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    Reading Bible. Wanting to bring healing to my family. Time with our children. History I do not want to keep repeating it .
  1. I am passing this on. Until I came to this ministry I thought that providing a roof overhead,food on the table, & lastly bills paid were all that was required of a husband. To say I was in arrested development would be a drastic understatement. I have 2 post Help feeling Anguish and Terry's trials and tribulations in the other fork in the road. I had damaged my bride too much by a lot of what is posted here. Take this to heart. Reconciliation is far better then, on the outside looking in. Are you a victim of verbal abuse? Have you ever been interrupted in mid-sentence to be told yo
  2. Thank you for venting Looney I am so sorry for your children. I wish he would just go away until he grows up and quit creating turmoil. ((( Looney and your children ))))
  3. Just to get everyone caught up,I still have not seen my children. The office of Child Support Enforcement is now helping me as they too have seen the injustice. This is a Blessing in itself that with a Government facility I am finally getting a voice. The area of distress I currently have. When talking with my Mom she had mentioned that now Emily is pregnant and married. I caused this, and can accept that. Not that it is easy, but I am the one that did not allow her to feel safe. The part that has caused the tossing of my emotions though, is when my mom had mentioned that they are going to chu
  4. Thank Joel well Be back on the mens calls in Aug or Sept. Trying to focus on paper work for now to petition to see my children. After that, if it is not meant to be, then the Bible scholar ship if any still left. I still feel the calling. Will keep you posted. Blessings
  5. While walking to the Store, I ran into one of Emily's Co workers, They informed me that Emily is now pregnant, and did marry, All I told the co worker is that I was the one to blame for all of this. If I had listened to her heart, this would not be happening. Feeling more pain again. I would sure like to know God's plans. If this is something I get to endure for my remaining days then, in light of what Christ had to endure this pails. It still sucks, I feel as if I want to crawl up I'n a ball.
  6. The more I dig into this paper work, the heavier my heart gets. I relized last night, I had been procrastinating on filing because of the pain it will cause. I had prayed and came to the conclusion that the short pain felt, will pail compared to my doing nothing for our children. They are probably feeling abandon by now. All this has caused me to question my heart. I am angry that our children have been placed in the Middle, then God convicts me. Emily is still reacting out of pain. Most of the people I know take a more worldly approach and say she is just a B€#€h. I inform them, this shows w
  7. My paper work will be ready this week, then it is weather a judge will hear this. One thing I have question on. As I was leaving my neighborhood, I noticed Emily crossing I'n front of me. I smiled and waved hello. Her reaction was to roll her window up and scowl at me. I turned going the opposite direction. I am not sure why she is still so angry. We have not seen each other since court in November, and she has received everything she wanted. I guess I would think she would be happy.
  8. Happy Mother's day to all you mom's. Still no children, it breaks my heart. I have caused this, yet feel like I am I'n some sort of holding pattern. It has been over a year since I have seen our children. One of the neighborhood kids is in our oldest class. He mentioned that Dakota has to walk out with the teacher, because she has told her I would steal her! I have given her nothing to even indicate this. Persevering with prayer.
  9. Thank Mary Jane for your sound advice. Your words were confirmed this morning. I was asked to step away from the youth ministry for a season. I have become Ineffective ad a teacher with the youth, as this has been to close to me and they also stated " clouded my vision". Not sure what's next. I have been looking into taking some bible studies on line. This would be a healthy outlet. Terry
  10. Second Timothy 4:1-5 is what comes to mind with this whole proceedure .
  11. Chrysallis,& Mj thank you I used your advice and sought two different Attorney's . Both mentioned that what Emily's counsel had done, using ADHD and PTSD as grounds to Limit my interaction with our children was, and is discrimination. Because I did not have counsel At the time of divorce, the 45 day statutes has long passed for an appeal. Now the precedence is set. Also upon further investigation. WA is only a handful of states that do not let the children have a voice. The courts try to consider the Childs best interest, but their voice carries no weight. I mentioned what the first Attorn
  12. Thank you Chrysallis, and Mary Jane for the suggestion. The last Attorney cost 13,000 and I am even farther from my children. Why the attorney, I had recently seen, suggested termination was her attorney had gotten away with so much , that a precedence is set, and appears to be more punitive without actual cause. I had been praying about an answer. I discussed this with both the senior pastors, an youth pastor. After reviewing all the notes and emails I have kept, there is blatant misconduct by her attorney. Now I am praying to keep to the point, and submit this to the Bar Assn. In the mean t
  13. An individual that also volunteers at Share-net (foodbank/thrift store) to supervise visitation. The counselor called her attorney and declined stating she wants me to pay through the agency. I am starting to feel het attorney had her own issues and is using male respondents as her dart board. I do feel letting the Bar know about this. I am sure there has to be an ethics committee. Why would one push to such extremes to keep a father away from his children.Especially when i have come so far.due to this ministry.
  14. I went to an attorney today, not good he looked over the divorce. He said my only real option is to terminate my parenting rights. The way it is layer out I can not afford to see them For supervised visitation. It is 960 a month, if I do not comply then I get charged with contempt. If I had the money to start the visitation, then in a year I would need a 10,000 retainer just to go to trial and start the process. For the kids to get over might, her attorney used to Many questionible proceedures, but the precedence is now set. This is sad for my kids and myself. Only God knows what direction I
  15. I have briefly discussed my situation with another attorney. I will meet with him after the first of the year. I had an individual with a masters in social work look over the counselors letters, he seems to feel I have been discriminated against and to contact the ACLU. I told him I will see what the attorney I have contacted says, after this if because of the precedence being set by E's attorney. Then I feel instead of continuing to fight getting nowhere. A sad situation, i know in my heart, that until God convicts Emily's heart, she will continue to feel no interaction is best, just as the c
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