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  1. Enough already! What don't you people understand! SHE TOLD ME TO STAY OUT OF HER LIFE. And that's what I was doing. Perhaps she changed her mind about that request. I will contact her directly and ask what her thoughts are. Until all the facts are known, how about a little less condemnation and a little less "gossip." Her situation is critical. She could very easily become homeless. Then what? I certainly can't do anything about that. When I had the ability to help, she flatly refused. She told me she had it all under control. Obviously not. ..... And about that birthday wish for Ashley....
  2. It is not possible to help someone who really does not want the help. I paid that electric bill because my kids needed help. They called me before their mom did. I am thankful that I had the resources to take care of it. No other motives. No other reasons.
  3. It is just after Christmas 2009. This, most probably, is the last Christmas that I will remember as being there with my family. Not because of some incurable medical condition. Not because of some military deployment or obscure job transfer. Not because of some criminal act or even my own physical demise. Oh, no! None of these things are as painful as the true reason that I must leave my family. For you see, dear reader, that I am a bad husband. I have given my wife no other choice but to send me away. It is really all my fault. I can blame no one else for the failure of my marriage. I have ca
  4. The CH Spurgeon devotion for today discussed these verses. 1 John 1:6 "...Fellowship with Him." Deuteronomy 7:22 "The Lord thy God will put out those nations before thee by little and little." The essence of the first verse is that we have fellowship with Christ in His love, in His desires, in His sufferings and in His joys. By completing this fellowship, we as His bride will be sitting with Him at His throne. I believe this to mean that I as a husband should achieve the same fellowship with my wife. My purpose to do this is so that the glory of the Lord will await us. The verse from Deut
  5. Quote from eeyore: "here is a tangible example of dying to self that has nothing to do with your wife... I have seen you numerous times be extremely short-tempered with people who work at a retail store (both on the phone and in person)." . Thank you for pointing this out. I was unaware that I am still acting like this. .
  6. Dear Looney, Good morning my lovely wife. How are you today? Is there anything you have planned or that you want to do? I know there is the doctor appointment to evaluate my ADD and I want you to know that I appreciate that you are able to get me there. I also want to tell you that while I have never been keen on the idea of taking any drugs, I will do what the doctor recommends with the intention that it will make a difference in our marriage. . . Dear nice Sister Eeyore, Dying to self has many descriptions. One is doing what I might not want or like to do, but doing it anyway an
  7. To my Dear Loon, I am sorry that phone in the bedroom rang again while you were trying to sleep. I have marked it now so that anyone who uses it will know where to return it. Now it should not get swapped with the one that rings from the living room. . I Love you. You are the center of my universe. . . For Him For Her, Eeyore and PIH You all have presented really great ideas here and I have implemented some of them. The real test will be what Loon sees as following her heart. . Have a great day - I'm off to hug my loon. .
  8. Dear Lovely Looney, What can I do to bless you today? . To paraphrase Solomon's Song of Songs... (1:9) To me you are a fine filly, harnessed yet unbridled. . I Love You. .
  9. Is there any class for romance 101? I have lost that skill. Perhaps I am angry with myself and therefore I can't express love. . The things that worked during dating don't have a place here. They are deemed too childish. What course do I follow? One direction says make it fun and another infers it to be totally serious. . Maybe I never learned what real love is. Maybe I only know how to lust for my wife. . The end result is I am not meeting any of her needs and it is frustrating. . Tasks mean nothing, for anyone can do them. For now they are all I can do. .
  10. Dear L_T, I am sorry for not being sensitive enough to remember to turn off the phone ringer in the bedroom. I say I love you and then I forget something important that you want. That was not very consistent or considerate of me. . And this morning, I didn't even try to call you. It does not matter why. I just did not do it. Once again, I am sorry that I disappointed you. . Thank you HD - Would you have some ideas on what other topics I might discuss in my posts? Dory - I read the post by Joel and the referenced post by wanting to love my wife. I am a bit unclear about what aspects of the p
  11. Dear L_T, It sure is lonely here without you. I love you and I miss you and I desire to hold you and kiss you and ... . Talk to you soon. . Hope you are having a great morning! . .
  12. . Thank you, Pebbles and Pure in Heart. That does help. I was thinking along the line that Paul was addressing a particular situation and apparently that was the case. Thanks for the detail and clarification. .
  13. Dear L_T, You are the energy that keeps me ticking. I Love You. . .Hey everybody, Have I told you all how great my wife is? .Well, She is! Very great and wonderfull too. . . I have a question about a bible reference (1 Tim 2: 9-15) that was mentioned on one of the calls. To whom should I direct such questions? What I want to know is how to respond to someone who brings this up in a conversation about marriage and the role of women in the church. Is there already a post on this? . . Good night & Bless ya'll. .
  14. Dear L_T, pssst, hey lady, let's watch a movie? (A J & K dvd that is.) I Love You because... You Rock! You express what you need and you mean what you say. . . Dory - Don't know what was up yesterday, code is accepted now. For Him For Her - No robot chickens here. Posts will get better over time. . TTFN "I will have victory over my Goliaths - God says so." .
  15. Dear L_T, I Love you!!! Wow! What a lover you are!. . Today has been plagued with flaky PC & phone service. I am unable to get on the call. I get a message that I am using an invalid access code. Was it changed?? . . I shall spend some time reading another book. "The Man In The Mirror." . Good Night All. .
  16. To the Great Woman who has endured all these years, I Love You. You mean the world to me and I miss you very much. . . . Today I reviewed a conference call from 12/17/2008. The part of interest was Joel reading and commenting on a letter from "Patty" regarding the progress of her husband "Bill." This is a very good way to review the basics for interaction after an intensive. It reminded me not only of the things that I need to be doing, but the mechanics of properly initiating and doing the homework. . . Dory - The link to the post was helpful. Thank you. . Getting fired-up and givi
  17. To my most beautiful wife, I Love You. You are the most precious gift that anyone could ever have. God has blessed you with many talents and you radiate His love. . . Thank you Eeyore, HerDensity, Hoping for Sunshine, Pure In Heart, Faithworks, Xena and Taz for each of your perspectives and encouragements. . .
  18. . Let me pose this dilemma... When I am hugging my wife and she seems to be just putting up with it, am I to continue? (I think I should continue, maybe try again after a bit.) It seems so counterproductive to do something that she is obviously not enjoying. .
  19. Good Evening to my Dear, Sweet and Precious L_T. I Love You because... You are so desirable and a delight to behold. Your personality makes everyone feel welcome. . Hi folks, Here is a question I have regarding boundaries. Was it proper for me to ask my wife if there are any limits or boundaries that I should be observing? Her response of, "just don't touch me when I am sleeping" would seem to allow a broad range of permissible physical contact. Am I reading too much into that? . Peace and Blessings .
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