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  1. Thanks for asking MaryJane. We have been doing counseling with TP through Ephesians 5:25 and that has been very helpful. The bump was related to fear on my part. We had a burning session last night of writing down our fears and burning them up. It was good to do. We also read our wedding vows. I am hopeful we have made a turn in the right direction as we pursue God together.
  2. Thank you so much MJ. I am blessed to have met you through the forum. Yesterday night and this morning were a bit more peaceful. God is good all the time!
  3. Thanks MJ for your note. Yes, she has all the information. We recently have been doing counseling with TP and I in particular have had some break-thru including focusing on the presence of God and seeking to please Him above all others. I appreciate your continued prayers and support. We had another bump recently that has been a set-back to my wife so prayers of healing and peace are appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Prayed for you today. Sounds like the Lord is working ins mysterious ways. God bless you and keep you brother.
  5. It is good to hear from you skiingco with an update. Your faith is being tested for sure.I am reading a devotion in the YouVersion Bible app, title A Jolt of Joy and the devotion yesterday was on rejoicing in the midst of the storm and one of the passages noted was from 1 Peter 4 below. I prayed that you and I both live a life worthy of being called a Christian and we continue to keep our love on, doing good. May God grant you peace and joy that passes all understanding. Brother you are not alone in this battle, the sovereign Lord is on your side, He is your advocate! Suffering for Being
  6. Thanks MaryJane. My wife shared with me I have come along way, however she is not in the same place in her own walk. I have learned all these tools and continued to train since December 2013 when I first found the ministry.Praise be to God that she was able to share that and I was able to receive it. She is open to getting on the Women's Call which would be HUGE. Please pray that we continue to seek out God and that we clearly see the path before use to be fully restored and healed leaving the baggage of he past behind us and embracing the opportunities that lay before us. God is good
  7. This week we will be celebrating 11 years of marriage. Praise the Lord for a very good weekend getaway. Still more to look forwards to this week. I love my wife!
  8. How goes it Palmer? It has been awhile since we heard from you. I hope that means you are having an amazing marriage. God bless!
  9. Thanks for the update Erik. You have inspired be to keep fighting the good fight and not give up. God bless you and the family brother.
  10. Pray for hear salvation Skiingco. Let the light of Christ shine in you. Don't let her negative behavior or of others rob you of the joy that is found in our Lord.
  11. Skiingco it sounds like a lot of bitterness/venom coming from you. I know you are hurting. I pray you find hope and that the light of Christ shines in you.
  12. Glad to hear you update Riversedge. This is a live long process, but each day it gets better with God's help. I rejoice with you and your family. Happy Father's Day!
  13. Quick update - I am too pushy with my wife. I need to listen better. Still working on that even after all these years. As difficult as it is for her to have to come out and tell me these things it is helpful to gain that perspective. I am thankful for another day with her and the family. A good quick read that has helped a bit in the communication area is...
  14. Keeping you in my prayers today Skiingco, Sharing an encouraging word I also posted to my thread today.
  15. Good morning all, It has been pretty quiet on the forums and I have not been able to get on many calls in awhile. There has not been much change in my world as much I would like to see. I struggle with the lack of intimacy and connection with my wife. There is minimal physical interaction and virtually no passion. When I try to initiate many times I face rejection or contempt. I know I am not meeting her where she is at and I keep trying different angles without much success even though she states she would like to be more intimate. I have offered up getting on the calls, reading, p
  16. Thanks for continuing to post Erik. It is a journey for sure. I am going on 2.5 years myself on this journey and still see the need for more dying to self. I am thankful everyday that my family is still intact, growing closer to Christ.
  17. Heard this song again this weekend. It is such a good reminder to keep an eternal perspective... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQan9L3yXjc I was very thankful to celebrate our daughter's 10th birthday and help her ride her bike for the first time. I was able to take my wife out for a nice dinner at a favorite Greek restaurant and have coffee and play a few games of MasterMind as well. Have a blessed week friends.
  18. Thanks 4evr. I appreciate your words and I am glad to hear how God comforts you. There are times when I need to accept the manna He provides for that day to get me through. I am still here and he continues to heal me. I do offer praise as this weekend my wife and family had a very nice time together. I am ever so grateful for the warmth I do see in my wife and have noticed her drawing closer to the Lord in her own way. Thankfully we are both being drawn closer together through faithfulness in God. Have a wonderful week. 4evr, I just prayed for you and your family as well. God bless.
  19. Thanks MJ. Have a blessed Memorial Day all. I am thankful for the sacrifices of the many men and women who have helped secure the freedom we enjoy here in the United States. I am looking forward to spending time with the family this weekend including a date with my wife to see Romeo and Juliet.
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