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  1. Hi C2, She has been a little under the weather. Life has also been hectic. They had the final court date for the foster children yesterday. The parents have sign their rights off and now the boys will be up for adoption. That fit Tigger hard. We still feel that it was not the best thing for the children. As for owl we have decided to wait until after the holidays with the family. He has been on and off in his performance. The one thing that has constantly happened is anytime we might start to re-think our decision he has a REALLY REALLY BAD DAY. Someone is trying to ensure that we do not cha
  2. Hi all, Tigger has a new computer and dose not remember her password, could someone send it to her at the email on file. Thanks. Pooh
  3. Hi all, Tigger, I think I understand what was the meaning in the post you quoted. I will try to get some time later and go read the whole post. Thanks! We will have to get your new computer up soon. I LOVE You!!! As for OWL, We are experiencing a attitude of victim that entitles him to be aggressive when he is asked to do something or corrected in a way that he dose not want or like. He has grown greatly this last year. He is the same size and weight as me. This presents a problem as he dose not have a sense of his size and strength, even when he is not aggressive. When he is hipped on adr
  4. Tigger Good Morning! I hope you were able to get some good rest. I will let you know as soon as I can about what time class will be over. I do not think it is a whole day so I should be home normal time. I am sorry that it is so hard on you when I am gone. I know that it is hard when you do not have any help. YES, KIT is a great help!!!!! I do not mean to demean that. I know that it is not the same as having me help you. I pray that Jesus will grant you comfort to rest and will sustain you as you go through your day. That he will give you wisdom and peace in your day. That you and I wi
  5. Tigger, Hope you are having a good morning. I hope you slept well. I had a real strange dream that I woke up to. I was in class and I didn't understand the assignment I had to do. It made me feel uneasy. My class today should be fine in that regard. I even hope it not to remedial. It starts at 8 and should end around 5pm. This is the first class that I have no idea of how it will work. (start & end times, last day of class dismissal, Etc.) I am feeling that my dream might be more about our relationship then a class. (Our movement towards an OHM!!! & my having a clear understandi
  6. Hi My Love, Tigger I am sorry that I have been disconnected. I guess that I was running. I hate not being able to fix your health. I am scared to loses you. You have always been my life. I am here and I will listen. I am sorry that I hope that you were able to get some more rest this morning. I tried to call you but no answer. I will try to get some rest then call later. I plan on having dinner with Justin around 6pm and then listening to the Oxycotin call again look forward to talking to you soon. I love and miss you!!!! Pooh.
  7. Tigger, My computer finnaly started to work agin this morining. I have no idea what possessed it yesterday. I am missing you!!!! I have been good on my trip. Sorry this short. I have to get ready and have breakfast. Sorry about the trouble with Owl last night. Hope you rested well and testing gose well today with the other children. I will see you tonight. call if you need me. I will call back. the drill should be over by 12 noon. I will keep you informed. I guess I need to go and see if that audio down loaded. I LOVE YOU!!!!! Pooh
  8. Ward & June and Others, Sorry about the lack of information. Court went well the judge sided with the parents, CASA, and us, that a delay in return to home was not justified. As of August 16th the two little ones have been returned to home. We delivered the children to the parents on this last day to have a good transition for the children. It was a blessing in my heart to hear the children call mom and dad as we pulled up to their house. They were excited to see them. This eases some of the worries I had about the children being dumped with two strangers. I was unaware that this feeling
  9. Hi All, We are haveing computer problems at home. So I do not know when Tigger will be back on line. Pooh
  10. Tigger, Good Morning. I hope you slept well. I am doing a little better to day. I miss you, and wish you were with me. I tried to find the sun shade thing. Did not find much. I will keep looking. I can not wait to be home with you all. I Love You!!!! I will be calling later. Your Pooh
  11. Tigger. Good morning. I am feeling a little better, just week. I do not think I am clear headed today. How was the rest of your night. I hope you were able to sleep good again. I will be praying for you and the children today. I hope court goes well. (Court is for our foster children’s return to home plan) Wow it seem to be taking me a long time to move and get anything done this morning. I wanted to check in and say I Love You!!!! and I will be checking about the window tinting today for you. Have a great day I will be waiting for an update. Don’t forget to turn your cell off in court.
  12. Tigger, Good morning my love. I miss you dearly. I can not wait to be home with you. I am glad that I blessed you. It is hard to feel supportive this far from away. I feel that the little I did was nothing. I wish I could have been there to help you through better. You are a GREAT Mommy. You love your children like God loves us. It is a true inspiration. I thank and praise God daily from bringing you into my life. It has been a great honor and privilege to be married to you and make a family with you. I pray that God gives me the strength To make you feel the same way. Keep holding on I a
  13. Tigger, I am sorry that you did not get any rest today. I will continue to pray for you. I know that tomorrow is a busy day also. Please be careful and try to take it easy when you can. I miss you. It is very hard to be this far away and not be able to do anything but pray. I know that it was hard for you too. I am glad that the encounter with the parents went well. It could have gone either way with all of the stress involved. I Love you all!!!! I will continue for God hand to be on you all as I am away. Your Pooh. All else, Our two year old foster child was taken to the hospital for
  14. Ward & June, Thanks for the input. I will keep that in mind. I will also work on saying it to her. Tigger, Good morning my Love, Hope you were able to sleep last night, and the children stayed asleep. I have missed you all. I have sleep okay. The bed seems good we will see as the week goes on. I am very sorry for all of the trouble that I had caused before when on other trips. I was selfish and controlling. I know that this has caused you pain. That this has made you feel unwanted and a burden. It was wrong of me. It saddens me to think of the pain I had caused when my family only
  15. Tigger, Good evening my love. I have settled in, found my class for tomorrow, and picked up drinks and dinner. I want to thank you for filling in the information that I failed to provide. You are truly a great helpmeet. I can be so narrow in my focus. I will work on being more clear in my communication. I have read the link you posted. It worked great. Thanks for finding it for me. I agree that is a good post. The things that I felt and I believe might have spoken to you are the same things that you have so lovingly pointed out before. Thank you for bring them to my attention again. Here a
  16. Tigger, Good Morning my love. I was thinking and praying for you so I thought that I would drop you a note. I hope your day goes well and the children behave. Try to take it easy and pace your self. I will miss you!!!! I can't wait to be home!! I am glad that you have been opening up to me. It helps me see things from your point of view. I am sorry that I have failed to keep you in the for front of my mind this weekend. I will work to do better at this. I would also like to thank you for being a great helpmeet. You continually guide and help me make better choices. I look forward to being
  17. Tigger, I Love you and wanted you to know that I was thinking of you. The day got away from me. I will have to try to post more later. Thanks for the helpful qoute. I need all the help I can get. I have to get things oranged so I can be gone next week. See you soon. Pooh
  18. C2, Yes, I would agree that the problem lies with me. I will work on doing more mental gymnastics. Do you or someone else have and good suggestions on what or how to do this. Thanks for keeping up with us. AS for the 12 blessings, Tigger has to answer if the touched her. I attempted to: Genteelly correct the children. Not to Yell at all. Tended the needs of the children. (meals, guidance, etc.) Encouraged Tigger to rest. Ensured she had her medicine. I was cheerful. Gave a gift. Rubbed and scratched her back as needed. Had her car washed. Worked on projects that blessed her. (cleaned
  19. Tigger, Hi, my love. Hope the day goes well for you. I will be praying for you. I will try to give you a call when time permits. I do remeber the challenge. I hope that I fulfill your expectations. Honey, I apologize that I insulted you. It was insensitive to potry you that way. I am deeply sorry. You are a wonderful person and a great wife. I need to be able to better relate to you. I will work on how I interacting with you so that I will better understand you. I want to live in understanding with my wife. Thanks, for the acknowledgment that I care. Well I will try to be in contac
  20. Tigger Sorry this is short. It has been a busy day. I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and had checked in on the form. Sorry that your day has been busy and hard (with the little ones). Thank you for all that you do for our family. Please remember to take it easy and not over due it. I love you and can not wait to be home to see you. All My Love!!! Pooh
  21. Tigger, You had stated: L - O - I am apologize that I hurt you, and have been abusive. I will work on being aware of my mood and ensuring that I am listening for your heart. Thank you for loving me and pointing these things out. I know that it is hard for you to confront me. I am deeply sorry that I been abusive and scared you. I love you and want you to feel safe in confronting me about anything. I am here for you, and I will not leave you. Please keep opening to me and help keep me accountable. You are truly a jewel of a wife. V - I am sorry that I have abused you, caused you to be
  22. C2, We had been dealing with these issues the last few days. So I had thought that we had covered them. The option to explore in more detail the things that were hurting her was new. I had hoped that we could expand my understanding in this area. If she wants me to expand on those issues, I would be glad. Morning Tigger, Hope you had a better night then I did. I am not feel good. It will be a long day. I hope that your day goes smooth. Try to rest the best you can. I will let you know how the day is going and what time I will be home. I miss you!!!! All my love Pooh
  23. Tigger HI. Missing You!!!! Today was long and hot. I am glad that things are looking better for you. I pray that you will continue to improve. Hope everyone else also gets better. I am not doing to bad this afternoon. It was iffy this morning. I would love to talk to you and here more. I would like to have the expanded version of what I do that dose not minister to you. I do think it would help. I look forward to talking to you when you feel up to it. I do not know when I will be home tomorrow. We are to be here until around 1pm. Then the drive home. If there is an opportunity for over
  24. Tigger, Just letting you know that I was here and doing some reading. I am sorry that I have frustrated you to day. I will do better. I Love You. Its time for bed we have a full day tomorrow. Mind, C2, PlansForHope Sorry life has been busy. I will try to respond to you all soon. Pooh
  25. Tigger, I was glad to be able to talk to you tonight. I hope that I have made it a little easer to feel safe. I know that it will be a slow road to walk untill you feel safe. I want to let you have a safe place to be. Let me know if I push to hard. I love you! I am going to be a great husband for you. Pooh C2, Plansforhope, Mindy Sorry ment to get to your post today and reply but the day got away from me. I will do my best to get to it tomarrow. Thanks for the loving input you place in our (Tiggers & Mine) marrage. Pooh
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