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  1. Hello Everyone! Long time since my last update! Jeff and I have really been living out our OHM! Since my last post, I have gone back to work full time, with LOTS of support (mental, physically and spiritally) from Jeff! I have been at this job now for a little over 1 year and LOVING it! Jeff is doing am amazing job of picking up what I have to put aside while working.... HE's really living out the message that J&K teach in our every day lives..... We don't get a chance to really jump on the fourms as much as we would like, but you can always catch us on Wednesday nights on the conf
  2. Hey EP (congrats we've already shorten' your name around here LOL) Jeff and I host the PA calls on Wednesday nights so feel free to listen in anytime you both can! Would love you have you on them! You ask some really good questions, and some of them I am sending over to my husband to get the answers on... YES YES YES!!! There are PA men who have "made it through" Its all about making the DECISION to want to make the changes that he needs to make in his life! Everything boils down to this one simple answer...MAKE A DECISION! (PA men love sitting on fences and keeping us guessing all th
  3. Hello there and welcome We're going to give you some advice first...Stop getting frustrated!!! Period!! As simple as that! There is a reason why she is NOT intrested in love making at this moment and that reason is YOU! Congrats! The reason is that for a women to meet the sexual needs of her husband he needs to be attempting (and) to meeting her emotional needs first. So first things first.. Let me ask you a few questions here Have you read our books? Been on any of our conference calls? Been to an intensive? These are the most important steps right now if you haven't done so...
  4. Thanks Dory for posting this...Got it in my email box as well...will be reading this tonight on the call!
  5. Will be looking for you tonight on the call...Hopefully he will be on the call as well because Jeff had some of the same issues as well and canhelp him understand and hopefully "get the light" to come on... Heather
  6. So what have you done today? You told me last night that you were going to take my challenge and get these three things done.... So by your ACTIONS that you are serious here! With out actions your talk is cheap! Remember you have two weeks from last night....That's plenty of time to show your bride that you can make a decision, stick it to and get the jobs done! Next weekend should be the yard sale...but in the mean time...I hear there are plenty of pawn shops around that you can pawn off the guns, and start working on that motorcycle! These are the three things that you agreed to do 4
  7. also check out www.prepaidlegal.com they have lawyers that you can talk to and help, they don't go to court with you, but they can help in filing the paperwork and such...not to mention its a whole lot cheaper than spending 1700$ up front....But keep looking and calling around..don't let the first answer be your only answer.... Praying for you
  8. Why not go ahead and do this as well! Might as well get the thing "out of site" for your wife...I think that would help a little as well, since this way she will not be reminded of it each morning when she looks outside the kitchen window...AND hopefully someone on the main drag will see it tomorrow and offer to take it off your hands! As for the "pain" you are in....instead of focusing on what you are feeling..why not try to focus on what your wife has FELT all these years. A little pain isn't going to hurt you, it's going to help you grow up and become a great husband! But the pain your wi
  9. Hey BH Stepping into my Admit duties here.... This ministry encourages husbands to READ what thier wifes are reading each day..JUST do NOT answer on her thread. You can copy what she writes and paste it here in your own thread to be answered. The only way you are going to start understanding the heart of your wife is to read what she is posting. This is for your benfit to start living with understanding of your wife. June wasn't really wrong in giving the advice that she gave you, because we do normally let a wifes heart guide us in the advice we give, but in your case, you really need t
  10. Not only figuratively...but LITERALLY....Jeff is an Air Traffic Controller and works with Cessna's! mLOL Welcome to the forums!!!!!
  11. There is 2 reasons why you are getting "mixed sucess" with this... 1. Because you are still EXPECTING a response from Ellyz, instead of just doing the right thing WITHOUT any EXPECATIONS. (basically you are staying to your wife, Hey I said I am sorry..so you must just forgive me!OH and by the way...aren't you supposed to "Embrace" me back? Nope she is not if she is not able to at the moment!Also saying to her "women why don't you respond back like you are supposed too?) Any of that "sound" or "feel" right? 2. Because you are NOT being CONSITENCE with this! When a husband is NOT bei
  12. Jenisy Sorry for my lack of response here...I have had quite the busy past few days. I am so sorry for the pain and hurt you are experiencing right now...The good news in all of this is that "what God reveals HE wants to heal." As for your in-laws...it seems your heart cry at this time is to stay away from them, and I happen to agree with you, that they are not at a place in thier lives that they can have a true relationship with you and your husband. So I think for a season, all contact needs to be cut off. We can't control how other people respond in our lives, but we can control how
  13. Hey Can't wait to hear what happened today..Let me know as soon as you can..Tell mom that I am sorry I missed her call and will call her back tomorrow...Today was a BUSY BUSY BUSY day...
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