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  1. Thank you, Heather. I will study her and work to recall what she has asked for and talked about.
  2. Hi All...I need help, some real life stories & examples here. My wife and I are separated and have been for at least one month. I have broken trust with my wife because I am a passive guy who has been into porn...after our December intensive I have been pursuing my wife...and she does not feel I am doing a good job...so I guess I am not. Help!! What have you done to pursue your wife's heart? What have you said, written, done? Do you always apologize for what you did? Are you down on your knees begging for forgiveness daily? I want to be sincere and also want to begin productive steps fr
  3. I am losing interest. My wife is as bitter as she has ever been after attempts to apologize from the heart. She feels that I am not trying to win her back assertively...fact is, I don't know if I want to now. Things are a mess, she gives me a fraction of the poison I've pumped into her life over the years and I can't handle it. It's Christmas eve...and the last place I want to be is with her tonight like this. Honestly, the emotions for her have been gone and it would be fake for me to muster something up. There is zero encouragement for any attempts or efforts. She is growing more resentful (
  4. Hi All...my first post. My wife and I went to Joel & Kathy's intensive in FL Dec. 9-13. My first order of business was to find a job(s)...and did! I am pressure washing two businesses each week and working part time in a Barnes & Noble while looking for full time work during my off time. A week ago, after apologizing from what I felt was my heart, she called me and raked me up one side and down the other, berating my "feeble, three point" apology. It was deserved and also was actually happy she was showing some emotion, albeit anger. It's more than she has showed in the past 8 months..
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