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  1. So I had another dream the other night after I had prayed for God to reveal to me what is going on in my situation. So here it is: We were in the parking lot of the first church Scott and I went to. I was standing outside a green station wagon. Him and his gf Cindi were in the back seat. The doors were opened. I circled the car once and called her a whore. Then the second time I began to circle the car Scott was standing outside the car between it and the church. She was getting out of the backseat. I called her a whore. She said "no I'm not!" I replied "yes you are!" She was standing outsi
  2. So I had a dream after that one: I was in the fifth wheel where they have been living in and I was watching Scott and Cindi ( his gf ) talking. Scott was freaking out about loosing his license because he has failed to pay child support. And all I kept hearing her say was "it's going to be okay. We will get through this." Then I woke up. Today I woke up to a vision of a picture of Scotts' motorcycle and I heard the LORD say "I will take his motorcycle," and then I heard 2 more times during the day. I also heard, "I will hit him at his point of pride." This is the same voice I heard a fe
  3. So I had a dream the other night: My roommates and I were sitting in his the living room and Shay was telling me how she heard about my ex and his gf and how they were getting ready to kill each other cuz he had lost his license a couple months ago and he was real close to going to jail. In my dream i noticed shay was putting something together into a box. she was sitting where the play pen for my son is. her husband chris was playing on his cell phone and said up he's a dude therefore he's going to jail. but i was sitting on the couch and i was just shocked about every thing she was telling
  4. My heart is breaking tonight. I am on the call and I love listening to Kathy and Joel. They are such truth speakers. They really ministered to me tonight. Thank you two for all you do. You are awesome. I am missing my ex husband even tho there really is nothing good to miss. It has been 5 months since we have been together physically and it has been 4 months since the divorce was finalized. I have to say it seems like it has been longer. And at the same time not long enough. I have been praying to God a lot and one thing that has come to my attention is that Scott was actually Satan's gre
  5. Yes He does. My friend and roommate Shay became a Christian because she said by watching my life and watching how God has taken care of me an dmy son she wanted to know the Jesus I know. And she is always telling me that no matter what God will take care of her. It's amazing how He loves us.
  6. Hey pretty lady. I miss you. Seems there's been no ladies calls the last two fridays. Thanks for stoppin by on my forum tho Love you. I can't wait to see what GOD does for me either. How are things in your world?
  7. Finally after months i have answers to this dream lol Woman (stranger) = Spirit: seducing spirit; temptation; deception; witchcraft; God's messenger/angel; one's own self. (see also, harlot, name) Police = Authority: natural civil or spiritual authority (good or evil;) protection; control; angels or demons; an enforcer of a curse of the law/judgment (because of transgression or an evil covenant.) Red = Passion: emotion; anger; hatred; lust; sin; enthusiasm; zeal. Car, Convertible = Covered/Uncovered: (depending on the top position in the dream;) if top up: the emphasis is on the c
  8. Thanks Musicteacher. These people were actually real "friends". we used to hang out. But now I know their real colors. and I did remove them from my facebook account. I just can't believe how cruel they were and then they messaged me saying oh don't take it to heart we were just joking. I really am not in the mood for people like that.
  9. So I am sitting here doing my homework and watching a sermon on youtube about satan lying to us about relationships and what not. I put some scriptures on my facebook and something about God is God all by himself on there and then four of what seemed to be friends start attacking me about keeping God in church and that I am annoying them. Then they go into how i cant find some to love me and i am afraid to be alone and i am an idiot... real nice. Normally i would break down crying but in all honesty It doesn't bother me. I mean it kinda does but at the same time I just thought it weird. what i
  10. New Hope here in Monroe across from my house. Pastor T and sister T come over on thursday to my house to do bible study with us. Pastor T even breaks things down into the hebrew and greek. It's Awesome!
  11. I am so happy for you looney! PRAISE GOD PRAISE GOD!!!!
  12. I finally got the internet back. YAY! So school is going well. CJ is growing so fast. I am so thankful to GOD for this ministry. I found a church that believes like the J&K ministry concerning husbands and wives. Just blew me away when they started talking about it in my living room at our bible study on Thursday. God is so amazing. And He is showing himself mightily in this season of my life. Thank you Jesus!
  13. Thanks Fiona. So here is some interesting news I am running for city council. Will go in and talk to them tomorrow. pray for me
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