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  1. Nothing personal Joel, but you were a real jerk back then... just sayin..
  2. oh..and slowly reading the book... on chapter 4 or something like that
  3. Im not dead...just busy remodeling wife's new house, getting other house ready for resale, and avoiding the internet since I dont have it at the old place. I have been trying to do all I can to bless her by working on what she wants me to work on at the new place, cooking, cleaning..etc.. well..back to work B
  4. 1. Do you have and have you read both J&K's books? no..and no.. 2. What is your personal relationship with Christ like? Christ is my savior, and my only hope. 3. What "sins" have you committed in your marriage? Affairs? Porn? Lies? Etc? internet affairs for years, then actual physical encounters, then lying to cover them. 4. Have you given J&K's books to your wife? If not, why not? No.. she was offended that I was even on the site saying that seeking reconciliation is disrespecting her desire for a divorce. So I am not going to ask her to read anything. 5. Have you
  5. I don't have internet at home, so don't get a whole lot of time to type. She got home around 10pm and I had to leave for work around 11ish I just showed her what I did and moved stuff around for her. Any time she said, "you forgot to bring....." I just responded, "Ok, I will make sure to bring that tomorrow" I tried to keep it as positive as possible. Well..gotta go put the last bed together. MKD
  6. Busted my tail for 2 straight days moving ..and child care while she was out of town.. I'm wore out. Didn't get a thank you, but..its all good. going to go to the empty house and rest.. MKD
  7. I drove by my old place called "self pity" today and parked in the driveway. It look familiar and comfortable. It invited me in to stay awhile. I know nothing good ever comes from that place, so I waved goodbye and said, no thanks, not today. This is hard. Moving my family to the new house. Each box I carry can bring a reminder of the cost of my sin, like a self pity sending me a text saying "come on over" and other times each box can be seen as serving her one box at a time. Pray for me to ignore the texts from self pity and to see it as a blessing. MKD
  8. yeah yeah..I know... its not about us getting what we want, that is not dying to self. Dying to self is not natural
  9. Thank you Kimberly. I do understand the difference. I think its only human for us men to want to be loved unconditionally as well at least, some of the time. MKD
  10. well..I did put the caveat in that "if she was ok with me staying longer" meaning.. I dont want her thinking I dont want to spend time with the kids. but..since I already sent it, I will clarify that if need be. thanks though. MKD
  11. ok.. here is an email I plan on sending to my wife about starting next week when I will be staying at the old house until it sells. If there are things that could be rephrased, let me know fairly soon as I want to send it to her before she leaves for Atlanta tomorrow morning. "I would like you to prayerfully consider a few ground rules for me for visiting the kids once we are living in separate homes. I want to give you as much space as you need but also as much help as you need on the new house. I don't want to overstay my welcome, but also don't want to shortchange myself or the kids if y
  12. I am not fighting tooth and nail about everything..just .. one thing. but...I said I would stop...so ... I will MKD
  13. But you are wrong if you think that my husband at the time could not have taken on that responsibility and loved me in a whole new way as is spelled out in God's word and healed the very wounds he placed there. My original point was YES.. the Husband is the optimum VESSEL for CHRIST's Healing! but not the ONLY vessel. and I was accused of having "sick theology" We can go round and round about this and it will only get people mad at me. I will cease commenting on the issue. I know I am in no position to make value judgments so I will shut up on that as well. I have been focused on
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