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  1. Hello M, Yesterday at 6pm you posted: Have you heard from him yet? Any response to your letter?
  2. Good. Women need to be heard. Your wife needs to know that you're listening to her AND that you care about healing her heart.
  3. My my my. You sound so very sad. I am sorry he is not choosing to do this consistently and instead is choosing moments here and there AND keeping you so off balanced as he decides which road to take each morning . Because he isn't consistent. So you find yourself having to guard your heart because you never know, in the midst of the "doing right," when he'll change to Mr. Hyde, again. Is he immediately apologizing when you bring his short-comings to his attention? That is very important. As Annalea said on the conference call last night to the wives, that we need to remember that o
  4. Hello Menomama, I heard you on the call and you're doing great, being very strong and bringing encouragement to many hurting ladies, through your strength. I know you're sad that your husband didn't respond to your email. Stay strong, trust God through Joel and Kathy's Ministry. Ask tonight about whether to be emailing him or not. I'll be on the call tonight, too. Looking forward to hearing you .
  5. BA, I am glad you're hearing the godly advice being offered you. Please remember that for your children to get healed, you MUST heal their mom. Once healing begins in your wife, from you, then your children's healing begins. Also, remember to respect her boundaries. I say that because I know when a man gets anxious over wanting a result, he will overstep boundaries to hurry the process. Her space is VERY important. Don't overstep whatever boundaries she has put in place for you. If she's drawn a line in the sand, respect that line. This will speed her healing and will help her feel
  6. Broken Arrow, Reminder here: along with your professions of desiring change and wanting change, there MUST be a heart change. Your bride MUST be able to "feel" that you're changing and that you're sincere. Not just "hear" your words that you are this or that---a new man. You must do things to prove you're safe, loving, concerned for your bride only and prove your committment....without having the blessed priviledge of hearing her voice and having her near you. She lived with death for many years... doing things for you and getting abused as her thank-you. You must love her without
  7. Dear Brian and Wen, The song is really beautiful, the words, melody, all of it is so very lovely. Who is singing it? I downloaded it in my iTunes. Thank you for sharing this and I am praying for you and your family.
  8. As I read this, this came to my mind: The Titanic hit the iceburg, has started to sink, you and Pooh are on it, stewards are calling, "all women and children" to the lifeboats and as you're running, Pooh catches you, knocks you over and jumps on the lifeboat as it is being lowered. You're on the Titanic looking overboard in shock, as tears run down your cheeks. Pooh waves to you and yells, "sorry, I wouldn't die for you...."
  9. Sweet Tigger, I am so sad you're living this life in this fear. Pooh is commanded by God to heal you and to make this situation nonexistent. Pooh is choosing to fight God. His choice to NOT heal your heart is rebellion against God. He is hurting you deeply as he is running from God. So, silly, huh? How a man believes he can put a blanket over his head and God will be confused and not know where the man is , but Tigger, that is what Pooh is doing. I agree with Kay: You need to go dark.
  10. I am sooo sorry GMS, I thought this was just your wife's string when I posted and now I see it is yours too. Please forgive me and accept my new address: Dearest GMS and Wen and family....
  11. Mr. B said: Miss Jane said: I am overjoyed for you two and rejoicing with you as you head towards your OHM . Thank you for sharing this great move of God on your lives and marriage.
  12. Dearest Wen, I am so very sorry for your pain. My heart is broken for you, Brian and your family. The Utube and weblink are both lovely memorials to your beautiful daughter. One day, in the blink of an eye, you'll be reunited with your sweet Emily. No more tears, no more pain and you will dance together once again. I am praying, fervently for Peace to overtake you at this sorrowful time.
  13. I'm sorry for all the struggles you're going through with your neighbors. What is the status with your husband? Is he dying yet?
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