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  1. thank you, Lord that no one was killed or maimed we ask that you would especially touch this drunk driver's heart and bring them to your salvation
  2. http://joelandkathy.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/4260-post-divorce-12-years-is-it-too-late/page__view__findpost__p__111374
  3. Cory, WHY aren't you posting on your thread? You have plenty of time -- have quit yet another job -- go in late to work to your new job.... etc so, what is UP with you? have you chosen drugs and self(again) over your marriage and family? truth time -- June of
  4. how are your relationships with your children? is that something that keeps B from wanting to speak with you? just wondering -- praying for full restoration, June of
  5. I am praying, Ira, that L is going to realize your agape-love for her -- and that when she does you will "run to her" (without condemnation of her delay, without being judgmental of her other relationships or choices, without expectation of her) -- just as in this song of the agape-love of the Father for His son, the Father who waited... (now, obviously, this is a bit different in an abusive marriage relationship, for you are the one who has hurt L for years, and are now learning HOW to show agape-love to her while she is no longer around)
  6. YOU, the HUSBAND are supposed to be "living with understanding of your bride" --- SHE is NOT told to do that... so QUIT puking all your thoughts on her :puke: -- they are abusive and are hurtful to her --- and YES, get on the calls - every time they are offered -- wasn't there one today?? I DO believe that you want to change and to show your bride you are fully devoted to loving her -- so, get in gear -- and prove it.... and STOP focusing on yourSELF. and READ what was asked of you to read (above). thanks. prayerfully, June of
  7. these are just a FEW of the describers of "agape" love --- why not delve into God's Word about what ALL "agape-love" means since we KNOW that the "agape-loving" your bride IS what the focus should be. 2 Timothy 2:15 "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth." Ira, please tell me how THIS statement is of "agape-love" ?? http://www.jacksequeira.org/luvofgod.htm http://www.arlev.co.uk/loveofgod.htm http://www.ezilon.com/articles/articles/7675/1/God-is-Agape-Love http://www.propheticrevelation.net/agape_
  8. PLEASE READ THROUGH and listen to ALL of the pinned section so this part of the forum: http://joelandkathy.invisionzone.com/index.php?/forum/5-ministry-to-men-who-are-working-to-win-their-wifes-heart-back/ especially: http://joelandkathy.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/3604-its-a-decision-and-other-pearls-husbands-need-to-read/
  9. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TELL her EVERYthing you are thinking???? that seems to ME to be abusive to her? when Joel tells about the process of his changing into the man who was agape-loving his bride, Kathy, he shares the inner struggles that he went through -- just to even do the slightest thing that she asked (ie a hug), it would be like walking through a tumultous hurricane force wind to get there, OH my - he did NOT want to do what was wanted by this adult wife of his -- did HE let KATHY SEE this turmoil in his heart? NO -- he kept it inside... a woman is NOT designed by the Lord to handle
  10. Whatever you are considering doing, STAY at the INtensive. GET engaged with your bride's FEELINGS -- smiling (even if it is fake) as you do so-- do NOT listen to her words, but rather her FEELINGS -- be glad she is speaking to you -- and press through it this is a turning point in your life, BH -- it is for LRG, too -- and she, by venting, is giving you this opportunity the LORD GOD is working inside LRG to give you this opportunity to be a blessing to His precious daughter -- and since you are one of His sons, He has given you the ability TO DO this. When it seems like it is toooooo
  11. Cory, it is time to re-read your bride's thread, then LOVER apologize to her ... and ALSO apologize to CMarie for being so sarcastic and defensive thank you for hanging in there --- be sure to VALIDATE her FEELINGS prayerfully, June of
  12. thanks for the update, Cory, however I sensed a GREAT deal of sarcasm and defensiveness -- please know that WE HAVE read your bride's thread. this would be a really great opportunity to do a LOVER apology for your bride, in that you have heaped gigantic stresses upon her because of your previous work ethic -- SHE IS VERY stressed re: the care of your SON! come on now, do a LOVER apology -- can't figure out how, then please get on the conference call and let a moderator help you LOVER apologize re: this matter and try practicing with an apology to Cmarie prayerfully, June of
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