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  1. I did have a chat by email last year about initiating and that was made clear when he left. However, because he is abroad, things are a bit different. I have asked him to do the paperwork as we married in South Africa and he has the money. He is not in anyway cornered into getting the marriage on track and he will not talk to Joel and Kathy. For us to be together again, he would have to come back to the UK or I go to Africa again. Neither is optional and he has never chased me. After listening to last night's chat, I realised how MUCH I enabled him to have me and he had a really cushy number.
  2. Yes I did do Skype. It usually works fine, it did take a couple of attempts. I funny, when you get on air, your mind goes blank and I was aware that Kath wanted to go quickly. So I will phone friday, if I can. Welshlamb
  3. Thanks for the information! I went on the call tonite and briefly said hello to Kathy. I realised it is for couples only so I will phone in on Friday late, for women only, whose husbands are NOT working towards a marriage. Lots of hugs Welshlamb x [smilie=happy.gif]
  4. Oh wow!! That would be great. I think I'll give that a go. Could you tell me what number I need to ring. CAn I skype it? What part of England do you live? Welshlambx
  5. I haven't been here for SO long and thought I would update everyone by retracing the story. The last time I wrote to you guys was around the time that my husband walked out on me at Christmas 2010. We were staying at my mum's at the time, over the christmas period. It was awful. My husband would stay in our bedroom all day and not come out. Eventually he walked out. He stayed with friends from our 'then' church and I remained with mum. Eventually he talked to Joel on the phone and was asked to come back and apologise to my mum and myself for his 'show down'. Long story short, I took h
  6. Hi Everyone!! Sorry, I do get a little confused with the 'thread' idea and not quite sure how it works. (I know that must be obvious) lol!! I last posted on my praise report - I am out of hospital, and its VERY tight financially, yet I have ALL that I need today, and that's all that counts. Might try and get on tonite's lady's only calls, it its happening. Godbless and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers and support. Love Welshlamb xxxxx
  7. Dear All Thank you SO much for all your prayers and comfort - I felt God's peace SO strong and it hasn't left me. Friends and family keep asking me "Are you Ok, you are very calm" and I just say "I am, and everything is going to be alright" I stayed in hospital for 7 days. They would not let me near food for 5 days but gone down a dress size Apparently, a lot of prayer went up on Day 6 (And that was from all round the world, literally, from friends in Australia, America, South Africa and UK, and different churches too that I have visited over the years) and on the 7th day
  8. Thank you for making the time to write back, I am very touched that you would make time!! (Big hugs) Things alter every day don't they. I found out that I have next to nothing coming to me for extra grant money BECAUSE my husband is leaving. If he was to stay, I would get alot more!! I can see why women go back to their husbands for all the wrong reasons, because they are toooo scared to go it alone. I felt sick for a little while and then realised that I was building my security in this grant rather than God being my source!! I think the Lord just chopped off another lump of dead wood!!
  9. dear Faithworks Thank you for your answers, I do appreciate this and yes, I am always reading the books, particularly book two. I was packing yesterday to head for our home and I felt a real strong sense not to go back. My mum at that point came in and said "Do u have to go back yet?" So I have decided to stay with my mum until my H has flown out on the 20th. As soon as I know what finances I have, I will proceed with the divorce papers - with the intention of serving them before he leaves. Value prayers for finance. I do believe i will always have enough and God said "Everything is goin
  10. Thank u for all your comments and understanding as I am fluctuating between excitement and sadness all the time!! I am not the worlds best at making such decisions that inflict pain or if I stand up for myself I can then feel guilty. I am getting better and the Lord is really helping me to grow in that area. I just tend to spit it out when I speak. MY h is presently living in our home and I am at my mums until this weekend. How I agreed to this arrangement is crazy. He asked me if he could stay to finish his college course so he would have enough money. He is flying out to Africa on a one w
  11. SORRY but I keep getting conflicting advice but aplogize for my rudeness Welshlamb
  12. I found this email rather difficult and a little insulting as yes I have read the books and watched the DVD sets and prayed and taken him back on several occasions so unless you are an official helper, please don't give me such advise!!! I have been in touch with Joel and Kathy and if you read my messages about the calls you would see that they have advised me!!! And they have already prayed for me. You can pray all night, but if he doesnt want to change, you can't make them. Particularly in Book two on the Chapter "What does a wife do" it gives very clear advice. Perhaps you may like to rea
  13. Thank you Faithworks, that is just what I concluded last nite - big decisions shouldn't be rushed. I have felt it hard to hear the Holy Spirit the last couple of days but I know he will come through for me and make it very clear what the NEXT step is. I feel to just make the separation legal for financial reasons only and also a chance for my husband to come round. BUT that is not a definite decision yet. It could be because I am afraid to make the final CHOP!! Thank you for your reply, I do appreciate it. There is not many I can really ask advice at the moment. Godbless Welshlamb
  14. Dear kathy and Joel and everyone!! Well tough day today guys!!! I phoned up about fast-track divorce and the process and they gave me the price etc. I cant afford it at this moment anyways - but I felt sick and the finality of it made me panic so I just said i will call back!!! Oh my, HELP!!!! I need your prayers. i am at my mum's house until the weekend. i have to go back to our house in Wales with him still living in it until the 20th April!!! If I kick him out he has nowhere to go arrrrh!!! and i feel sorry for him!! Plse someone!!! I need my brain re-wiring. Whats the matter with
  15. REALLY missing you too!!!! I was on the conference calls last monday nite and Kathy and Kimberley spoke to me and all the team prayed too. It was SO comforting. They have encouraged me to take action with divorce proceedings and I have decided to proceed once he is out of the house I am staying at my mums for a little while as H is not leaving the house until the 20th April so I am staying out of the way. I am just really looking forward to having my life back!! God has done a miracle in my life as I have never done particularly well in my studies but all through this horrible time I have go
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