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  1. I was on the men's call today for a brief time however I had to left to get my car taken care of. My wife's heart is giving me so many mixed signals and emotions. She says she is never coming back, generally, she won't communicate with me; unless she is in need of something which I am always open and available to her. She has so many walls up against me even though I try will all my might to be gentle and loving to her and meeting her anytime she needs anything. I give my all to her and ask for nothing in return except common respect. I love her with all my heart... and I'm so afraid of l
  2. I need some help!!!!! I am in such a battle. EVERYBODY is telling me to give up on my marriage. My wife is telling me to move on. My heart is breaking into a millions pieces. I don't know what to do at this point. I am in so much pain and dismay. Please help!!!!!!!
  3. First and foremost is my walk with Christ. He is the head of my life and I spend time with Him everyday. The very thing out my mouth every morning is praises to Him and it is continuous through-out the day. I fail in something everyday and I know if it wasn't for His Grace and Mercy, I would be lost. I have been in my apartment just over a month and the very first items I brought into it was my Bible and a CD of praise music. I let that CD play pretty much every night as I drift off to sleep. When you walk in my door, the first thing you see is a framed poster with the word, "Believe" in
  4. Today is a gloomy day here in Georgia, reminds me of that classic song, "A rainy night in Georgia". I'm experiencing a mixture of emotions right now: glad to see another day, hopeful for the future, lonely because I'm missing Tina so, excited because I know that God is still on the throne and still in control. I watched a popular TV minister this morning and the subject was "Keep the vision in front of you... because you are drawn to what you constantly see." So, this morning I pulled out a lot of my pictures of me and Tina together... happy and so much in love. I see restoration and heali
  5. Yes, you made yourself clear... and thank you for being direct with me... some times I need a little pop upside the head to get the point across. I, like most men, just want to get it right however the part where I usually mess up is that I want it now. I understand that trusting in God also means trusting in HIS timing. I can imagine how you are going to respond to this statement however this two years have been torture... I love that woman so much and miss her like crazy. Just want my wife back home with me.
  6. As far as that email goes, it was sent with a provider that doesn't have a "recall" feature... trust me, I have searched and researched trying to find a way to get that email back and apparently there is no such feature with that provider. STUPID ME!!!! The funny thing is that today I actually made it a point to pull back and let her breath... I know that usually when I stop pushing so hard, we tend to have better encounters in the future... so you can imagine how STUPID I feel right now. The only thing I could come up with was to send another email basically asking her to delete the previo
  7. Wow!!!! I just finished reading the thread by Heartsong as you suggested and I am totally floored. I feel so naked now, totally exposed to what a failure I have been to my wife. I am so guilty of minimizing her pain and have even viewed that pain as hatred. I am so broken and want nothing more than to prove to her that she is lovely and that I will fight for her with all my might until the day I die. I do love her so much more than I could ever express... I have been a fool. I don't even know where to begin. I just know that I'm willing to do whatever it takes.
  8. My wife, Tina and I have been married over 20 years and separated over two. We have two wonderful children, our daughter, 21, is a junior in college and our son, 17, will be graduating a military high school in the fall of this year. My wife left shortly after our daughter graduated high school. The main reason she left was because I was unfaithful several times during our marriage. During the separation, I have tried to "win" her back but in the process, I have pushed her farther away... the the point that she filed a restraining order against me earlier this year. However, she still cont
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