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  1. You know, and please understand I am not being critical, but I wonder if it would help if you shift your prayer focus. I always seeing you praying for your bride versus yourself. If it were me, I would be asking God for the wisdom and guidance to bring healing to my wife. I would be asking for Him to put my heart in a place of understanding and love. My immediate thought when I read your post, is that "CL is missing something". Something he is doing (or not doing) is not bring a sense of safety to his wife's heart. Just my .02
  2. Be cautious in this area. Personally, I'm not a bid fan of Gary Chapman if that is what you are going by. Your wife may be very affectionate, but something from her childhood, a prior relationship, her Dad, as well as your marriage before you started to change, may have taught her to protect her heart. I speak from personal experience on this. Also - remember some women may feel like they are prostituting themselves with sex. TP
  3. Hmmm - David, i think I would stop with all the public daily devotionals, prayers, and all the other "religious" stuff for the moment. Including all the Facebook posts, etc. There was something you said a few posts back, and I can't grab it at the moment, but it was in reference to one of the things that N found attractive about you early on, was your relationship to God (or something to that effect). Well, its been evident through the years of your marriage the relationship was not manifesting itself at home. Its entirely possible that all this spiritual mumbo jumbo your doing is tur
  4. Yup - Die to yourself and leave it alone. Apologize for violating her trust if necessary. I understand that feeling that sits deep in your stomach and sickens your heart but you always have to realize that her affairs were created by unmet needs of that old husband you used to be. In His service....TP
  5. Well - I guess my immediate thought was it actually seems like a very self centered prayer. A lot of "I" in it. Also, I would never verbalize that its not my job to fix my wife out loud to her. It implies that you think she is broken and from someone in her situation, maybe you think she is beyond hope. Read through the whole prayer and see if you were in her shoes what the prayer would sound like. TP
  6. Hey HS - WHen you say you have a fear of failing? Are you talking about everything in your life? Or with StillBlessed? Choose Yourself by James Altucher?
  7. The cool part of 1 John 5:14 is the little part that says "according to his will" its a littel aspect that is mission critical in how we approach our prayers. Ever wonder why some peoples prayers don't get answered and then they get upset with God. its all in the details..... TP
  8. Major confirmation on 4ever's input. A lot of times I am not sure if you are understanding how the Holy Spirit works, The Spirit is the catalyst that activates the tools and resources God has already designed us with.
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