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  1. Dear Tigger & Pooh; So sorry for your loss......will be praying for you! Please let us know if there's a way to help you! Hope you're soon feeling better; & get settled in to a home quickly! May God surround all of you with His loving arms; give you strength for each day!
  2. Terry; So very sorry you're going through this dark valley in your life; know this is tough! I want to encourage you to just focus on making these times of visitation with your children very special; and keep seeking ways to spend as much time as possible with your precious children as possible! I know that it's frustrating to keep going through this tough court process over and over again; but your children need you in their lives now more than ever! So keep pressing in close to God; keep coming here to this ministry for help and support; and keep doing whatever you can to be able to spend
  3. Cory; Glad you guys got on the call tonight and spoke up; keep being very, very consistent here in loving and blessing your beautiful bride! I read this excellent post by Kimberly today; thought you might find some helpful advice in it as well! Keep pressing forward here; utilize all the help and support available to you in this ministry to recover from this latest 'bump' in the road toward becoming a Christlike husband; and most importantly of all: BE CONSISTENT! I know that you know what you need to do; there's a huge amount of advice here on just your thread on how to daily bring healin
  4. Freedog; Wanted to share this excellent post by Kimberly (written to another husband who is trying to win his wife's heart back).....hope this helps encourage you to keep pressing forward here; and do WHATEVER it takes to finally become the Christlike husband your wife has been begging you to be! As the moderators and helpers have said to you often; consistency is the key here.....so get back to listening to as many calls as possible; post here daily with your thoughts, questions, progress, etc! We all know you CAN do this; but the real question is: Will you? Hope you are really loving and b
  5. Glad to hear you speak up on the call tonight; you're doing a good job here at being your husband's helpmeet! Know this is a tough path to walk sometimes; but you'll find lots of help and support here on the forum; as well as on the conference calls! And as Kimberly said; keep posting and reading here on the forum, keep speaking up on the calls for support and encouragement! Keep doing Kathy's 3 P's: Pray, Plan, & Play! Pray for God's help, strength, and support; Plan for a better life for you and your baby than that of living with an abusive husband; and most importantly of all; take
  6. I echo what Looney & C2 said; the real goal here is to bring healing to your wife's heart; as you keep learning how to become a Christlike man in all your interactions with your beautiful bride! Since you've come here for help working through this issue, take what is helpful to you; don't worry about offending or upsetting anyone; and just keep moving forward in loving and blessing your wife every day; by listening to her heart; giving her a safe place to share and vent to you; keep showing her Christlike love in whatever way SHE needs you to do this! So thankful for your transparency and
  7. Praying for you.....God surround you with His Healing arms; take away all your pain (both physically & spiritually); & comfort your heart with His peace and love!
  8. Adding my prayers here for his healing as well; along with God's strength, peace, and comfort to you; know this is such a tough thing as a parent to go through! Bless all of you with a very special Easter weekend!
  9. Mr. Ed; Your thread is titled 'Starting the Journey'; and I noticed that it's been awhile since you posted anything here on your thread. I'd encourage you to go from simply starting this journey to becoming a Christlike husband to moving forward here a bit more; you'll not make much progress in learning how to really bring blessing and healing to your wife unless you do more than 'start' this journey! I'm glad that you have Mr. Bingley and Miss Jane to help you both along this new path toward restoration of your marriage; please do stay accountable to them as well as this ministry! I would
  10. ashjubre; Noticed it's been awhile since you posted, wondering how things are going with you? So sorry that you're joining many of us whose husbands have chosen not to follow God's plan for them in their marriages; but chose their selfish, sinful lifestyles instead! What an extremely dysfunctional and un-biblical church, to openly support and condone him living with the woman he's committing adultery with; and has allowed them to join this 'church'! Keep on doing Kathy's 3 P's: Pray for strength to be a godly mother for your kids; Plan for a future free from abuse; and most importantly of
  11. Just checking in here; wondering how things turned out with your application; and the other things regarding your marriage that were pending? So sorry that your husband is still treating you so abusively; have been praying for you often! Would love to hear an update of how God is continuing to bless you and your precious little boy each day; it's always encouraging to everyone to see praise reports here on the forum! Have a blessed Easter!
  12. Have missed your updates here; hope things are going a bit more smoothly for you and your children now! Know this path of being a single mom is full of challenges, as well as joyful times; praying that the happy and fun times are beginning to outweigh the stressful ones! Just wanted to let you know you're missed, hope to see an update soon! Have a wonderful, blessed Easter week!
  13. Claire; So glad for the praise report; will keep praying for both of you! And I agree with Joel's comment, no problem in a marriage is a trivial thing, and needs to be taken care of quickly by a husbands willingness to lay his life down for his wife; and just do the L.O.V.E.R apology! I hope that your husband makes it a priority to get on the calls again soon, and be consistent in utilizing ALL the tools available here in this ministry that will help him learn how to continue being the Christlike husband you need! He needs to start a thread in the section 'Men working to win their wives hea
  14. Cmarie; Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your awesome example of what a godly helpmeet should be doing to mirror back a husbands actions and attitudes! You both are doing a great job here in this reconciliation process; this journey toward an OHM is moving forward so well; even though you guys haven't been able to make it to your Intensive yet! I'm so glad that you're going to have the opportunity to go to one soon; that will help both of you move forward even faster in learning how to become the Christlike, godly couple God meant you to be; and the blessings from doing this w
  15. Bruce; As June and the many helpers in this ministry have said over and over in your thread here; we only want to help you in this process of restoring your marriage; and living 100% of the time as a Christlike husband! Along with the suggestions from other helpers; I want to encourage you to take time to sit down and re-read a few posts here on your thread. They are: Post #343 (page 18) Post #526 (page 27) Post #565 (page 29) Post #592/593 (page 30) Post #761-780 page 39) Post #787/788 & 793 (pg 40) Post #830 (page 42) I know that you've admitted to the abusive ways you've treated y
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