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    Hebraic culture/language; Hebrew Roots; true Messianic understanding (this has led me to researching the Karaites, a small Jewish sect that does not ascribe to the Oral Tradition known as the Talmud. Rabbinical Judaism across the world holds the Talmud as equal to or more important then God. Karaites treat their women equal to men, as did our Savior. This is tantamount to understanding the New Testament in regards to women.
  1. Re: my comment "I don't know whether to laugh or cry or yawn at your post" Upon reflection it wasn't in keeping with my desire to be respectful of you, personally, June. I sincerely repent.
  2. You do just what you are doing, being open to learning and listening, storing things away. Don't hold on to what you think you believe or what you KNOW is Truth. because more then likely, as you grow, the 'beliefs', the 'knowing', the everything is gonna change. Be respectful of differing opinions and learn to respond to such w/the same respect you would like to receive. Don't disparage anyone's beliefs because you never know if they will end up actually being right. Google is both friend and foe. Never hurts to research both sides of a discussion equally. Don't expect to agree with
  3. Re: This wasn't done nil the fourth century, i believe, and it was done by the church of rome to distance their (paganized) religion from the jewish roots. It was a cognizant step for the purpose of distance.
  4. I am not a fan of the Talmud as it is considered the book of majic, of the highest order, that being secondary only to the fact that its very content is the oral tradition and considered ABOVE the Torah, or rather the word of YHVH. This is offensive to me. Additionally, the talmud contains some of the most degrading commentary on women around, even to the raping of young girls being acceptable under 'certain' conditions. In talmudic judasim women are consistently, quietly, second class citizens, if not in deed (although, it IS in deed) then in response. It is disgraceful for a man to spea
  5. If you don't know anything about sexual majic and you haven't done any or very little research into either the dark arts or the Talmud you have no argument with what i just posted. Pharroh's daughter = the highest ranking black arts female in the land of Egypt. for those who knew/know, this is what that statement, set apart and noted for the ages, was saying. Sexual majic is considered to be a set apart, highest order, the climax being where the spell or prayer or whatever you want to call it to be sealed in the strongest possible way. the reason the enemy pushes oral sex is the dese
  6. I Kings 11; Solomon died in disgrace before YHWH, the reason being, among many was his liaison w/the pagan women who did not uphold the standards of YHWH. The religions of the pagans invariably rotated around sexual acts. Unclean sexual acts. I Kings 11:1 But king Solomon loved many strange women, together with the daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, [and] Hittites; 'Daughter of Pharaoh" = majic, sexual majic being the highest, blackest, most demonic, which included many sexual deviances, including penetration of all orifices simultaneously in orgi
  7. oh....as to the date Jesus (you notice i flip back and forth between hebraic names and other is because the hebraic doesn't come naturally to me yet), but that is where my heart is.... If read carefully, the description of the stars in the Gospels outline specifically how the sky looked the night the birth took place. Giving account for leap years, differences in calendars (but maintaining the style utilized for that time, not roman calendaring (BCE) as well as noting the other clues (i.e., the priestly courses, etc., one can actually come to a solid date. The date per Scriptural descripti
  8. WOW!!! i can't believe i've missed this whole conversation! I'm SO bummed! Mr. Work i love love love all your responses. and i agree with them. shocker, huh, 3 jews (messianics) four opinions, that's what i have always heard. I'm kind of relieved you don't do the christmas holidays, i didn't know what your response would be, but it was a big deal for me to give up christmas and i've been slower to learn the feasts then i anticipated (got married, got divorced, etc.) but i no longer even feel a draw to do the Roman Catholic anything anymore. In regards to the reason that Jews have s
  9. Hah! This could be TOTALLY fun! Can I take you up on your offer for conversation/enlightenment by asking a seasonally relevant question? Do you celebrate Hanukkah and/or Christmas and why or why not? I consider myself Messianic as well even tho i was not brought up Jewish. My father's line was jewish (never knew him) and i am a fourth generation offspring of a woman who left the Jewish faith to marry a gentile. Her father (obviously) disowned her. My understanding is that i could go back to the fold, myself, if i wanted to, without much issue but that my children would have to be
  10. Geez...i just read my last couple of posts. my brain is certainly fried. anybody got any good links that have that kind of information. I just got done trying to google arrested development. You know that's the name of a movie? not. helpful.
  11. No, it's was something about how cycles in abusive relationships work, it starts off with, 'you are cycling in response to his cycling...' That one is good tho. Right now he's more concerned about what i did to HIM as opposed to WHY i am towards him how i am. Right now his life is all about him. and HIS kids and HIS exwife and HIS best friend. Everything in my life is about HIS. He doesn't understand that the response that he got from the person he wrote all those ugly notes to was a link to that ministries telephone line. Anyway. I have a migraine, which is my response to conflict
  12. I was getting ready to go to bed and i was thinking about SGM, my husband, and you know how upset he is at being 'mocked'? We reap what we sow, don't we? The whole week prior to him going on vacation i lived in a world of hurt/shame. He went off about me to our counselor over something that he really didn't know what was going on, concerning his kids, (hich is the usual, he NEVER actually KNEW what went on, but he almost always sided with the kids. but he 'mocked' me every day. in all his emails to people he complains about me saying i created a stressful environment for HIM! it is
  13. Actually, it DID! all of them did. does he have books on this arrested development thing? He is really upset about being mocked by joel, i'm not sure what he means, but I, for one have been just as upset for being mocked, demeaned and ridiculed our whole marriage. The harshest part if that he would ask, sincerely, what did i mean by that statement because he doesn't get it. He only gets it if it's about him. His best friend warned me of that when we first got married and THEN, the best friend being all gutsy and such, totally denied it. Our counselor spent six months telling me to
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