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  1. I sent the book. I hope that doesn't interfere with God or get between him and his bottom that he needs to hit.
  2. Which one should I order him? Anyway whoever mails it can put a note to him like, I nocited you recently filed thru and want you to read this book, even if the div goes thru it's salvalgable and what God wants? lol
  3. I do not have the books. He would probably know who the anonymous was, lol. What do the books talk about? That is a thought. He deffinately didn't want to change. At the end I was telling him everything I was willing to do to work on things, he didn't once mention anything he was willing to do. He yelled out several times, "I'm not changing, I'm not changing." I said I AM changing, give me some time to change and thru me changing you will probably change. Then he would yell, that doesn't make sense, I just said I am not changing.
  4. Thank you and that is exactly what I'm going to tell my lawyer. You said it a little nicer than what I have planned in my head. Lol. Our relationship is prob too far gone. I hear most people don't realize the mistake they've made until the other person moves on and it's too late. I do want him to feel a fraction of the hurt he has caused and to see his part. I honestly think he's narcissistic and read they don't show empathy or remorse. Everyone says to put my running shoes on and run as fast and far from him as I can. I look forward to being a member on the site. I already feel the love! I k
  5. Thanks for replies! I will definately try to make a call. Our son is 7 and living with me. We (he) had just built the house last year. It's in the country and secluded. He is a workaholic and focused on HIS money thus never spending time with us and is very selfish and secretive with money (and apparently other things). He always called it his house. My son and I moved in with my mother. We have support from her and I don't feel isolated as if I would have stayed. I could probably fight for the house but couldn't afford it. I meet again with my lawyer next Tuesday and she will try to get as mu
  6. Thanks for your prayers. I will stick around. He filed and I found out about an affair after I moved out. We have not spoken about it but he knows that I know. Regretfully, God was not part of our marriage. I was trying to bring Him in at the end but it was too late. I have been attending church weekly and have recently been saved. We both grew up as Christians and attended church briefly at the beginning of our marriage but didn't undersatnd the concept.
  7. Satan has my husband and our marriage. Our divorce is nearing and my husband is living in sin. His heart is beyond hardened and he is headed toward a path of destruction. We have no contact other than texting to exchange our son, he won't make eye contact with me. He seems so far gone and has always felt trapped in our marriage and had one leg out. He never could communicate or put in time and effort with us. I am praying for restoration despite the affair (that we have never spoken about) and everyting else. I took my vows to heart and I know that God can change a man and restore us. I welcom
  8. I know prayers work and the number of people praying for something specific helps. I welcome any prayers to help save my marriage that's nearing divorce. I am recently saved, my husband is on a dark path and living in sin. Please pray for Brian and our marriage to be released from the enemy. Despite everything, I am praying for restoration. Brian's heart is hardened to say the least. We have a family, I made a commitment and took my vows seriously. God can work miracles, save him and restore our marriage. Pray for my miracle of restoration please. Thank you all in advance!
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