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    Trying to save my marriage and last 10 months military, will be 27 years
  1. Truly interesting....saw my friends dad who has known me since 18yrs old, 1988...worked for them as demo hand while going to college....he divorced friend's mom and then was born again, Vietnam vet also....he talked to me about being in a trial and that GOD would reveal what I should be doing....I see your passage, and how amazing. I think the Holy Spirit intervened recently, very bizarre events. Paralegal and lawyer from my firm quit and after months of a friend telling me I should get a different lawyer, I jumped. I was going to lose at trial, I am sure. I didn't have a good chance at ge
  2. MJ, she and her lawyer had one of my friends on my friend list report what I was posting. As an example, I made a comment about Paula Patton looking Hot in Warcraft and "bring on the sequel"....no that is not Christianlike and yes I am a man who has been going through separation/divorce for two years struggling with carnal temptation daily, amongst other things, such as trying not to hate my wife who is possessed by the Devil. Her and her lawyer than sent a note to my lawyer saying I was advocating pornography with this post. Our sons do not have FB access, so the relevance of her sending t
  3. No levels her and her lawyer will stoop to nor is she concerned with the impact on the kids of their behavior. She is possessed by Lucifer.
  4. Definitely a struggle....I know the Devil has his claws on her, but I get tired of bearing everything. I have some days where stuff rolls right off of me, then other times it catches. I have to stay focused on making the most out of when the boys are with me.
  5. temp ruling, 4900 and I only get every other weekend...she refuses to go to work....lazy, I dont respect her, she is pathetic
  6. Such a long time.....I get flashbacks as the days that go by, what I was doing a year ago, her retaining a lawyer, Aug will be when I was contacted on the road while I was going to a Military Health course notifying me of filing.......the year before that being when I was in the affair.....waiting on Judges temp ruling.fighting for 50% time sharing......so many wicked stories...sometimes it gets to me, but a lot of times, as I tell my cousin, the Devil has claws on her....if she ever resurfaces, I suspect she will have grave regret for what she has done.....I still do things to plant seeds her
  7. So, Men's call suggested I update....did not know the forum was working again. So much has happened, way too much to type. Retired, got out of SC, back to FL, working as Defense Contractor on Macdill, where I was assigned before. The hiring was GOD's miracle no doubt. Still pray for her....divorce went to temp hearing, Judge said go back to mediation and today the shocker there was I offered for her to buy what is left on house, keep the equity, which is more than $30 begin collecting the portion of military retirement pension law says she gets, pay her an additional $1K alimony and sha
  8. I am numb right now...I have to embark on life without her and I am not looking fwd to it
  9. in the company of christian men in person and FB...been praying for her healed heart...feel like I am telling a lie when I pray we will be reunited...what a joke
  10. and now my wife served me ... such a lovely selfless caring person... oh wait she is the opposite of that
  11. Father passed Monday....still have not been served.....still praying on saying out loud "Calleth on those things that are not as if they were....my family will be reunited, my marriage will be restored" Wife and I splitting time with boys during my medical recovery while I stay with friends family.....be gone 9-28 Aug for program at Ft Gordon paid for by Army to deal with stress, anxiety, sleeplessness......unlikely my wife will let me spend BDay with her and boys but will pray for it.....also pray I get to move home and get reunited with family...if not househunting for me 9-28 Sep....I sig
  12. Dear Lord, strengthen my trust, empower me to cast out doubt and exalt those things that are not as if they were in your name, in your name I proclaim my family will be reunited, my marriage will be restored, my wifes heart will be healed, I will be the husband who cares, loves, cherishes your daughter that you demand I be by your word, I will be the father, caretaker of your sons that you demand I be by your word...I pray these things in your name, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
  13. indeed...I no longer pray silently..I now call on those things that are not as if they were...I now say outloud we will be reunited my marriage will be restored
  14. Lord Be My Shepard, grant me courage, wisdom, patience, in your name I exalt my family is reunited my marriage is restored...please be with my wife in her time of pain
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