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  1. I'm glad you got rid of them! I once received some very good advice...if a "friend" is causing you more stress than friendship, they are not good for your life. Life's too short!
  2. I guess I have 2 days to account for. Thursday was really good with flirty texts (something he's been working on...flirting rather than just platonic "how are you's") throughout the day. At night he was very helpful with the kids, but still took time out to pay attention to me as well. He usually helps with the kids anyhow, but then forgets about me. So the 20's can tend to slide by. But he was on top of it this time! He stayed awake for time together after the kids went to bed. Usually we watch a show and he falls asleep...which I understand as he normally doesn't get more than 6 hours sleep
  3. Just wanted to pop in and say thank you for this competition! Yesterday, 631 really stepped it up! More than ever before, exceeding 20 on HSK and pretty high in compliments as well. Today he put creativity in his texts and was upbeat in nearly all interactions. Since he's been home I haven't felt neglected at all. Oh and he initiated ml last night. Did I mention how grateful I am for this contest?!
  4. It's good to hear that...but frustrating at the same time. It's almost easier to just not expect much and not be dissapointed. It's a lot easier to get help on the forums at this time as I get fatigued very easily.
  5. Hi! Sorry I didn't reply earlier...a lot earlier. I was very sick for the last 9 months since I had my baby girl in December. I guess my body was very depleted from having 4 kids and went bazerk! Migraines for 2 months straight was not fun! Then add on a heart that wants to take off to the races for no reason at all along with tachycardia and I was pretty miserable. I still struggle with headaches and tachycardia, but it is getting much better. Also became gluten intolerant just after the birth! But you know what? My baby girl was totally worth it! She is just a joy! David and I
  6. Thanks! I pop in here and there. Brandy's one of my friends from church. I'm so glad she found this place! I'm not sure how my sister's doing. We've both been really busy with our own families lately. I started homeschooling this year and have been somewhat of a hermit!
  7. Call the police so you at least have it on record! Does Scott have keys? If so, change the locks.
  8. He probably does love you in his own twisted way...he just doesn't know the right way to love. And he may have let the divorce go through not expecting that you'd follow through on your threat. You want the man back that you know he can be. It's the hope that you have for him...that he will be a loving husband/father. Your hope has been deferred to many times...which is putting you in some self preservation mode...and VERY rightfully so! In Genesis, it states that the curse for the woman is that we will have a desire for our husband. It's not a curse if he is being a loving husband...but
  9. Why do women get treated like this? I think it's mainly due to the "submission" message and some other misunderstandings about women not being allowed in leadership. JK recommend a book called "Does God Prefer Men". Maybe that's something you should think about getting. It talks about why and how women have been important in history. I definitely don't think you should leave the church entirely...but maybe there are others that would be more supportive? I just don't know in our area. Personally, I think our church is good for helping us learn of God's love and learning about being in re
  10. Honestly, I don't think he really understands women. I met with him a couple times shortly after I found out about my husband's porn addiction and felt more frustrated when I left. I felt like he didn't "hear" me or understand the hurt I was feeling. He didn't know how to guide David in healing the hurts as well. It was pretty much I work on my healing with time and God and David would work on his. But no guidance towards David understanding how/why it hurt me and how to heal the wounds he caused. So don't take offense to it...just keep everything with JK...it'll be better in the end. Y
  11. Joel and Kathy, Pastor E does have a great heart! And his restoration class is really good! I even have notes from a marriage class he taught and he is about 99% in line with what you teach. He even reviewed your book for another couple in our church and agreed with it. But, in marriages like mine, your ministry was what we needed to help 631 and I grow up and really understand our roles in the marriage in a way that brought healing. I really wish Pastor E would dive into your ministry...it would help him guide couples so much better! While he does teach the Initiator/Responder roles, I
  12. Hi Chontel, My heart is breaking for you...just want you to know I'm thinking of and praying for you right now. You ARE an awesome mom and woman! Love you sweetheart! Josie
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