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  1. Can a person who shows little to no emotions be trained to develop emotions? I know the military trains our warriors so they are capable to do the job asked of them. Can it go back the other way after 40 to 50 years? Seldom see a smile or tear and little to know understanding.
  2. Thanks for the update. Being an exsmoker myself I know just how hard this can really be to kick. Will continue to pray that he does.
  3. Mary Jane I have followed your no smoking issue with some interest. I have been praying about this since you posted a few weeks back and hope it will be all right if I share a few thoughts. A question I have about this is do you think this is from God this issue of stop smoking or is this from man? I wonder based on your statement “There are three main changes "I" need you to make, though. Quit smoking completely and for ever.” If this is not of God than I really question how successful this endeavor will be. I am an ex-smoker so hopefully I can speak with at least a little authority. It is
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