an all better hug, but I can't so I will have to have Eeyore give you one, from me. We need a hugging icon, I don't see one. IMSHO!! BLessings, Tigger
  17. Mary Jane, Love you my dear sister, you just really know what to say!! Wish I could meet you and get a hug from you!! You are always so sweet and encouraging. Sending lots of love back to you!! BLessings, Tigger
  18. Thanks Mary Jane, I really needed that. You always bring me such warmth and love, thank you!! BLessings, Tigger
  19. Okay, farm girl illiterate here. What are Banties?? Chickens I am guessing, but why?? do you want them, is it for eggs, meat, or... just for the fun of having a pet?? Of course, in Looney's case... it is a given it is just to add more animals to her farm/BIN. Now you have to educate me, full details PLLLLEASE!! BLessings, Tigger
  20. Sister B, Your in my prayers and I will even say a prayer for Cap, praying for your boys though. Were they at all close to their Grandmother? Praying for the family loss. BLessings, Tigger
  21. Timothy Paul, Thank you!! I am able to use my hand a bit better with the type of cast I have on it now. They are not understanding why things are not getting any better. I still have an actual green/yellow bruise across my wrist and it has been over 3 months now. I have begun therapy and the therapist is stumped as to what to do with me. I am still swollen and discolored on my foot and I am just now being able to bear weight on the foot, while in this huge/bulky cast; thankfully this one can be removed so I can finally get a somewhat normal shower. I am blessed that I still had the sho
  22. Dear Forum Family, Yes it is me, Tigger again. I am asking for urgent, fast prayer for a miracle. Starting yesterday, I have been having blurred spots floating through my right (good) eye. I am trying not to jump to any negative conclusions, by the same token, I do not want to ignore it and have problems escalate. So... I am asking for dynamic, immediate prayer blasts!! There is power in prayer, especially when praying saints join in agreement. So here is the prayer I am asking for: Please give me Your knowledge Father GOD, as to what I should do and show me Your will in this situa
  23. I am here to say that I am still working on recovery, but am still in the wheel chair. I am a bit more functional, but still having to have 24 hour help. I would appreciate your prayers for continued healing. Thank you!! BLessings, Tigger
  24. Hello, Had way too much snow for my dish to like it and was without a computer for a bit over the last 2 weeks. I am just getting caught up, so I did not pray when you needed the prayer; however, I rejoice with you now that things are looking better. I too have a less then foundness for the thought of CPS coming into my home to investigate; unfortunately, I have been under a full blown investigation, so I DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO understand!! We have social workers coming and going, at times, because of the babies here in our home; so... yes I know we kind of ask
  25. David, From one of the wives out here whose husband is refusing to serve GOD by loving their wife, you are certainly a breath of fresh air!! It is amazing that even after all this time you are still pursuing your wife. Some of us, myself included, have a husband with us presently who could care less about loving us. Thank you for being an encouragement to all of the wounded souls who keep walking this road and who love to follow your story of true love, GOD's love. BLessings, Tigger
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