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  1. Hi there Ghostwriter, this is Joel and Kathy. So sorry we missed you. The forum hasn't been up and running for a while now. People quit posting as much and we kept dealing with spam so it became an issue, but, we are getting back up and running. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 386-334-7873 or 386-986-6859 We also have our Worldwide Marriage Calls on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday nights at 9pm eastern. That phone number is: 857-232-0476 and the access code is 544475 Blessings
  2. Hi Annozziemum, First, I apologize that we have been no-show on the forum and did not realize that you had posted. We're back! You do already realize that you made the mistake a few times of being the one who initiates coming back together. If he is going to come back, repentant, then it is going to have to be as it was in your dreams. HE has to be the one to come back, repentant. In the dream you did not pursue him. The kitchen represents that you were busy in your life. Busy with your children. Busy with enjoying life (cooking is enjoyable - so that represents having fun) and the kitc
  3. Those things definitely do not apply! We will need to take some time and relocate and rename some things! Don't let us forget to do that.. if not done in a couple days! But 1love, YOU can keep going for the gold.. that is the best in life with you and the Lord, family and friends!... and we count ourselves as part of that "friends" department!
  4. How hard is it to push a chair in, shut a drawer and 2 put the dishes away instead of on the counter? It sounds like you are doing little things that you know will raise hair cortisol on purpose in order to set her up to make her look bad. You finally got back 2 participating on the men's cause last night after intentionally not participating for weeks. As of the date of your post, it seems as if you were a man on a mission with one purpose in mind and that is to raise your wife's cortisol. If you turn that around and make it your mission to raise her oxytocin, and to eliminate raising her cor
  5. Glad that you found your way back to the forum. I am not personally "up" on your situation. Would love to discuss it with you and see if it would be a time to pursue a restoration. Our last man who had an extended RO, ended up with a restoration. We guided him each step of the way. It did not actually take that long.. about 8 months.. and they are living happily ever after. Give us a call sometime or give some details here as to how the RO was put into place and the current status of where your wife is living etc, children and the like. I have to say, choosing to live in Las Vegas might pro
  6. Thank you David, I did know about Bob killing himself and knew there were accusations. How sad to hear that the accusations were true. I guess that I could have found this article with a google search.. but never even thought to do so. I was so shocked when he killed himself. Short term trauma, that is for sure. I spoke with his wife shortly after he killed himself and she was pulling things together. He had not done basic things like having a will in place, had not gotten his affairs in order, had not brought her up to date on anything. He was the one who had paid bills and dealt with all o
  7. To get registered for the men's calls, you can call Marsha at 386-547-5729
  8. Sandra, thank you so much for your wonderful words and help to Palmer and Grace! You are a JEWEL in our world, Sandra. Palmer, ditto to everything that Sandra said. Palmer.. you have not been to an intensive. Amazing.. you can come to Florida for something that is more important than coming to Florida for your marriage. Remarkable. Really. 11 days in Florida.. but in YEARS, you have not been able to come to Florida for five days for an intensive. The next Intensive is April 6-10. Get the child care set up. Get the airplane tickets. Pay the deposit at our shopping cart. Get your na
  9. Hi Serenity, As you have discovered, when you post for the first time, it is not visible. We had a lot of spam where porn would get posted, so we had to do that to protect the forum. Sorry for the delay! I am so sorry for your pain of financial issues and cancer treatments. As for the fiance, that is simple. You do have to end it. Sadly, you have ended up being one of "those" nice women who enable their abuser.. and worse than that, they invite the abuse. This category that you find yourself are normally very "nice" women, women who deserve a good man.. but at some point, something got
  10. Hi Just Hoping, (and thank you, Choose Love, for the excellent recommendation.) Your husband can get a miracle, which is what this ministry is all about. That Miracle will come as we help him to focus on loving you, with agape love. As he learns to focus on you and your needs, one day at a time, there will come a day, when "bam" - he and you both suddenly recognize that he has had a breakthrough. That breakthrough does not come as you and he focus on his problem . The breakthrough comes as he focuses on you; your needs, your desires, your feelings. Please dial in on the group call - a
  11. We'll give it a bit of time. In the meantime, what is the status of the divorce that you started a while back? For those who are reading.. obviously, if Robert "got it" - then he would be listening to his wife's heart. This is an issue that is completely about the relationship - and the teaching that Robert says that he "gets" teaches first and foremost to listen to your wife's heart when it comes to relationship issues. This is not a "we want to but a house and can we afford it" type of question. This is an "I know my wife wants us to get help from Joel and Kathy but she can go to H _ _
  12. Kathy will be making a post to get this started.
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