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  1. Riversedge, This is all you have to do. It is so simple. Keep HIS order. 1. God: Your personal relationship with HIM through Jesus. 2. Ophelia 3. Your Children Ministry, Job, Extended family, friends and so on. Go to Jesus. Ask Him to fill you up with our Father's light. Turn around. Give that light to Ophelia. We are to be nothing more than a conduit for the love and life of God for our bride. Take it in. Turn around. Give it to Ophelia. Turn back to Jesus. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. God Bless David
  2. Riversedge, God is a God of order. When we keep His order all things Him flow through us and through His order. The following is God's order: 1. God: Your personal relationship with Him 2. Ophelia 3. Your Children Ministry, Job, Extended family, friends and so on. If your one on one relationship with Father is struggling, your relationship with your bride will suffer as well. These two relationships go hand in hand. I always tell my guys they are 1A and 1B. For those of us who have been doing this for a good long time can look at your your struggles with your wife and know that yo
  3. Listen to this in terms of what is going on inside you NOT her. http://www.elijahhouse.org/audio/2
  4. The only reason I got on the men's call was to speak with you. Your whole problem is your focus. I have tried to help you to see this but I can only lead you to the foot of the cross. I can not make you choose it. I will bow out . God Bless David
  5. Skiingco, I gave you your next step. Read each one of the threads I suggested and look for the difference in their hearts and yours. God Bless David
  6. Skiingco, If you want her heart to change towards you, you must change your heart towards her. All the threads I sent you are ones where it is quite obvious the man's heart had changed. It's not about the circumstances. It's about the heart. It's about your heart. I have been helping men for the last six plus years. In that time, I have seen every type possible including men just like you. I have also been very fortunate of being able to talk to many many wives who have openly shared their hearts with me. I have an understanding of both sides of the coin. You only have your side. As a milit
  7. Skiingco, Do you want an opportunity to win your wife's heart back YES or NO? God Bless David
  8. Skiingco, The reason I asked is because the men who have navigated to the other side have a different attitude than you. They are usually if not always positive. Your posts whether you see it or not are very negative and do sound like a lot of whining. If we are picking this up, I am sure your wife is as well. This may be why she is responding the way she is. She is your mirror. Instead of trying to see why she is responding a certain way, use the interactions to learn how to be a better you. I have talked to many many wives and they all say their husbands are complaining and whini
  9. Skiingco, How many other threads have you read in their entirety? God Bless David
  10. Skiingco, How many other threads have you read in their entirety? God Bless David
  11. Skiingco, How many other threads have you read in their entirety? God Bless David
  12. Be STILL and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10 Allow this verse to sink deep into your heart. This is what real strength looks like. God Bless David
  13. 7times, For almost 4 years when I cried out to God to show me something or to give me an answer about my relationship with my Beautiful , His response was always the same,"Do you trust me?" "Yes Sir. I Do" "Then keep walking". That is ALL I got. This journey you are on is MUCH greater than just your relationship with your wife. This journey is about being obedient in love for Him first. If you are not willing to suffer in the consequences of your choices, why would you ask her to do so? God Bless David
  14. 7times, If you truly love her, her responses can not deter your love. Is Christ's love for you determined by your responses to Him? God Bless David
  15. 7times, Your healing will come through laying your life down for your wife and dying completely to yourself. Christ became whole again on the resurrection side of the Cross. He had to choose to die regardless of our choice to choose Him or not. This is the same choice you must make and it is your choice just as it was for Jesus. God loved His son so much He allowed Jesus to choose. He loves you so much that He allows you to choose. If you can accept God's gift of choice and Christ's gift of total sacrifice, how can you not give these same gifts to your wife? Love is giving up yoursel
  16. Search, You are making this WAY more complicated than it really is. God is a God of order. If we keep his order, our life is in order. Here is the order. 1. God 2. Wife 3. Children 4. Job 5. Ministry God Bless David
  17. Search, It puts you in a place of action not passiveness. More importantly, it gets you out of your head and into your heart. Where does Jesus live, in your head or your heart? God Bless David
  18. Search, You went all around an answer. What does being second do for you? God Bless David
  19. Search, Your answer is correct. What does putting yourself second to others do for you? God Bless David
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