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  1. Hippo, birdie, two ewes... Hippo, birdie, two ewes... Hippo, birdie, two ewes dear Hippo, birdie, two ewes! For the girl who has everything...a beautiful BFF, loving and wonderful kids, a sparkle in your blue eyes that rivals Santa Claus', a briliant wit, a sense of humor that is a gift to all who know you, and... The Amazing ability to transport livestock in your Hyundai sedan without incident or difficulty! WE LOVE YOU and we are so grateful to be able to hang out here with you in your BIN! Happy Jubilee {{{LOONES}}}!! AW
  2. Amen and bravo, Abi! Em, Just remember that you don't have to anticipate or be responsible for your X's choices to receive the truth or reject it. IF he were to get this, you would KNOW in your heart, if it was real... No one here, would ask you to be yoked or even hopeful of restoration with a man who only 'performed'... This is one of the dynamics of safety and support that I've experienced since coming here last October. I have found that in the process of sharing here on the forum, I have 'wisdom in many counselors' who bring balance and truth in evaluating the differences b
  3. Romans wrote: Honey, It doesn't have to be automatic--I don't care about that! (You don't have to let me know if you need to ask others for ideas, fresh ways of doing things, help to understand me...that's what this forum is for). Really, what I'm looking for instead of automatic is -- INTENTIONAL AND CONSISTENT. If you are clearly thinking about me and taking actions that are aligned with my heart needs, then you've got it! ACTIONS--ACTIONS--ACTIONS!! That is what will reach my heart. Thank you for working to die to yourself and live to pour life into me. Z/AW
  4. Aspie has an 8 passenger Venture mini-van, and if God provides the opportunity to drive up there, a caravan might ensue! (13 passengers! woo-hoo!) Prayer request--Lord your will be done, please release Aspie to be able to come and fellowship with her beloved brethren from J&K land! AW
  5. Romans wrote: What a self-centered take on a small action that I took for our son--your disclaimer at the beginning didn't dilute the real meaning of what you stated afterward. Actually, I felt that since our son had been in the house when I had to throw his dad out of the house yesterday morning (me screaming at his dad to get out the door quick before I injured him), it might be at least somewhat restorative to see his father in a more 'positive' light. If I were our son's dad, I would gladly give up the little 'ego boost' about the 'performance ability' and would rather have my
  6. HI Tigg! Just wanted to send hugs your way since I saw you here in the 'BIN'! Thanks for praying, I love you girl and you are awesome, just sharing your love and your heart with us here GF! Yes, I believe Looney when she suggests reading the books to the four-legged friends we hear about here...what's good for the goose? Love you and y'all out there-- AW
  7. Hey Sis! I noticed your post on FB about you two being so sick-- I am so sorry precious-- Oh Father, let your mercy now rule in this household of faith. Send quick and complete relief Lord, let them be released from the effects of this viral storm that they are experiencing. I speak to her son's lungs in Jesus' name--be healed and cleansed of all toxins in Jesus name...Lord you calmed the raging waters of the sea, now I ask you to calm any cytokine storm that seems to be on the loose in his lungs. Peace be still! In Jesus' mighty name--let healing rule and reign over every name of ever
  8. Heartsong, I am still here too! Waiting for a word from you dear one, when the time is right. How we all love you precious sister--woman of G-d! I know we are all praying for you, I am praying for the L-rd to richly bless you with every need met, every comfort available to you... {{{heartsong}}} Love you, AW
  9. Posting here to be faithful-- Bruce has not logged onto the forum in over a week. I have asked him to log on and post--explaining that he can't/won't get help to learn and get support/motivation to die to himself without asking for help and accountability from the helpers here. He has had access to the forum and to several computers at multiple times throughout each day-- This is basic and he is not doing what he knows he has to do to make changes in his arrested development. I am giving him yet another chance for a re-do... This does not represent his best effort, his highest com
  10. Oh MJ! You are the stinker! Good to hear you on the call! AW
  11. Looney wrote: Sorry, but I have to confess that my first response to that was-- "Isn't that how your life worked with 1SM?" I know, I'm bad...pardon again, I just couldn't help myself. (Feeling a bit feisty tonight--lack of chocolate probably). AW
  12. Bruce and I are still having to work together currently...we had a band rehearsal last evening at our church. He had ample opportunity, equipment and time to get on the forum, read the helpers' responses to him and post. He didn't. He has a viral illness and doesn't feel well...I get the impression (as always) that there's never a good time for him to just get real and work on dying to himself. He seems to be looking for the easy, more comfortable version. AW
  13. Lorna wrote: Hey Lorna, the part about Chris expecting always to get his needs met regardless of what you express about your existence outside of his awareness. Until he can perceive and commit to laying down THAT incessant behavior, you will never get your needs met. I cringed when I read the above post from him...it actually hurt my heart to read it. All about who you are to HIM! Yes we get that he NEEDS YOU. It's not about that...ugh. The helpers here have been so incredible in saying this over and over--and YOU my dear are clearly innovative, brilliant, committed and the most
  14. Wow--crazy month and I just got back here to see those pics! The coin was awesome--God just proving himself like gold! Bobby Connor and Bob Jones both look GOOD! I haven't seen Bob for about 5-6 years on the platform, (before his wife died) so it's cool to see them ministering together. Blessed for you to have been there sis! I love ya' --smooch! I am praying intensely for Prosperity right now--she really needs release of favor from the Lord to come now in Jesus' name! Please agree with me for her miracle! AW
  15. Helpers. As you may know, it has been a roller coaster ride for the seven months I've been here! Tomorrow is seven months to the day since I called on the Saturday night call and talked to Melissa and Steve... Melissa explained how to get on the forum and although I am a slow learner of some new things, I quickly got the hang of this and my life has been forever changed. There are some glorious and God-provided blessings that I've shared on my private thread, so I know only you who are helpers can see my testimony right now-- I am trusting in the future that I will be free and unfett
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