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  1. Hey Looney, just checking in on you and see that you need prayer in a few areas... It will be my pleasure and honor to pray for the health of your body today...and I will add a few for your spirit and soul too as well as for your finances!!! Im glad to read that you will be hosting the late nite Monday calls with TP. Ill try to get on if its not tooo late. You are so precious to God and all of us in this ministry we need you well and able. Our father has a way of escape from what the enemy has/is trying to do to you, I will press in in prayer for you today...You are loved and you are worth
  2. Hello??? Where are you Chris??? Are you still around??? Hoping for your families well being that you are still engaged in growing up to be Christ like and in doing so healing your children!!! We are for you Chris, not against you, but you need to do the work in order to grow up and be what God intended you to be. Let us know whats going on?!! In His Love, lifegiver
  3. FHFH, You Quoted: And he sat down, and called the twelve, and saith unto them, If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all. In response to your quote above I would like to share some just received greater revelation from Gods Word, regarding the difference between being free and/or being a bond servant. In Ex 21 God speaks to Moses concerning bond servants and free men. A bond servant back then was different than what our American perception of a bond servant and free man looks like now a days... A bond servant was someone who had no place to go
  4. Hi Dory & Nemo, Just wanted to say thank you for your great advise tonight...What a concept...Call Joel!!! I havent thought to say that since after the intensive...But that is exactly what I need to say...THANK YOU BOTH VERY VERY MUCH!... I dont even want to reconcile at this point but he continues to pursue me and after reading the book I thought I was more equipped to answer him...but he really needs to reconnect with J&K or Robin to become accountable to someone other than me! Thank you again, In His Love, Lifegiver
  5. Thanks KAY for your response about the wedding. It sounded so wonderful, esp the music with your children. I would have been so proud also. And the part about your mom and your 18yr old son, LOL!!! Thats really funny!!! Im looking forward to seeing the video when the married couple returns to the states. Is that dance on the video? As far as the betrayal and rejection of your sister and your former bff, I agree for you to let them go, they are immature and very arrested...You know, you dont always have to be the peacemaker, only when God tells you to! (Im learning that myself).I too ha
  6. Yes Kay, please do tell and I sure hope there will be a video of the Blessed event!! I prayed for you and Bob that you would have great joy and peace in watching your beautiful dtr and son in law marry...and not too many unwelcomed emotions to arise. I hope you put the link to the video here, since I do not have a face book account. Looking forward to you and Bob getting back on the conference calls sometime... soon? In His Love, life giver
  7. So sorry to hear, you will be in my prayers as well as for your father and the rest of your family... She is in a better place!
  8. Hope you will have a Great Birthday and do something fun to celebrate who you are!! Also hope your husband will Bless you in ways that mean a lot to you! Enjoy life giver
  9. Amen!! I agree with Dory, Enjoy the good that the Lord alone provides. YOU DESERVE IT! Will be praying for the up in coming wedding July 2...
  10. I dont normally visit this section of the forum, but after I read what TimothyPaul wrote I just wanted to tell him that his insights and advise was very good! I hope Pk0321 reads and heeds, and learns these good traits now, and then is diligent to be consistent in them for the healing and restoration of his marriage and his family...And really for his entire life!!! Thanks TP for being so faithful to this ministry as your advise is full of Godly wisdom life giver
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNE! (a little late, but still with full blessings behind it, for you) I hope your day was full of Many Wonderful Blessings from Ward!! You deserve the Best!!!
  12. Hi Audra, I have not followed your story (although,I have heard you on the conference calls) but as I was reading this recent post a few things stuck out to me, but first I want to validate you in all of your efforts and in being the best woman of God and wife that you have tried to be, of course that was using the old false teachings from the churches of wives submit to your husbands in everything...I truly feel your pain and deeply hurt with you. I have been married 31yrs and together 33yrs, to someone who is/was just like Rocky (I call him KING CON)...And you sound like me, last year... to
  13. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOONEY AND MANY MANY MORE!!! Thank you, Lord so much for Looney Tunes, we have great need of her attributes, mostly her counsel but we all very much enjoy her sense of humor too!!! So we are asking that you BLESS her today and that she had an awesome Birthday, Full of Joy, Laughter and Blessings. You are much appreciated, Looney, so Im hoping your day was the Best Ever. In His Love, life giver PS- I hope you like the Blue
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!!! I hope you had the BEST Birthday EVER! Thank you for bringing to many of us hurting, clueless wives the Truth... Hard, Fast and WITH MUCH LOVE...Opening our eyes to see whats really going on and validating us in so many ways. Thanks for the Hope you bring to us, Heather!!! And thanks to Jeff who too has given our Heather much healing and love, so that she can help us all!!! In His Love, life giver
  15. YES, It hurts badly...and I hurt with you May...I wish I could take it all away. I wish all of my pain would go away too! I/we can only make good and right future choices not to allow the abuse to continue and pray that God turns what the enemy meant for evil around from us suffering, to bring good towards us and to bring HIM GLORY. O Lord, may the hearers, who listen to this call see the truth in the words and pain May has, in her brokenness poured out of her heart, and may your revelatory light shine so bright into the hearts, minds and souls of the abusers, so that many miracles can ta
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