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  1. Amen and amen! The Peace is SO important. You get to be you now. You will be able to hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit so much better now. God bless you!
  2. A new season, with peace. Sounds just right. Peace and wisdom and strength to you from our God!
  3. I guess your husband saw a picture of you looking great - in other words, doing well without his input! That’s one thing Joel and Kathy say, the unrepentant husband needs to see you looking confident and “together.” This helps a little toward you and he, both, believing he has no more control over you.
  4. Since Wolf appears to be so “in” with the PD, it seems to me that to have an attorney on speed dial would certainly be a benefit to you. Are you able to call a Legal Shield attorney often? I think I would depend on them quite a bit at this stage. This is one time when you need to be “wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.” My best to you, Betty Boop. May God give you a clear cut revelation of what exactly is going on in your life just now, spiritually speaking. 🌿
  5. Wow, Kathy, those meetings will sure be exciting and VERY uplifting! Betty Boop, how are you doing tonight? May the Lord help you to be strong and wise as you navigate this season you’re in.
  6. That’s true! What Joel and Kathy teach about marriage is helpful in every area of life. Marriage in general affects every area of life, I say. No matter what our own marital status is when we KNOW the truth we can then “spread it around” to others, either by word or example! Christian marriage is meant to be a sample of the relationship between Christ and His Bride, The Church. 😊
  7. I agree about the books. They are a valuable resource for any adult, really. Those who are married, single, widowed, divorced, or divor-cing are all the better for understanding how marriage should be, in Christ You even get a better handle on divorce itself! All the best!
  8. Oh yes, Betty Boop. Please read those books on your own. Digest them! I sure agree with Kathy about that! Also, do you have a good handle on what your legal rights really are? I found a 15 minute appointment with a “family” lawyer was very helpful. I felt stronger knowing my legal rights. I learned that in our area, the spouse who files first kind of has the upper hand. Even though your husband apparently filed first, you surely have rights you can exercise, even without an attorney. But I say, even if you feel like you know what the law is, a 15 minute appointment should b
  9. Aha, I see. So, I presume you have read their books and are on their calls? Wolf doesn’t sound like husband material right now! Are you interested in saving the marriage?
  10. Agreed, good words in that song, Kathy! Hello URI, are you someone who has been on Joel and Kathy’s phone calls?
  11. Hello Betty Boop, I’m glad you found your way to this ministry! It has certainly been a blessing to me. I’m curious, how did you discover Joel and Kathy?
  12. Thanks Kathy! Proverbs 31 used to bother me too, even way before I ever got married. I knew I would NEVER be able to live up to that ideal woman! King Lemuel’s mother was laying it on pretty thick. She wanted her son to choose well!
  13. Besides, the Proverbs 31 woman did have servants, plural! And I say servants cannot be compared to dishwashers, washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc. (as some say). No , no. The operator still has to load and unload them, clean, and exert lots of energy. Here is how I say Mrs. Proverbs 31 started her day (at whatever time she chose). She sat at her kitchen table, a cup of coffee in front of her, and kindly discussed with the servant girls their duties for the day. lol Then, when Mrs. Proverbs 31 was ready, she went about working on her favourite projects. That’s it! 😉
  14. Hello Shanen Brigette, I’m sorry I didn’t see your post until now! How are you and your husband doing? The process can take time and have ups and downs. This doesn’t mean all is lost. I know it feels like it at times. For myself, when I need to let my husband know he has hurt me, I have learned to do so as clearly and concisely as possible. He usually is aware of what caused the atmosphere to “cool” in any case! When you have let him know how his words made you feel, be sure to ask for an apology. He needs to know what to do to fix the problem. He does want the marriage to be
  15. Hello Jared, i'm sorry you have not received a reply before. Do you know about Joel and Kathy's books and their phone calls? I think, if you haven't done so already, you should give Joel a call right away! It may be that your marriage can still be saved! I don't have his cell phone number handy but their house phone is 1-386-206-3128
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