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  1. Hello Shanen Brigette, I’m sorry I didn’t see your post until now! How are you and your husband doing? The process can take time and have ups and downs. This doesn’t mean all is lost. I know it feels like it at times. For myself, when I need to let my husband know he has hurt me, I have learned to do so as clearly and concisely as possible. He usually is aware of what caused the atmosphere to “cool” in any case! When you have let him know how his words made you feel, be sure to ask for an apology. He needs to know what to do to fix the problem. He does want the marriage to be
  2. Hello Jared, i'm sorry you have not received a reply before. Do you know about Joel and Kathy's books and their phone calls? I think, if you haven't done so already, you should give Joel a call right away! It may be that your marriage can still be saved! I don't have his cell phone number handy but their house phone is 1-386-206-3128
  3. Hello Hummnbird! i'm sorry, it appears you have not received a reply! Have you read Joel and Kathy's books? You will find them SO encouraging and enlightening. Also, for a start, perhaps you should give Kathy a call. She would be happy to help you get started on your road to a happy marriage. That IS possible! I know from experience. Kathy's number is 1-386-334-7873
  4. Wonderful! Just wonderful! Thank you for writing, Hosannah! I'm so happy for you! Thank God!
  5. This sounds wonderful! And I'm glad you're staying strong and not beating yourself up when you make a misstep. I like hearing a "strong" apology, if that makes sense. Happy Birthday!
  6. Hosanna! Wonderful to hear from you! Thank you so much for your update! Sounds like you found a good godly man, right? Praise the Lord! Feel free to update anytime! God's blessings to you and your family. ❤️
  7. Ah, I missed you! Sometimes I forget to check. Then I was without Internet access OR cell phone for three days. Felt very odd! I love your post! I do understand how it can get tiring reminding. At times it feels like this is going to be an endless job. But when our husbands "get" some part of this new life, the rewards feel so good! (Something like having a baby -- the rewards for all that labour, etc. are great!) I heard the last half hour or so of your part of the call tonight. Wow, pretty thorough advice and back and forth conversation! I liked the advice for your husband to co
  8. Hi Posyplanter, I'm on the call listening to you right now. Sounds good! It was good to hear the advice Brian and Charlotte gave to your husband to encourage you to tell him what is on your heart. 'Later!
  9. Oh wow! I absolutely LOVE this!! God is SO good! A person can never say that enough! I love those last few words of the scripture the Lord gave you -- "These things WILL I do unto them and not forsake them." It feels so good to know that He is absolutely trustworthy! The parachute has opened. I think it's interesting that we who have been so sorely hurt ALSO have our part to play in healing the marriage. That's what scared me the most, having to do my part. But God always comes to our rescue before it's too late. He ALWAYS comes through! God bless you my dear. Be strong. Stay
  10. Thank you for your post, ChooseLove. Can you specify how you are feeling when you "disappoint" your wife? I'm glad to know you are able to have intimacy at times now. That is an improvement, is it not? And by intimacy, we are referring to physical intimacy as well as emotional, correct? The blessing of the Lord it makes rich and He adds no sorrow with it!
  11. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Just enjoy it. Don't worry about posting here. I can wait! God bless you both with a marvellous breakthrough! ❤️
  12. I'm sure glad you have Jesus! He's a Shelter in the time of storm! It could be that, in the moment, your husband feels like he has no clue what to say or do when you open up to him about anything. Here is a suggestion, sort of a "scientific" experiment. Write him a note. Make it as concise as possible. That is, with no explanations or complaints of any kind. Example only: Remind him briefly of your "conversation" about your parents. Then write, "This is exactly what would have been a huge relief for me (or benefit, or made me feel loved, or etc.) -- if you had moved a little cl
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