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God Save My Marriage


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  1. Whenever you feel the need to point out to your wife that you're changing... You're really not.. Let your actions speak for you, not your mouth ;)

    God bless

    And one more helpful hint.... Your wife said she needs time.. So NEVER ask her for a status update... That WILL put pressure on her and you might not like the answer..... Just keep living this out and be Christlike.. Your wife will give you updates when HER heart is ready.... PLUS.. You don't want to be looked at as a puppy doing tricks for a treat... Just maintain and let God work ....

    God bless

    Read this again today . Thanks Charles.

  2. Looney you are challenging me. I welcome that and I appreciate your engagement. Thank you.


    What do you think she needs? It appears she does not want to face any of the consequences of her actions. She wants a divorce she has made that clear. By letting her go, having the freedom to do as she pleases? Are we not to hold each accountable when we sin, particularly in a case like this where it is like an addiction? From what I have read and seen online affairs are becoming more prevalent and very difficult to break.

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