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  1. Asking myself these questions really helped me: If God did not exist, what kind of man would I want to be? If I was not married, what kind of man would I want to be? Regardless of any other person or force or principle or ministry, what kind of man do you want to be? asking myself this helped me during times of frustration.
  2. Hey palmer, Hope you're doing well man! Hope we get to talk soon, give us an update. How are things going? we're rooting for you!
  3. Hey Heartmd, Just wanted to pop in real quick and make a helpful suggestion that will hopefully help you in your marriage restoration, which is why we're all here, right???. As well as reading the excellent books written by the wonderful Joel and Kathy, a book that I've found to be very helpful is "It's mostly his fault" by Robert Mark Alter. It IS a secular book, and it has a lot of cussing. The reason I suggest it is because it IS filled with GOD'S principles about marriage. He's pretty funny in the way he delivers the message and very practical and "man-to-man" style of writing
  4. Heartmd, Hey, hope you don't mind me posting my thoughts on your thread. I'm just another dude going through the process but I really wanted to post. I can relate to the feelings you expressed in your post. My wife hasn't cheated on me but I'm sure we're pretty similar in the passivity and it sounds like you're kinda like me, clueless to what "emotional connection" looks like. I know what you mean about feeling depressed and offended about what your wife said. I'm sure it feels like poo. But, Looney_tunes is right. Our feelings, quite simply, do not matter. And it's not because you
  5. Great to see you on the forums again brother, You're gonna make it to an OHM, or die trying.... wait...
  6. Hey, update time! Last night was a date night and it went bad. I was in a lot of pain part of the way into the date and I became very quiet and inclusive. I don't mean to ruin our dates by being quiet when I'm pain It's just really hard for me to be happy and chipper and talkative when I'm in extreme pain. I still wanted to finish our date and just try to get some ibuprofen or something, I wanted to to be fun for her even though I was hurting. I should have been honest and told her I was in a lot of pain and we should just go home. I didn't really handle it in a very manly way when she got ups
  7. Hey joel, Thanks for responding. My wife has been a champ these last few days. I have been in a lot of pain lately because of a Kidney stone and she has been really tough. I can tell it has been really hard on her because I am basically doing nothing most of the time because the pain is so bad. I have a few breaks from the pain throughout the day but not enough to help her out very much. She has been taking care of ET and me. It has been really tough on her but she is doing great. I think and really hope today was the last of it, as I am feeling better at the moment, if so then I am going to r
  8. I am so blessed to be married to such a beautiful gal! She is gorgeous!
  9. Thanks for the advice guys it was a really great reminder and at the perfect time too. Today Chontel expressed a few times that I am not understanding her. I realized she was right after I said a few things in the half hour of time we had together on my lunch that really hurt her. I am not understanding her. I am determined though, to learn. I am determined to understand my wife and I am willing to do whatever it takes. I must confess that I was having a bad attitude last night when she would not ML with me. I slipped into self pity and selfish thinking and I just wasn't sure how to change
  10. Jenisy is hurting. She has been responding wonderfully these past few days but it's time for the mourning process. She hasn't been able to share her hurt and pain yet so I need to keep providing a safe place for her to share her heart and know that I will be there to love on her and really CARE about her feelings. Keep us in your prayers as we go through this process.
  11. That won't be hard at all! I mean she IS the most beautiful woman I've ever known. Darling, complimenting you isn't hard when there are so many perfect things about you, I am blessed to have you as my wife.
  12. Thanks for that reminder Joel, it is so important for me to remember that, I have a tendency forget things for so long until things get really bad, then I go into the other extreme of doing it way too much for a short time, then reverting back to not doing it. This is a great reminder about staying consistent and balanced. I opened my bible for the first time today and the very first verse I read was in proverbs 18:1, it reads "A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; he RAGES against all wise judgement." This was so interesting to start my reading out with because I do this SOO of
  13. Palmer, cory and i are going to an intensive about 5 hrs away in Washington with Michael and annalea. there is one more spot open. if u can get them a $250 deposit they will hold a spot for u. it is Oct 20. about 4 days long. i suggest u guys come. cory can send u the info it ends up being about $600, but food and board is included in that. We are both working and doing everything we can to get to this intensive and it would be awesome if u in grace could come too! About the finances, do u want to borrow any of our financial peace dvd's? it talks a lot about how to manage finances together
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