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  1. In reality, it is good that you can share some things and have an outlet here to express your frustration. If these things are accurately being describe then it is crazy land that you continue in the marriage. We really don't have any advice except to ignore him when he is being an a** and go with it m/enjoy it when hes treating you nice. The only way to get a hard stop to this is to divorce him but in the meantime, Just protect yourself by walking away when he is acting badly and enjoy the peace when hes acting good.
  2. Just assume that the jewelry is for you for Christmas. Or for the girls. Assume the best until proven otherwise. He is definitely having fun jekyll and hyding you. If you want to go along with him when hes doing the good things and enjoy the benefit of that but then walk away from him when Mr. Hyde comes out, then go ahead and do that. His getting off of the call last night and listening to whatever he was listening to on his headphones would be enough for us to recommend that you just simply have nothing to do with him. But we know that the 2 of you just keep
  3. About the medication.. just have the doctor or nurses communicate with him rather than you being in the middle.
  4. Yes, for this moment, maybe send him a text message. Dan, perhaps I have not been clear. I will not continue to live this way with you. If you want to have access to me, then you need to call Joel and get direction from him and this time, stick to it. If not, we have nothing to talk about. I will not keep livng in this topsy turvy, Jekyll Hyde world of being abused with threats, anger, porn, secrecy and everything else that you seem to want to have in a marriage relationship. Of course, sending him this text message is your choice. You either end up divorced or end up with him re
  5. You are welcome and we wish that Dan wiuld commit his heart fully to the Lord.
  6. Dan has divorced in his heart. ( If he said exactly what you said that he said.) At this point I would stop trying to get him to apologize, stop trying to get him to turn his p*** filter on and just move toward divorce. It is time to start proceeding toward making the divorce a legal divorce. Dan has divorced, it is just not finalized illegally. You do not have to move out of the house. Just ignore him as if he does not exist. No arguing. No fighting. Just do what needs to be done to slow but sure get the divorce done legally and get you and Neveah established on your own.
  7. He said that he actually apologized to you, look you in the eyes and prayed with you in the morning before work. Is that was an in person apology. It doesn't mean that you feel better right away and it doesn't mean that he is changing but it does mean that he at least apologized Instead of saying he didn't apologize you might say something like that you appreciate that he apologized in the morning but that you were so sleepy that you would appreciate him apologizing again when he gets home because you're just not feeling better. On these other things like his phone and t
  8. How do you know he turned off the porn filter? Ignore him. Call the prosecutor and ask what they are going to do. I don't think hes stupid but just in case, you could send him a text message that simply says: " You have not apologized face-to-face, the last I knew you turned your porn filter off, you have not reached out to Joel and Kathy for help, the prosecutor might still press charges which might get you time in jail. I think that you should start a process of change by apologizing to me face-to-face and turning your porn filter back on." I don't see a rea
  9. Just hold firm and wait to see if he apologizes sincerely. Our guess is that the prosecutor will probably press charges and he will probably end up spending some time in jail. You definitely don't want to engage with him until he is humble. You would think that he would be humble after the police showed up and gave out the domestic disturbance warnings. Where are you as a couple? The question is, "are you Dan going to give up the right to throw a temper tantrum?"
  10. Hi Ruth, lifting you up. Would you please text Cathy and let her know your real name? She just forgot who is going to be Ruth. 386-334-7873
  11. Just ignore him. Sounds like you're going to have a Friday night fun night without him. Calling you 35 times is abuse.
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