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  1. Andrew, Positive things you've done: 1. Ask for help 2. Willing to Read Positive things you can do: 1. Ask for more help 2. Actually read 3. Begin to realized that Christ died for you ...so you can live a life free from sin and bondage. You can choose to mature past this current state of arrested development into a place where who you are in Christ is all you need. You will no longer seek the affirmations of man...He is your affirmation, He is your portion and cup, He is your salvation, He is your redemmer, He is your healer, He is your source, He is your supplier, He is your defender, H
  2. PB... Please accept my apologies if i missed your re-write. I guess i was looking for something different...but for now; David has it totally right. Ask every man who came before you if they didn't experience the same amount of pain. I was leading a men's group watching other marriages being restored from the help I was giving them. Some of the marriages were coming back together with men who weren't giving their all. All the while, my marriage restoration wasn't going anywhere. You want to talk about hard. Try that one on for size. I pushed through it. Why? Because God was using me to h
  3. Hey Loo... Okay...not sure where to start...we've had the talk and so i'm following through as promised...........DRUM ROLLLLLLLLLLL.,..................... I GOT MARRIED!!!!! You were the first one that i told; guess i just wanted you to know cuz you spent so many hours and efforts prodding me with that electric deal of yours...I owe a huge thanks to Joel & Kathy, you, TimothyPaul, and David, and so many others. The story is long and fun and funny....and a huge blessing! My wife's name is Laurie and she's a dream come true! So much more to write, but i'm still at work so i'll
  4. Hey PB.. We're in your corner and cheering you on...how's that re-write coming along? Strength and Honor, IHI
  5. Dude....quit trying to dissect her actions, words, emotions, and feelings! You must begin to peel back and let her exist without your constant monitoring. If you are truely about to ship out for a couple months, i can assure you of two things: 1. You will have plenty of time to read... 2. She is beginnng to see the light at the tunnel's end...she knows that a time of peace is about to arrive and she'll be able to breath again. She'll be able to relax and live...she'll be at peace to love on your kids, and laugh, and live again. She is not trying to "prove to herself that she can have a
  6. Ponyboy... Harness a heart of gratitude...thank her. Humble yourself and accept the generosity she is offering. Always be proactive with your wife...pursue her with a gentle spirit of service and love all the while expectng nothing in return. Your acts are the offering...your gentle heart is the sacrifice to her. Be the man of God you are called to be. In response to your post: "I know man. I'm not sure I know the answer to the questions your asking but I will think about it more. I know I have to be ready. I think I placed too much hope in my marriage from the getgo. I just assumed
  7. Greetings Ponyboy... I've been lurking in on your posts, and stayed up re-reading your entire thread last night...it seems you have made a considerable effort here and a good amount of progress. David and Looney are the best! Their input and wisdom have helped me tremendously through my journey and i know if you adhear to their advise and wisdom, you too will feel that joy and peace (from His mercy) you have wondered about. After reviewing you thread, there is one response you offered that i'd like to zero in on, In response to Looney's question you wrote on 16 March: So ...good answ
  8. Thank you for the encouragement Loo! I have a feeling that it will be a great fit for me...everytime i have been in Washington DC, i have just marvelled at the wisdom and insight of the Founding Fathers and the passionate vigor with which they defended their freedoms. My favorite quote is by Thomas Jefferson, [1] there's a long way for me to go before i finish the program, but i am excited again, and hopeful of the future God has placed before me. Thanks for the support...i'm pretty sure i'll be calling ya for those night prayer-chats! BTW...check your messages.
  9. Greetings Family, Just a quick update: over the past few months, God has been leading me and guiding my steps. As i have been seeking direction for my professional future, He has opened doors for me to attend Law School. This is a complete Faith step for me.... My position requires that in order to advance, i need to complete an advanced (Masters or beyond) degree program. However, despited being admitted to an MBA program two years ago, i have not felt the drive or passion to pursue it. Then Law School came along. The idea is bigger than me...but it's perfect for my interests and tem
  10. Charles, IHI here...i'm in Seattle. If you're ever up the coast line shoot me a note and we'll have dinner. I have been so blessed by your heart, your journey, and your maturity. ...and btw, i've had my own issues with "free will"...LOL! But one thing is true, God has always been there for me, and He will always be there for you too! I love you brother, IHI
  11. Wonderful post Looney! MU...the real question is, "when are you going to take what you know and believe it? When are you going to die to your self...set aside your position and love your bride in an unconditional manner, unexpectant of ever receiving from her, always willing to sacrifice for her gain...When?" TimothyPaul has your number here so i won't repeat it, but there needs to be a heart change at some point inorder for you to move this mountain. Go back to the book and re-read the Apology letter...remember, this is about her, not you. As a man who has walked, crawlled, and bawled
  12. Joe, You are in my prayers and intercession. This ministry is like Mt. Everest in your path....God's put it here for a reason. One thing i learned from the Helpers here that might help you: Everything God does in your life is to build relationship with you. He desires a deep, trusting, personal relationship with you. He is ready and eager to hear from you every day, every hour, and about every concern. God has placed this ministry right in the middle of your "comeback" because He desires a relationship with you. His plan for you is simple, a Christlike man of God. If you spend yo
  13. You r welcome... There are a myriad of dynamics going on with your bride...more issues, concerns, doubts, fears, and worries than you'll ever know. But you do know is this: God has a calling for your life - to become a Christlike man. To walk upright; to apply Godly wisdom, to live an orderly life of humble service to your bride, all the while being the pillar of strength that she needs to cling to and draw strength from. Your thought life is lacking, as you have recognized. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you to be strong...when you meditate on the Word of God, His love and His word wil
  14. The answer is simple: "you love her unconditionally". You have pushed your wife into this place...remember? You are the husband (initiator)...she is the bride (responder). Charles from Cali gave you some great advice a while back....get control of your self. Draft a time management plan so you have time in the Word of God everyday...maybe twice a day. Set you eyes and heart on becoming Christlike and just let the marriage condition go. Hand your relationship over to God and focus on becoming Christlike; agape loving your wife while expecting nothing in return. you mentioned that "Thing
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