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  1. It was refreshing to talk to you guys and get back on track. Like we told Joel and Kathy this was our first huge bump in a long time. Didn't think I was going to make it through. Thanks firewalker and MaryJane for your encouragement. Even though I will not make it to see my mom right now. Tito's family paid for us to have a small getaway in Panama City Beach for our anniversary. Can't wait to get away...
  2. Thanks sis for your kind and encouraging words. I know what you mean..about the fear thing. Kids start school in a week and I am going to seek out a womens bible study.
  3. Thanks for your prayers. My mom has her ups and downs but she is pulling through with the peace she has in the Lord..
  4. After time I spent thinking about the situation I decided to leave this alone for the sake of my family. My husband had so much axniety and stress trying to deal with this. I know deep inside he would do anything for me. But I realized unless he feels right about the decision it would continue to be a battle that would destroy our relationship. I will try to bring it up later down the road and see if he is open to finding a way to make this possible. We were able to talk a little and smooth things out for now. For now I am able to go on my own to see her when I am ready. I am going to w
  5. Thanks firewalker for you response, so good to hear from you. Yes I will get in touch with Joel and Kathy after their big weekend. There is a huge list of concerns and some I do agree with. The biggest issue is at the moment, he does not want to even talk about it and work out the situation. I have a cousin that lives with my mom and can be a treat to my husband. He is strong willed and so it Tito. We are afraid that if there was a moment of offense that they will go at it, neither one would back down. My cousin is a street walker, he can be very unpreditable. And I as a mom would n
  6. Sorry to say I'm back and its not looking good for me. Its been a long journey, we had our bumps but managed to work through it. I've drifted from church due to the drama that we were going through. Nothing to do with our marriage. Needless to say, we have been stuck without a church to go to. I am sadded to say we recently hit a bump and its really bad for me. I can't stop grieving aleast thats what it feels like. I recently put together a plan for my family to visit my mom since she is going through cancer again and I wanted her to see the kids. If you know our story you will know th
  7. Hi, sorry I've been MIA for a long time. Really miss you guys. Update on my mom, she was clear for two years since her last episode. I am saddened to say cancer has returned in a different area. It just rips me to streds to think of what she has to go through. I am at a lost for words,, believing that God will turn this around. Thanks for you prayers....
  8. Wow thanks guys for sharing, I'm sure it blessed Joel and Kathy greatly. Its so good to hear about you guys joining Carlos. Thanks Joel and Kathy for the awesome seeds you are sowing into these lives. God's work does not return void. I speak great blessings in return to your lives in everything you do. Love yous Celia and Tito
  9. Newlife, I know you don't know me, I haven't been on the forum in a while. I'm very sorry to hear the pain your husband is causing you. The best thing is for you to cut him off totally. He obviously is not teachable or open to change right now. If you let him have any power over you, he will grow worst in his actions. Its not the end of your life, its the beginning. Draw onto the Lord more then ever through these times. It would help if you have close friends to encourage you and help you stay strong. You will always have that hear when you need it. There are many of us that have buil
  10. Hi Sos, its been awhile since I've been on the forum. Sorry to hear the frustration you are having to walk through. There are things like the trash that is something so simple for B. to stay faithful to not just for you but for himself as well. Dont frustrate yourself by feeling you have to go behind him, just leave it. I hope B can see how it makes you feel as it piles up. Even when we were close to our two year mark, my husband would do stuff that would blow me away, because it could have avoided so much drama. I want to encourage B that even the small things would not take much tim
  11. Welcome to the forum, so glad to hear you've been to an intensive. For me, it helped my husband when I would start with "honey I'm not attacking you but I would like to share...." When we had just got home from an intensive, my husband was so afaid to say anything. Plus he was learning it wasn't about him but me. I had to teach him that it was ok if we shared our feelings together, when I was open to it. But when I was upset about something or he hurt me for some reason, that was not the time to share what he felt. Its a learning process for you both. For us, it was a new world that w
  12. Hi firewalker, thanks for you awesome words. I will not forget when we met. I'm sorry to hear about your husband. Its a tremendous lost for him. For the short time we met, I could see how precious you are. I know God will not leave you. He has great plans for you.
  13. Hi Emme, welcome to the forum. I want to encourage you to at least get on the calls if possible. At the point that your husband is in, you can't do this alone. The porn issue is a huge deal and right now you are not feeling the whole blunt of it because your husband has not changed and does not give you a safe place to heal. He could give you the world but if he continues to use porn, it means nothing. I lived through it, and let me tell you it is devastating and destructive to your life in every area even though you might not totally feel it. In order for him to take you serious, there h
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