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  1. They say that every cloud has a silver lining. This ministry and all of the wonderful God honoring people here are the silver lining in this mess. I thank God for bringing us together. In everything, give thanks to God! If my husband had not taken us down this road, I would never have met this wonderful group of God's people. Thank you for all you have done for me and are continuing to do. I love you all!
  2. MJ, the username maybe does still apply: passion4one is passion only for himself! It certainly isn't passion for God, wife, or children. What definitely does not apply is the name of his thread: Rebuilding a man of God. What definitely does not apply is the section his thread is in: Husbands working to win their wife's heart back. What definitely does not apply is the name of my thread: Going for the Gold. Well, at least I was going for the gold. What definitely does not apply is the section my thread is in: Couples working together.
  3. This is 1love. I wanted to post here what I have just posted on my thread Going for the Gold: I think the recipient of the passion from "passion4one" is himself!
  4. It's time to give an update here. On February 4, I found out about another affair that was going on. On February 5, he told me that he wanted me to know that he had asked God to forgive him, and that he was sorry he hurt me. I requested my adulterous husband to leave the house. In the time since then, he has shown much hatred toward me. He has not shown fruits meet for repentance. In fact, he was not repentant as he was continuing in the affair. He kept badmouthing this Christian based ministry that God directed us to, and we have been working with for 5 years. He asked about meeting
  5. I just spent the last two hours reading through my would be husband's posts and my posts on the oxytocin thread. My how things change. He came home for a little while last night. It started out sort of okay but definitely did not end well. I read through the thread and relived all the wonderful memories. I remember the feelings. I read the promises he made in his posts. Maybe I should say his plans and not promises. He said last night that he had spent time reading through the thread. Then he said that's not who he is. Well, at least there is some word of truth that comes out of his mout
  6. Thank you, MJ. And I say amen and amen! I have been telling him I'm done, but the rest of the line is done with being on this roller coaster. He has been giving me enough sporadic good to give me hope. I had recently warned him that his lows are getting lower and lasting longer. That "warning" is not to be taken as a "threat" but as a "warning." A warning for him to wake up and see how the enemy is pouring into his spirit, and he is listening to that voice rather than God's voice. A warning to keep his heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23 I love Prov
  7. Yes, MJ, there has been another one. And with all the lies that surround it!
  8. Life just really sucks sometimes! But God is still on the throne. And my God still loves me. I am His. He will take care of me. On December 1, 2016, my husband posted this in his thread: "Not sure what she is expecting out of me" Why not? Maybe he didn't ask, maybe he never really engaged in the process of loving me like Christ. I can tell you exactly what I do not expect, and that is another affair to add to the lengthy tally. Game over!
  9. It was a great trip, but it is good to be home. I need to get our adventures written down in my trip journal while it is all fresh in my mind. I am waiting for J to get home (he had to meet #3 son to take care of some business), and we are going out for our anniversary dinner. Ah, he just pulled in the drive! May is going to be a very busy month as the days speed along to our daughter's early July wedding.
  10. Days 84-94, Friday-Monday week: All I can say is that we had a great vacation to New Orleans. Yes, there were some iffy things that came up, but we dealt with them. Most of our problems were from external sources, and we chose to band together through them rather than allow ourselves to be drawn apart. HSKCs were a constant. We left late Saturday night on the train, and arrived back to our starting train station early the following Saturday morning. Passion took me out for breakfast, and we did a little bit of shopping and visiting in town before going home. We arrived home late morning. T
  11. Days 77-83, Friday - Thursday: The highlight in this time would have to be Sunday. I was gone most of Saturday to a bridal shower. Physically speaking, I was not doing well due to a very painful right knee. Passion helped me get around and out the door. We did have some issues in the process but were able to get that taken care of on Sunday. On Sunday, we had a potluck dinner at church. Passion fixed most of the food for us to take to that; I did very little. That was a BIG help for me. Due to an upcoming schedule conflict on Tuesday, we attended the Sunday night dance class. Here's the
  12. The bridal shower was a success. I was running behind on picking #1 daughter up as I had awakened very early with my right knee in great pain. I was able to get back to sleep, but when it was time to get up, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to walk. J helped me to the bathroom. It was going to be an interesting day if this thing didn't clear up. I managed a shower and getting dressed okay but decided I needed to see the chiropractor before making a 4 hour (one-way) drive, party, and drive home. We did make it there about 15 minutes early. #1 and #3 daughters had a lot of fun giving
  13. Yes, MJ, she came for a visit. We were surprised when the doorbell rang. Our son went to answer the door, but I knew it was going to be her. She had texted on Monday about possibly coming up on Thursday....but it was to be a surprise. Then on Tuesday, she indicated that she would not be coming. Instead she was going to try to get some stuff done at home and take the offered hours at work on Friday. So she was trying to throw me off on the idea of her coming. But when the doorbell rang, I knew who it was before seeing her.. I would say it's been fun to have her here except I have been gone
  14. Kathy, sorry for the scare on our trip date. This trip is our train trip to New Orleans for our anniversary. Our reunion is in July. I'm looking forward to worshiping with y'all in your Sunday service. Day 76, Thursday: It's been a long, busy day today. HSKCs helping me to get through it all. I needed to go order next year's school books this morning and do some shopping. I got back to the house about half an hour before needing to leave to get Passion at work and go to his doctor appointment....then a little more shopping. We took the time to get shakes and sit in the parking lot before
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