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  1. The dream is saying E has made a mess of her life; the adultery marriage is never as good as the adultery because they are trying to transition into a real relationship from an illicit one and it won't work. There is hope.
  2. See another attorney. Anyone recommending Termination of Parental Rights doesn't get it. Also, the money part for visitation............surely there is a way around it for inability to pay. Go see less of a silk stocking attorney
  3. He needs the gun in his truck. What do you mean "allow"? If he was going to "allow" or refuse to "allow" you this or that you would be screaming bloody murder. If he has gotten better about the physical abuse, I believe you are precipitating a crisis with this gun thing. Look, do you know that since you are the second wife, this whole thing may fall apart? He is actually bonded to the first wife. I can't believe no one has pointed this out yet. Joel making a couple notes here for reference: We don't have a problem with a wife not allowing her husband to have a gun. Because of the exten
  4. Don't get too discouraged. My cousin's wife left him for three years, with 2 kids she took with her, then they got back together and had another child and are happily married today. During the time she was gone, my cousin worked his head off at his job, hand dug a basement under the new house he bought and advanced himself in his career and stayed tuned in to her. It was inspirational.
  5. You don't have to take your ring off. You are married in the eyes of God and no court changes that.
  6. I really think you should not have informed his 1st Sgt re: his goofy behavior. The pastor yes, but not his job
  7. thank you terry for the Christmas wishes. I hope 2012 will be better for you too.
  8. Heaven only can see exactly what the kids are going through. I know sometimes the new husband is a challenge for the kids........
  9. It is pathetic, but people do that. My parents did it, my friends did it, my church did it. It was like a bomb had gone off and everybody ran. Still that way. what have you done? Nothing. Not a thing. You are the good one. You didn't deserve being abandoned. But that is nonetheless what happens, first the spouse then everybody else, except God. Just pray pray pray. He is there for you.
  10. I haven't seen the movie. But I can identify with wanting someone to love you instead of hate you. Why these guys married us if they hated us, I will never know.
  11. Oh I am so sorry. Keep angling to see the kids and be sure to get them some Christmas stuff. I don't know what else to do but keep praying and hoping; it's better than giving up.
  12. Yeah, it's like when my oldest said to me "Dad is not all that honest." And my daughter was playing Carrie Underwood singing the next time that he cheats and I wondered if she got it.
  13. lol Glad you explained because I took it wrong.................
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