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  1. Bottom line He should not be criticizing you, even if you are responding to him in a unchristian way, it is because he is initiating that response, by frustrating you, not listening to you, being controlling and trying to change the plans you have already set up, because he wants to be in control. Because of his arrested development he is seeing you as being controlling when really it is him. If he didn't make u feel like u had to fight for everything, even the simplest of tasks, you would not feel the need to control anyway. BTW even if you are controlling, it is not his place to condemn you
  2. Cory and i are trying to get back on track. cant wait for our intensive in OCT!
  3. cory works all weekend. ny son was a bit of a terror today. my mom babysat for a couple of hours and i went to a vinyard with some ladies from chruch today and listend to music and ate pizza. it was nice and free. luckily oregon has nice country mixed with the city. in the morning i am taking my son to a parade and sat market downtown, this is also free and i have vouchers for free produce form the farmers so i cant wait to get some fresh veggies. hopefully we can make it to church this weekend. anywhos going to get some sleep. good idea tho, i will have to mention that for a date sometime.
  4. Thank you! We are seeing improvments. I have been calling him out when he does things unchristlike and hurtful. He has been handeling it pretty good most the time, by saying the right things and not getting as defensive. However, i really need his actions to speak louder then his words so to speak. I need real consistency and improvement. I feel this has been the missing link in our restoration journey and whearas, i do see your perspective and see some improvment, he has been more bad then good for any amount of time. I need him to step it up and in turn i hope to get more encouragemnt in d
  5. Thanks, I wish i felt gorgeous. So i am stressed today and i will jsut pick up ET from day care and pick up a pizza and be home by ur lunch okay
  6. so my husband and i went oout last night and stayed up way too late and i drank too much. today he is being a complete [edit]. he is being rude, impatient and has a terrible tone to his voice today. He is still being critical of me. He says i dont put enough effort into our marriage, that is seems like i am against our marriage and that i dont point things out like a good help meet, but rather that i am just mean. I dont know if this is true or not, sometimes i am against our marriage. I feel like i have gone so long in a constant state of stress and anxiety. It was only a matter of time bef
  7. Port Orchard. We would love to meet ya all! I will get the exact details asap. I think it would be great if all us Or couples could meet like once a month and do a dinner or just meet at a park for a bbq or something. We have 3 other couples at our church in the ministry as well!
  8. We stayed up really late and slept in this morning so i didnt get on the call. so sorry. i was very disapointed becasue i felt i let myelf down, but i guess it is good that cory and i "bonded" last night and are getting back to normal. We are trying to get to the intensive in Washington with michale and annalea becasue it is the closest and the food and houseing are included in their price. also we cant get enough time off work to get to florida becaseu it would require extra travel time and hotel, but that would be amazing! i will ask cory if he would get fired if we left, but i dont kow if
  9. Thank u cmarie. I love you, ur imput is alwasy so right on. I am stepping into faith. I am also aplying for another job at my work, it is kinda crappy, far away and min wage, but every bit helps so i am pursueing it. Cory is looking into getting as much OT at his job as humanly possible and we are trying to get a small loan from a bank or credit card. we dont own a credit card and are very against getting into even more debt then we already are, but if that is waht we have to do to get to the intensive, then so be it. Cory and i ML last night on our date for the first time in weeks. it
  10. Thank you Truth, i have been speaking a lot of death into myself and our marriage. It is very hard to get out of the pain and negativity.
  11. I still feel so disconnected from my husband and god. Cory has stopped posting here and i feel unloved. I sense his frustration and resentment. I have tried to be better at telling him when he messes up or hurts me but i think it is just easier for him to critisize me and stick with the "but I'm trying" attitude. Apparently,Neither Of us will ever be good enough for one another. I still feel so discouraged. We are not getting enough hours at work and i have no idea how we will be able to afford our upcoming intensive and we can't even get the deposit until next week and will probably loose ou
  12. I understand the perspective you are trying to give me. Oh how i wish i was not so immature and disconnected from God, so that i too could tap into his wisdom. Please pray for me because i am very much struggling with my relationship with the Lord. MY mom will be Gone tomorrow till Sunday, so i plan on house sitting. I do have to work every night so i cannot go on vacation to the beach with my brother and her, although it would be nice and i am half tempted to quit my job... however that would be very unchristlike and if i get anymore unchristlike i fear i will never find my way home. I am
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