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  1. So glad you guys are getting some relaxation! You give and give and give...I'm glad you're resting for a bit. Reid and I are "livin' it and lovin' it..." He is doing a great job. We are communicating...enjoying each other. Something neat happened a few nights ago...we were at the table and the two eldest daughters began talking about Daddy being "safe" now. They were laughing and teasing and Reid was relaxed and laughing along...It was a thrilling moment. Happy wife here. Thanks, J&K. So much...
  2. Last week was not great. Reid was sick and off his game. I felt sorry for him, so didn't "reflect" and point out things that were bothering me. I thought I was being loving, but by the end of the week, the result was that he didn't know what to do to reconnect, and I felt little motivation to be a helper to him. I wouldn't call it a bump, but we just kind of slacked and didn't move forward. So, this week..."onward and upward!"
  3. Peeling potatoes?!? I thought you liked instant, Joel? heh heh heh (sorry, couldn't resist) Have a beautiful day. We are so thankful for you guys!
  4. So glad you enjoyed the US! And it sounds like your intensive was as amazing as ours in Oct was. Joel and Kathy *are* amazing! Praying that your marriage grows by leaps and bounds.
  5. I am SweetTea, and I approve (the above) message. We ladies are built to nurture those we love. We often feel like we are failing in that; like there's just not enough of us to go around. For me, when Reid swoops in to serve those whom I feel like I'm failing, he draws me *to him*. He makes me feel like I'm "enough"...he and I are a team, and he cares enough about those I love to *lay down his rights* for ME. It's kinda irrelevant, imo, if your MIL is manipulative. I have a hunch your bride is not fooled by any of that, but that is *still* her *Mama* and she still loves her and still is *co
  6. Can't believe we've been home from the intensive over two weeks. I'm still feeling the "warm, fuzzy" over it. Reid is totally on board, blowing me away. I feel so good...blood pressure is down, stress is way down. Life is fun...lots of laughing. Wow...so good to laugh again. The baby is doing well. Ten-12 weeks left. The postpartum period has always been a rough time for us--Reid has betrayed me somehow after every baby's birth. I am a different person now, though. Free to speak up, to have an expectation of being cared for and nurtured. Reid's different, too. He blesses me every day in so man
  7. Date night last night. Such a wonderful time. j.R is blowing me away with the HSKC's--even the C part. I really can physically feel withered parts of my heart coming back to life. Even as newlyweds, it was never this good. I actually look forward to his return home each day. For real...everyone needs to get to an intensive.
  8. I'm really excited, Honey. You are doing this! Reading those early posts makes me realize how far we've come so fast. I am so blessed. Love you!
  9. Thanks so much! Wow. Reading those first few posts is hard. I can hardly believe that was us. I never want to go back there. I'm so thankful for you, J&K! The intensive was amazing...I'm expecting great things!
  10. Forgive me if I'm not doing this right. I wasn't sure...anyway, I'd like to change my name to "Sweetea" (since that is what j.R calls me) and we'd like to merge our threads under the "Working Together" board. What do we need to do to have this done?
  11. This is our first night back home after the intensive. Wow. It was really amazing. Still processing...and feeling a little nervous about things. I can see how the intensive homework is so important. As for the plane...when I got on the first plane, I did have a panic attack. (embarrassing) It got some better each time, but I'm still not thinking flying is a hobby I want to pursue...lol! The ladies I met there are so special. I came to love them. We share many similar hurts. A midwife friend sent me with a doppler so we could listen to the baby's heartbeat at will. He did fine. Well, j
  12. Thanks, guys. We're dealing with the freakout moments as they come. Today was tough...but not as bad as I feared. Baby Josh has provided a lot of comfort by way of vigorous kicking...Reid helped me "pursue peace" in the basement--I couldn't bear the thought of leaving for a week with it in the state is was. That provided a good distraction, but I kept coming across mementos from both Will and Charity. A girlfriend called to check on me and let me know she hadn't forgotten that this was a milestone day for me. We are madly making preparations to leave Wed. I thought it would be so easy, since
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