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  1. What pushes a married woman into an affair? Believe it or not, there are some extremely common warning signs as well as right and wrong ways to handle it. If you suspect it is happening, either you are right and she is, or you are right to be concerned. Either way, I want to spell out what you should look for and how to respond to it. Sometimes, it starts suddenly and goes straight to her announcing she wants a divorce. I feel like when this is the case, she has generally been frustrated for a long time and finds a new option. When a woman has been neglected or abused for a long time,
  2. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate your support and encouragement.
  3. Asking for some help with our next project. We have officially moved beyond the recovery and are making new plans for our future together... A tour bus to take this show on the road. See the details by clicking here. ----- Seven years ago, weeks before our 20th anniversary, my wife announced that she was done and wanted a divorce. Seven years later, we have survived the impossible and are making new plans for our future together. We blog about our journey and lessons learned at ErikMatlock.com. Over the next seven years, we plan to travel extensively, build a bed and breakfast retreat and
  4. The last article probably ruffled a few feathers and triggered some deep-seated religious opinions that are not rooted in reality. It explained the oppression of our wives and made suggestions for change. It may have even forced you to decide what kind of husband you want to be. Let’s check on the guys who are struggling with what they think about the concept that our religious beliefs have turned our wives into second-class citizens and attempted to reduce them to servants. Most of us were taught that God created our wives to be helpmates. But the word is helpmeet. Meaning, essent
  5. I receive some pretty interesting emails from time to time. One recent one made me realize that there has been a common thread in all of them. A sense of vindication. Let me make sure you understand the word before proceeding. A means of exoneration from an accusation. It means that they feel justified, defended from a false claim. That rights or their claim to a possession or belief were restored. Essentially, they have a sense of relief, knowing that they were falsely accused or imprisoned and suddenly free. Here's the real kicker, since this is a site written for knucklehead husbands,
  6. Decided to review this thread. Just realized it started five years ago. Wow. Want another update? Things are great. Not fairy tale perfect, but we have grown so much closer and stronger. We understand each other. We are BOTH making the effort to please each other. She is fully engaged. We have moved past the recovery stage and are making fresh plans for our future. We now have our first grandchild and are enjoying the new changes at this point in our life. The process works. Staying in the program, working through the hardest parts, learning to listen, abandoning the pride and giving up
  7. Although my normal style tends to lean towards rants and tirades, today I just want to ask a question. Does you wife truly believe that she is the most important person in your life? For the last six years or so, this has been my mission. To attempt to undo the previous twenty years of foolishness. Dragging her to where I wanted to go. Ignoring the things that mattered so much to her. Not listening when she needed me to hear her. Pursuing my dreams and desires and making everything else appear to be so much more important than her. I see how other men treat their wives and I am ashamed.
  8. As a general rule, I write to men. However, some days, I need to speak to the ladies. I have been writing these stories for a few years now, just trying to encourage men to step up and be the best husbands they can be. To reestablish themselves as the man their wives believed they were marrying. Several things have bothered me since this journey began. Some things that men don’t have complete control over. The ladies who are unhappy with their marriages are often stuck, unless they can find a way to either motivate us or effectively traumatize us. Until someone or something makes us awar
  9. Anyone with an online presence has seen the random articles from those ad-saturated website that tease you in with partial headlines and stupid questions. Generally, we just call them click bait. After the latest round passed by, I considered that maybe I should offer up a few legitimate life hacks learned from my own bad decisions and stupid ideas. Ultimate storage hack Without exception, the absolute best way to maximize your storage space doesn’t involve vacuum sealed bags, plastic totes or storage rentals. The best life hack for storage is to simply downsize to the essentials. I wa
  10. Good start guys. Here's the book we promised. This link and coupon is good until the end of the month. We are formally releasing the book to stores tomorrow, so these digital versions have to come down this month. Get it soon and keep up the good work for those ladies. No limit on these downloads. Get your own, get your wife a copy, send them to other guys who need help. Just do it before the end of this month. Go to this link... https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/423898 Click "BUY" and use this code to reduce the price to $0.00 LG92C
  11. At this point, I wouldn't even have an excuse if this wasn't a regular routine now. I don't need that prize, already got mine. For the guys who have not started to plan and schedule regular dates, you are missing out. Get in on this. I will up the ante. Everyone who commits to this gets a free PDF copy of the "21 Days To Save My Family" book. Nothing to lose here guys. Even if she isn't up for dates, you can still do things FOR her. No excuses. Gifts, cards, maybe even make a list of things you have promised her over the years and see if you can make some things right. Make an effort, get
  12. I have been thinking about some of the aspects of the whole “good husband/good father” thing recently. It seems like some guys cover more bases than others. Just wanted to point out some areas we need to look at. Paying the bills, changing the oil, going the ball games or recitals… All good stuff to do. All part of being the solid family man. But there’s a whole lot more we need to consider if we really want to make sure we are protecting and providing for them, to the best of our abilities. Brace yourself for this one. This is not my normal rabbit trail here. I am about to open up some
  13. Occasionally, I do an online search of my own name. It helps me track where my articles and books are being promoted. It also allows me to thank other bloggers who have referenced my sites and supported us. I recently did a search for some friends’ names, after hearing some hurtful comments. I found a lot more than I expected. Joel and Kathy Davission operate GodSaveMyMarriage.com. It won’t take you more than a few minutes to find dozens of painfully harsh comments online about them. There are even sites that seem to exist for the sole purpose of exposing them and their evil mission of sav
  14. So there's this old story about the pastor of a small church in the woods. Without fail, he manages to preach the same sermon, about the same time every year. A story about a terrible flood that tore through his home and how God saved him. This goes on for years until the old pastor finally dies. Upon his arrival in heaven, he is informed that he will get to preach a sermon. All excited at the idea, he announces that he plans to use the flood story. St. Peter snickers and says, "Sure, but don't forget... Noah will be in the audience." Yeah, it's a corny story. But, it does a pretty good j
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