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  1. So glad to hear things are on an upswing for you ChooseLove - you and your beautiful wife are always in my prayers...
  2. Hey everyone, Been a while since I posted so I thought I would say hello and let everyone know that things are still going really, really well. Last night I was thinking about how far I have come and what I have learned about love and living in understanding with my wife - here are just a few things that came to mind: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Love is making the bed everyday so my wife does not have to.... Love is planning and making dinner for the family so my wife does not hav
  3. The ball is in your court now brother. I have just read through your posts and there is really nothing new I can say here - you have been given all the tools you need to be able to do what is necessary to keep your marriage and take it to a whole new level but you keep choosing (yes choosing) to sabotage the process because it's too hard or she doesn't understand or I'm too tired right now or I deserve better than this or you get the point, it's all about you and not about blessing her or becoming You are being called to lay down your life for the sake of finding it (did you know you were l
  4. Hi Ophelia, I really hope that going to the intensive again will open up the scales on Riversedge's eyes. I'm a man that lost my wife to an affair after she had had more than enough of me stringing her along. No, I don't recommend an affair at all - even my wife now regrets the affairs but absolutely does not regret leaving me. It took me almost four years to ultimately win my wife's heart back completely and I have no regrets. I was able to grow so much in Christ from having to pursue my wife and win her heart back and today we are in an outrageously happy marriage. I jumped in here to en
  5. Hey ChooseLove, Hope and pray that things are still warming and will eventually turn HOT for you and your bride. Just wanted to remind you that you are going to have to leave it up to her to accept the initiations from you in the intimacy area - in her timing, not yours. Her heart is being drawn to you more and more each day but she is holding off, in order to be safe and protected. One day she will step out of her safe zone and you will need to be ready or just like a turtle, she will snap back into her shell. Above all things, pursue Godliness and you will be ready.... Your job is to keep
  6. Hang in there my brother, you have got this. Per our earlier phone call, please start writing that heartfelt apology letter we talked about. Remember that you must go first and that it was your actions early on, before the first affair that let her astray. Then, in my opinion, the counseling that you both received (not Joel and Kathy) was not teaching you how to become the Christlike man Nikki needed you to become in order for her to be healed and completely come out of the need to feel safe which is causing her to hold on to those other guys via facebook (you have even said before that she ha
  7. David, I am so happy to hear that your feeling safe and away from the edge. Never let your guard down and never stop leading and being her hero, the process takes time but most of all - I can vouch that it is WORTH IT! You guys looked so good in the pics from Disneyland. Keep up the good fight my brother.....
  8. Hey everyone, Today is exactly one year from the day that Shawn flew back from Arkansas and moved back into our home. It was funny, I was wondering if she remembered. I had arranged for a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her today and made arrangements for dinner and movie tonight but she did not know, I put that info in the card attached to the flowers. So about 1pm today, I got a text from here thanking me for the flowers and card. She thought I forgot because she was thinking she came back on May 19th, not the 20th. I texted her back that she may be right, maybe I got off a day (bu
  9. Very nice, just remember your supposed to be doing this out of unconditional love - no response required......
  10. Click to play Casting Crowns' 'Just Be Held' Is What You Need When the Storms of Life Are Raging
  11. Had some free time today and some time off work. Will catch up the recording this week too by the end of the week. Today I felt like posting a few thoughts I have been meaning to share........ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was reading the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in Daniel chapter 3 this week and wanted to share some thoughts with you all... I am going to use a web reference to refer to the story so I don't mis-quote it but the life application will be a bit
  12. Think about this men. Joel has said this on the men's calls many times. Most men that come into this ministry and only last a few months. This is because after about three to six months of walking this out, they get frustrated because they are not yet seeing the reaction they want from their wives. They say this isn't working and they let their selfishishness take over and they walk away from the ministry and their marriage and they move on because "this is too hard" and/or "this hurts too much". Think about your wife and how long she hung on to the marriage unhappy, hurting, and in a sens
  13. This is a secular song that my wife pointed out to me and I thought i would share to the men. Even though this song is talking about two people who are not married yet, WE MEN, can still change and be the HUSBAND SHE ALWAYS WANTED US TO BE going forwards: The best line is this: You gotta know how to treat me like a lady Even when I'm acting crazy Tell me everything's alright Dear future husband (Title of Song), Here's a few things You'll need to know if you wanna be My one and only all my life Take me on a date I deserve a break And don't forget the flowers every anniversary 'Cause if y
  14. What you are missing here is that God has given you an opportunity here to redeem yourself, he led you to this ministry to help you become the man He is calling you to be. You are putting God into a box and saying that you will only do this if He restores your marriage and that is the same selfishness that broke up your marriage to begin with. That is what God wants to heal you from but you are so quick to argue and reject because you think you have this all figured out but you don't - how do you not see that? Remember what I previously said, about the hurt you have given your wife. Your not
  15. I wrote a long post here today and then it was gone. Will try again tomorrow. It was great talking with you on the men's call last night with Joel, David and Tim. Hope you feel encouraged and loved. Hang on brother, this too will pass. Think back to other times in your life where things were tough and out of control - this too will pass - the question is will you come out on the other side bitter and angry at God or Blessed and Christlike, regardless of what happens with your wife. Remember, God gives us all free will, not just your wife. What do you choose this day.
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