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  1. I have learned so much since January, but there is one lesson in particular I learned I believe that has really changed my entire mindset and way of life. That lesson is all about trust. In order to have any relationship, there requires a basic level of trust. My husband had proven himself very untrustworthy throughout our marriage, but I still trusted in his commitment to remain faithful to me, and that is what kept me in the marriage. When the affair shattered that trust, I had the strength to throw him out of the house until he proved himself. As a melancholy, I labelled him “untrustworth
  2. Life is good! Past few days have been crazy but I'm thankful that life has been moving forward in the way it is. I've seen my wife's change in heart unfold right before my eyes. Life has to be the way it is. Scripture tells me that my fruit will be defined by the type of tree it's grown from. I've sewn from a bad heart for along time. I'm thankful that life has been turning around and life can bring change t a man's heart. God has been so faithful for us. He works for those who trust in him. Life can use people to make you get down or feel a certain emotion. God however has been using the f
  3. life has been radically changed since last year. Im very grateful for the changes our lives have taken since then. Its important that I remember the past so I don't head down there again. I know I tread on thin ice daily. Its a constant reminder of the lack of integrity, trust, faith and devotion I had then. The safety of our kids is important to us and God is shaping us for the success to come. Some important things that I think about daily is the survival of my family as a whole. I want to be there for my kids like they need me to be. The ice I tread on is always thin and will be until I
  4. Your welcome! I have to say this week has been exhausting to say the least. HERO has had to work lots of overtime so by the time he gets home we have to rush through dinner and then fight to get the kids to bed. Afterward we are so beat that we don't spend any time together. It has been really draining on my and the stress has been very high. I shared this with HERO last night and he listened carefully to me. I decided the only option was to have dinner whether he is home or not, get the kids to bed and then spend time together afterward. This means he wont be spending any time with his ki
  5. PS after a rough week last week, I had a fantastic weekend with the kids! Its so tough with Gabe working so many hours lately, but God is giving me supernatural strength and patience to get through. Thank you Jesus! Cali
  6. Well we got our paperwork today and CPS did file an an indication against us. This basically means they have proof that abuse occurred (the post I wrote). In Gabes letter it says he was not responsible for any abuse toward the children or for allowing abuse to go on, but in my letter it did hold me responsible for the abuse toward the children. I knew this to be true because in the post i admitted to abuse, but somehow reading it in writing was so crushing. I have never shown my children anymore abuse than I had been shown as a child. MY parents weren't reported to CPS or anything, thats jus
  7. Totally get how you feel about leaving the kids home. I had to quit my job as a Home Aide because supposedly hubby couldn't handle the kids on his own. Funny how now it doesn't seem to be a problem Things are much easier to handle as a MAN and not a toddler Glad you made it through that rough patch in the road. It's super tough when that happens because immediately your heart dives into "OMG he is a conning liar! He hasn't changed! I knew he would trick me!" Etc etc etc. It takes a lot of strength to pull that car back onto the road and not bail out of it ESP when you have prego brain
  8. I know HERO used to say this too: He is finally seeing that it was all part of his immaturity to just blatantly ignore the facts of our financial situation and then get upset with me because of my "lack of faith." However, regardless of my husband, I learned to trust in one very important thing, God takes care of ME. My husband might have been irresponsible and negligent, but God is still caring for me and meeting my needs. You NEED to go to the intensive. God will take care of that somehow. If you take your eyes off the hopelessness of the situation and leave it in God's hands, he wil
  9. Just wanted to say I love you SOOO much HERO. You are so romantic and sexy! If this is what "recovery" feels like, I cant wait until OHM! I also want to add something we talked about after our wonderful "anniversary" celebration Sunday night. I said to HERO how sad it is that men don't just do things the easy way when it comes to LM. They can either DEMAND LM and spiritually abuse their wife by citing scriptures about her body being his etc, etc, OR he can romance his wife and she would then be more than willing to do whatever he asks. HERO said thats where the joy in it is, thats why dati
  10. God has been so good in our lives. His love is so precious to us. I've been reading a lot of scriptures lately and ever since the other night when I had my breakthrough with the dad issues his word is just coming alive. It's like a deep cavern in my life has been closed up and I can see past the issues a child would have so my adult nature can actually read sciptures and gain insight from them. My wife has been blessed by this breakthrough too! Her mother has been a pastor for many years and shared some very life altering knowledge with us on how to actually deal with the child within and l
  11. It (life), always starts in the heart of the initiator. the change of the flow of life or death that is. How is the place of growth seen unless a seed buried in fertile soil is blessed with the water of life? God has been so faithful to us for... pretty much... well our whole lives, these children that you Father God have given to Cmarie and I are direct teachers of faith, love, and understanding. Thanks for the perfect gift of teaching through the eyes of the innocent. Forever in awe of your creation and its ability to raise you up through growth, discovery, and healing H.E.R.O.
  12. I just wanted to pop in her and verify that HERO did immediately turn things around after reading my letter. The very next day I woke up feeling really crummy, I had a nasty allergy attack (gotta love pollen ugh). Even though I was not on top of him, he went the extra mile to nurse me back to health. He began "pursuing" me once again, something that has been lacking for quite a few weeks that I mentioned to him. This week he set up a romantic date night (tonight), hid adorable love notes for me, and made me an invitation to celebrate 16 weeks of OHM with him this Sunday (in our bedroom ). H
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