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  1. Yes.....he's being consistently approachable, living & kind. When we hit a bump, he corrects it quickly with a living attitude. He's open & when have been utilizing the calls. One day at a time.....on our way to an outrageously happy marriage. While we are only in day 12, There's definately a change in him.
  2. Yes.....he's being consistently approachable, living & kind. When we hit a bump, he corrects it quickly with a living attitude. He's open & when have been utilizing the calls. One day at a time.....on our way to an outrageously happy marriage. While we are only in day 12, There's definately a change in him.
  3. 1) be honest, tell the truth (NO LIES) 2) communicate his whereabouts 3) make me a priority (consistency with dates, communicate with me & consider his family before making decisions/plans)
  4. We don't post much but are a regular on the calls for the last 2 years. feel I have begged, but I understand, know & demand he do the basics. Husband 3 intensives (2 together +1alone) gonna restart the 1st audio book & DVDs. I will post clear expectations later.
  5. Well, my husband & I have been separated for two months now. It took that for him to really get with the program & put forth some effort to show any indication that he had desire to be married to me outside of our marriage lic. After being involved with the ministry for 2 years, we are finally working together to build an outrageously happy marriage. Even with the small strides of improvement we are still struggling with the basics: consistently communicating with me about his whereabouts, being honest/keeping his word, listening to my heart & making our children & I his top pr
  6. I am very clear on my boundaries. I told him....."Do not text me unless its about our son. I don't want to keep your son from you so are free to see & spend time with our son when you get off 5 or 6 as long as you keep it focused on him not me. Do not expect to see him when you get off at 10, because I don't want you to be here late at night. He was seeking pity on Thursday night call with Steve & Julie. "I haven't seen our son in almost a week & I really really wanted to see him." Truth is he kept our son over night Monday until Tuesday. As far as I know that's only 2 days. To
  7. I cant start again for many reasons: my stress level, work schedule not to mention I stopped nursing 5 months ago.....It's not always bad for him, some times are worse than others. I am praying for his digestive tract & doing everything I can to help him through until he grow out of it. My problem is my husband know what we are doing as he is also helping me with our son. He also knows how it break my heart, I cry with our son & am doing my best. I don't deserve the treatment from my MIL or my husband.
  8. I listened to the pre recorded call with Tim & Cindy. My husband didn't tell the whole truth. I will give my side on the forum. Mother's Day: our parents live 2 hours away & the week before he expressed "Im gonna go to see my mother I mean it is Mother's Day" I immediately pointed out that he can pre plan for his mom but rarely does that for me. So the day before Mother's Day I ask do you have any plans? I didn't really care, I was only pointing out he still didn't pre plan for me after I told him the week before. Our son has had issues off & on since i stopped breast feedin
  9. Monday he text a lot of compliments is all i remember. We were apart for 14 hours, so there wasn't much physical touch. Got help on the marriarge call. He initiated love making. Tuesday We were together all day and there was no emotional connection despite multiple reminders. I shared what I needed and he immediately responded for that momment, but it wasn't consistent. about 7-8 hugs smiles and kisses, but I was So disappointed. I read the book as we drove out of town Wednesday Several hugs, kisses and countless compliments via text. I don't recal any smiles. As I type this he's ca
  10. Saturday I was emotionally shut down. I got silent. He was initating HSKC, I don't know how many, because I wasn't receptive. He turned on the marriage video, but I did not join him. He gave me a body massage with hot stones, which was much needed and relaxing ( my muscles were sore from working out last week. Sunday I woke up angry with him. I just want to be away from him. I am tired of the emotional roller coaster (abuse). He knows what to do, has a choice but makes the push me to the edge repeatedly. Hugs 2 or 3 Smiles- none Kisses- several but I was not receptive and it an
  11. I confirm CANI post about Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I find it very interesting how we have progressively gone down hill daily. I saw it. I verbalized it to CANI, we got on the marriage call Tuesday and Thursday, but it didn't slow the decline in oxytocin or emotional connection. Friday Hugs 1 or 2 Smiles- 1 Kisses-4 Compliments- can't recall any Act of service- went to my MD with me Communication- casual, not initmacy Book- he read to me Video- We have not been keeping up with our weekly viewing of the DVDs, so I mention I'd like to watch the marriage DVD, but it didn't happen
  12. Everything CANI said on here was true. He even left some stuff off. Keep in mind we are away from each other most the day from 7:30-9:00 on Mondays. Monday: Hugs-5 but we were tied together for 2.5 hours before we went to bed. Smiles-at least 10 (lots of laughs) Kisses-10 passionate kisses (two at my job) and several shorter ones Compliments- over 20 (text and verbal) Gift- smoothie from smoothie king Acts of service- picked up my car to get tires rotated Communication- superb all day about everything from where he was going to finances. Book- He read to me Prayer- we prayed as a couple and
  13. How can we change our names on the forum? I'd also like to move these post to the section where the couple is working together to have an outrageously happy marriage under a new heading. I'm not sure if I should start a new topic because I'd like to keep our journey all in one place. Someone please help;-)
  14. We were on the marriage call tonight. John and Susan are an on time wonder from God. They have challenged Misunderstood to give me passionate kisses, cleave to me all night, and compete in the don't be like dale contest. Although none of the information is new, I believe Misunderstood was receptive this time around. I have experienced more oxytocin on this call than I have in months. I laughed, smile and cried on the call. I have hope again and prayerfully this is the jump start we need to a lasting outrageously happy marriage. My husband drastically reduced the times he became defensive on
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