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  1. No one ever quotes Job but this Godly man suffered greatly and he left us a gold mine of living words and empathy for the suffering. HD, Eeyore is hurting. Job 12:11 has a good quote: “The ear tests the words it hears, just as the mouth distinguishes between foods.” You seem to know the right things to say but Eeyore’s ear is picking up on your inward focus, the good guy image, the half-hearted effort. Michael said on the call last night, you can’t do this half-way. For this to work you have to be all in. Use Jesus as our example. He didn’t climb up on the cross and then change his
  2. HD, if you know what to do why aren’t you doing it? See, we’re not going to let you off the hook just because you recognize what you did. You answered your own question: Now go do something to make it right. Suggestions, a little backrub, a little shoulder rub, something that Eeyore has told you helps relieve stress for her. We don’t want her having another migraine. If she’s not able to relax yet, it may be because you’re just not getting it. Trust her instincts, she’ll know when you really get it. Keep pursuing her until you get it figured out and win her smile back. Now that’
  3. Kay, I know you are busy with your life but I feel like I have lost a friend. I truly appreciate all the time you gave to this ministry and all the times you stood in the gap for me with DW. When he was being abusive to me you saw through it and took the hit for me. You understood me and gave me strength when mine was all gone and I will be forever grateful. C2
  4. Yes. This reminds me of a situation when we eat out at those restaurants that have two sets of doors. DW opens the first door for me and then if he holds the door open for the next couple, I either have to open the 2nd door for myself or let the other couple in line ahead of us. To me, the polite thing for DW to do is to hand the door off to the people behind us so that he can open the second door for me. Otherwise you can end up letting 10 people in line ahead of yourself and waiting an extra ½ hour in line. In other states I have lived in this could probably be handled differentl
  5. Dory, have you considered getting on the call tonight? You two are always sharing your strength. It is your turn to get some back. C2
  6. Hey BH, I like the way you gave a serious answer before you joined in the fun. And the rest of the story is… After the ditch digging at Looney’s which WOULD be done by 9am , all the taskers could get together and go fishing . The passives could set up in one spot and stare at their poles while the aggressives would change spots every two minutes working it. As long as there was no communication going on , they’d all come home with a mess of fish and a big smile on their face. Eveything would be great until someone communicated and then all h…. would break loose and then to get
  7. That was good Looney!!! Could I get you to post that on my string only change the name to DW??? It will hit him better coming from you than if I copy paste it there. DW is the king of tasking. Can you imagine having all these tasking guys in one room at one time? They'd have everything done by 9:00 in the morning and then what would they do for the rest of the day???
  8. Firewalker, I agree. There is a difference between grace and experiencing pain. Right now Tea is in pain. A woman can’t just make the pain go away and say, let’s start fresh. No, the event will change their relationship. She knows that. It is a setback and she has good reason to be leery and hurt. Now instead of feeling loved and free she has to guard her heart. Each time these hurts reoccur, the event becomes another part of the pattern. She cannot just get over it anymore than you can just defy gravity. It is lodged deeply in her heart and brain. Healing will only take place WHE
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