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  1. JDI - how did you do on Sunday, you said you were going to start out well and do what you needed to do to be a blessing to SW...what happened?
  2. Bruce - I deleted the other topic and posted what you wrote above. Just keep all your posts about your situation on this thread. I am praying for you brother!
  3. Bruce - Mindy does want to go to church on Sunday and Wednesday nights. I helped her understand that you can still have fellowship with the men at church, it just won't be at the Sunday and Wednesday night services. You need to make room for her to be supported.
  4. I know that she said she doesn't know what she wants, but....she did say that she doesn't want you checking in so much. Have you asked her what would be better for her and have you done it the way she needs you to? It can be difficult for her to think in terms of "what do I want from DD", when the truth is that she is tired of wanting anything from you at this point so why would she open herself up to being wounded further by you... That is why it is hard for her to say, "I want_____", you have to pay close attention to what she is saying and take what she is saying at face value. As you g
  5. DD - good to have you on here, this is Brian from the call the other night. We are in the Indy area as well and are happy to help in any way that we can. Keep posting your thoughts here and we can all help you along on your journey of healing and reconciliation. Does your wife have her own thread started yet? What is she saying that she wants from you now?
  6. BA wrote: The good news is that you (and all of us too, men and women) deserve far worse than this we deserve eternal death...BUT, "God has demonstrated His love towards us in this, while we were yet sinners Christ died for us"...Romans 5:8 God has chosen to give us grace and mercy instead of just punishment... Being able to take your wife's and son's pain upon yourself is a gift from God, not a curse, the curse of sin and death are completely destroyed by Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross. When you take their pain upon yourself it will help you grow as a man, help them become unb
  7. Bruce - it is good to have you here and I am available to help in any way that I can. There is a narrow path here that leads to life for you and for Mindy and you must stay on this narrow path. Jesus said that wide is the path and easy is the way that leads to destruction and many will find it; and narrow is the path and hard is the way that leads to life and few will find it. He is calling you to this narrow path, to walk in his ways, to take his yoke upon you...you must die to self and doing things your way. Again I will help you in any and every way that I can.
  8. X-D: I am praying for you and the children do come first. It is difficult, but you have to protect them even if it means upsetting your ex. May the Lord Jesus bless you with wisdom to walk this out with humility and strength.
  9. FE - is she encouraged by you reading them? Are you sharing with her what you are reading and learning? Does she know you are on the forum?
  10. Ulysee - thanks so much for the update, it sounds to me like you are really finding a solid place to stand in all of this and I praise the Lord Jesus for your example and for His work in you! I am continuing to pray for you, your wife and your children my brother!
  11. Pooh - What is one thing you can do for Tigger today - for her personally that will bless her? Not a task, but something sweet from you?
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