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  1. Very funny I know those guys too. Us ladies need to steer clear of those!
  2. I am so very thankful to God. I'm single and happy. All of my life I believed that I had to be in a relationship to be happy. It's nice to know finally that waiting for God's will is more important. Now I'm at a very interesting part of my life where I'm relearning who I am, starting to write again, and wanting to meet new people. God Bless
  3. I'm new here and single. My parents have been to 2 intensives and tell me I really need to get to one. I've been divorced twice and just recently got out of an an abusive long term relationship. What can I say but I'm absolutely miserable. I can honestly say though that I'm not at the lowest point in my life. Have already been there and done that, but I seem to always pick the same men over and over. This never ending cycle just makes my head spin and ends up with me severely hurt, scared, and crying.
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