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  1. so. now what? what now? she's lieing about everything and anything, is embarrassed to say the least, and i think she filed for divorce last week. what do i do? i love her. i take responsiblity that maybe i could have built her up better or made her trust me more in the past or shown her more trust in the past, but she grew into a totally different person with all her new experiences..i guess she grew out of me totally. but what does god want? what should i do next? im exhausted mentally and feel like a fool saying that i still love her and its going to be ok..while im going through mediatio
  2. no. she wont . she's been having cyber sex with this other man all year, he called me and told me they have been dating for months and made out for awhile - but she wouldnt let him have sex 'yet'. he told me all the details, and they line up with the times she just didnt come home and was lieing. everything out of her mouth was a lie and is a lie. she wont admit they kissed and says she doesnt know why he said that..and he's determined to say he will not be with her seriously, wont take care of her or move her in. he told me and her that, and she knows it. now she wont move out of our house, i
  3. my wife is having an affair and said that she wants her divorce. i got the book and read half of it but shes allready interested in another man
  4. she made me upset earlier today and she didnt even know it. i left the house and got her and her mom flowers and told them thank you for helping me when i had surgery. i hope this is a step in the right direction
  5. i was on the couch for awhile i let her take that, but in the mean time i found that she was/had the other guy on the other side for a few MONTHS while i was doing the right thing by her in the marriage; trying to take her out romance her and all that while she was talking to this other fellow. so when it came out i told her to remain on the couch..and then i had my ACL repaired (last week) and my leg is super black and blue and in a machine so i take up the room now. she doesnt ask me for much now. she wants space so i give it to her. if she wants to talk i talk to her. if she's hungry or
  6. i ordered the books but they are being mailed. i wish i would have waited and learned to download them
  7. yeah of course i want to save it. so what can i do RIGHT now to start in the right direction? i dont want to start something when a book shows up..i want a pointer today to go in the right direction you know?
  8. ok let me explain me..previously i was an mma fighter. pride and respect were my thing. i repented of that and quit that former lifestyle. it's been like a month since i really argued with her, and the guy hasnt been brought up. the thing is we talk alot. ALOT. about nothing, about everything but it's talking. she starts talking and i just listen. i can't do anything other than that. so in the mean time i tell her jokes and give her space and let her breathe. i listen to her problems and concerns and even if she cuts me down i still listen. i dont know what else to do though? i've confronte
  9. also , she is the type that had to have a male friend in the wings to confide in. i found out about it which brought this whole divorce thing to a head and she proclaimed him just a friend. so i brought it up in front of her whole family who she told i was a monster too, and said she was having an affair. i called her out and she said nothing happened, so i called him on the phone (had number on our phone bill) and checked him about the situation. he promised all that happened was flirting between the two, and that he would not be dealing with this anymore. he said that his advice to her was t
  10. i gave an apology similar to that and my wife said she accepted it, but it doesnt make anything better and she's still divorcing me and leaving asap
  11. first yes she is saved but is regecting all forms of God and church and would rather TALK about god than actually serve him. She went to sevice a few weeks ago and was crying her eyes out, which i guess is a good sign since God is moving on her. second i dont know a thing about these books you speak of but i have been reading the stickys. thirdly, she has broken the wall down recently and just talks to me. about everything. every day its like 2 or 3 hour discussions about nothing. for the first time i just listen even when it's utter nonsense, or about something i dont feel comfortable ta
  12. also, i've repented and given my heart to christ, i've apologized to her about things that i felt were short commings as a husband, and even quit my career as an MMA fighter becuase it took so much time away from my family (which they didnt want me doing anyways). I've rededicated my life to christ and to be honest, she has been talking to me alot more now. ALOT more. 2 to 3 hours a day about nothing at all..or calling me to tell me something she thought about..but she will not sleep in the same room as i do and we dont touch at all. she's out with her secret friends and does not want to be bo
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