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  1. I just got a disheartening text from Claire. It doesn't sound like you made deposits today. Please stop talking and start doing.
  2. That is really wonderful! And you did well to tell him how much you appreciated it. It sounds like it's time to ask him to please try for three compliments every day. Give him expamples of things you'd like to hear. Keep the ball rolling (forward)!!!
  3. Dottie, give us a report ... how are things going? Is Mr. Ed being more successful at LOVER apologies? Is he giving you more than 2 hugs a day? How about smiles and compliments? Are you speaking up about what you need? Are you two still listening on the calls?
  4. Biff, this is music to my ears. It sounds like you are beginning already to reap some of the fruits of your dying-to-self ... you're seeing how wonderful, not how awful, it is to lay your life down for your wife. The benefits for ALL (including you) are worth everything! Ditto on the good tears!
  5. So happy to hear about the great party!!! Good job everyone! Hope you got some good pictures. Hope this weekend goes well. God bless you all!!
  6. It sounds like some really healing things happened tonight! Wonderful! Hearing you pray was huge for your family, I guarantee. I remember when I heard, for the first time, Mr. B ask the Lord to forgive him for something ... boy was that huge. I needed to hear him humble himself before God, and in my presence (which demonstrated humility ... admitting in front of me that he had done something wrong). Seeing humility will be the most healing thing for your wife right now. Your posts have demonstrated humility in taking responsibility for things, even when it was all so confusing. That is evide
  7. So good to hear from you!! How has the last week gone? Give us some detail about progress (or not?) in the relationship, the "homework" (3/3/3/3, reading the books, etc.).
  8. To put this thought in a way that would make it about Claire, you would say something like-- "I am so sorry that I have put you in a place of having to disconnect with me in order to keep your sanity. My cycling in and out of so-called "commitment" has brought you to that place. I have been untrustworthy; I have "yanked your chain," and you are amazing to even still be holding out a glimmer of hope. I am in this for the long haul this time. I don't expect you to believe me. You need to see a real change in me."
  9. I sent this suggestion in an email to Biff: He replied to me and plans to talk through with Joel and Steve on the men's call his approach to his parents. Biff, could I post that part of your email here?
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