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  1. Well, I can't help but look back on a year ago where I finally through down my ultimatum. We just arrived home yesterday from the annual Christmas party, and this year we had a great time. This past year, A has truly grown into a kind and loving husband. He is starting to become a spirtual leader in our home. The 180 degree turn around he has made is truly a miracle of God. And because of this, I find it easier to be a better and more loving wife. We made it through the year with ups and downs, lonely nights and sleepless nights, but he is finally done with his schooling and home where he bel
  2. It is interesting to see how different BlessedMan and I see things. He says he's gotten off the path, but to me, he has only missed stepped. I wish he could understand that one mistake isn't what defines him. Yes, he has been struggling, but he didn't hide those struggles from me. Yes, I have felt lonely and neglected, but I also suffer from depression and am home alone often (something that can't be helped until November) these are things he can't do too much to help me with. He has been hurtful the past couple of weeks, and he has been selfish the past couple of weeks. He needs to refocus a
  3. Yes, MJ, I am getting much better at responding nicely. I was very quick to snap and speak harshly in response to his actions because I was always looking for that weak spot in his actions. At first, it was because his actions were truly and obviously insincere, and every "slip up" was really just him refusing to put in the effort to grow up, but even after this "all in" type of change started showing up, I was still convinced it wasn't real, so slip ups would (and occasionally still do) make it seem like these changes aren't sincere. It is kind of like having an itchy trigger finger. You're
  4. Well, it's been almost 12 weeks since my last post. So much has happened. I kicked BlessedMan out of the house. I wrote him this long letter explaining what I needed from a husband, and that I refuse to hang on to "us" when he only wants to hang on for himself. Do you know what he did when he read it? He left. He took his stuff that I put in boxes and went to live in his car. But he also began to change, truly change. (And let me tell you, the difference between truly changing and simply "changing" is truly noticeable.) He set out to meet every demand on my list, even the ones that he call
  5. Yes, I am used to it. I have been abused many different ways throughout my life. I know deep down I am not responsible for his actions, but there is this constant voice in the background going, "look what you did! Look what you got yourself into! This is your fault!" I stutter occasionally, too, from nerves, mostly. Blessed Man is my husband. His thread is "Earthquake has passed" Thank you, ladies
  6. I have spoken... to him, anyway. Any friend that knows about the situation can't see why I stayed married in the first place, and I don't want to tell my family because somehow this will all be my fault; it is always my fault. As for other people, I don't talk as well as I write. I get nervous and my thoughts get jumbled. Sorry my previous post sounded like a child having a meltdown; I guess you can't keep it together all the time. :-/
  7. This is not a happy update. And it may be a little long, sorry. Things haven't been going so well. It started a few weeks ago. After we got home from his company's Christmas party in Melbourne. We had a great time, but when we got back, I asked him something because things haven't seemed right for a while now. I can't even remember what it was exactly, it had something to do with his affair, but he denied it at first, of course, then admitted to it, then a little later apologized for it. But what I really needed was his comfort. I told him I appreciated his apology and that it was a very goo
  8. I like that "male brain fix it attitude". That's exactly what it is. You put it perfectly! He is treating me like a project to be fixed. I don't know if he's read this or not, but i hope he has. He is seeking a closer relationship to God. (We both are) This new church we have been going to is really helping us get closer to Him.
  9. That's a good idea. We will get on saturday nights call. (There is still a call on saturday night, right?)
  10. Just to update... Things are much better than they were when we started here 7 months ago. But I have noticed that when A starts working towards doing one thing well, he forgets about everything else. (This isn't exclusive to our relationship either, he has the same problem with everything.) In the past week or so he has been working on serving others before himself. He seems to get it, and it is so nice to see. This is great, but is it still great if the cost is his listening to me? Hearing me when I say something was what he was working on (and achieving) a couple of weeks back; he isn't
  11. Well, things are still going well. This weekend should be a bit of a test for him though. It's our son's birthday party, and A has promised to help me with the mountain of work that a party entails. I'm worried that he will drop the ball and the whole weekend will be ruined because of us fighting; that's what usually happened in the past. I made a list of all the stuff that needs to be done to the house, another for all the stuff that has to be bought, and another for all the stuff that has to be made. However, I am NOT going to give him a specific jobs this time around. I want us to be ab
  12. Hey, I'm back! Hahaha I'll have to update later though. I'm in school car line right now
  13. Ok, thanks, MJ! He has blessed us. The amount of improvement in our relationship with both each other and Christ has been extraordinary!
  14. Another good week. Some slip ups here and there, but they aren't the major backslides they were a few months ago. We are reconsidering our plans, too. He thinks that if I want to continue staying home after our son goes into kindergarten, I should. I really enjoy it, and truthfully it is all I wanted to do growing up. If their Christian school becomes too expensive, I can always homeschool. I feel like he's really beginning to listening to me now. And he puts value into what I'm saying. It's a wonderful thing. His HKSM have come way way up too.
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