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  1. Jesus died and paid the price for us ALL to have an Outrageously Happy Marriage. Jesus said on the cross "It is Finished" Jesus paid the price for us to have connection back to the father. 1 John 10:10 says .......he came to give us life and life more abundantly. An abundant life. A life full of abundance in many forms. Health, wealth, joy, peace.... Let's not waste what he has done on the cross. Let's get the tools that is needed to have an Outrageously Happy Marriage.
  2. 1love, when are you scheduled to come to Florida? I thought I had it on my calendar but I don't. Ugh, I need to know so I can make sure the rooms are available for the night ya'll come to stay. Thank you!!!
  3. Wow, I really like the new title there Riversedge. Do you see how "positive" that title is compared to the woe is me, "don't be like me" attitude. The one was hopeless and the other is hopeful. The one is negative and the other is positive. The one is self focused and the other is a focused outward. The one is " I just can't get this, I just can't do this, I just can't....... where the other is "I CAN and I WILL DO IT!!! PERIOD! The decision is made, aint nobody gonna stop me attitude The one has "no life" in it and the other is "FULL OF LIFE, BELIEF, AND EXPECTANCY. That is how
  4. BTW, Riversedge, Lets change the name of this topic. Thinkin outLoud options, in no particular order. 1. Working to be like Christ, by loving my wife and children. 2. "YES, this works and I'm going to prove it." 3. The old man is dying, he's dying and that's a "good thing." I like all 3, but I think I like #2 and #3 the best, because it adds an element of "fun" in the title and in the "air" of the string. Because, if 2 or 3 happens, then #1 will be an automatic. Just ME, chiming in to your thought life.
  5. Riversedge, Sex starts in the "morning" and goes "all day." How? Through your loving words and actions of Love! Then, when the time arrives, whether it be at night or the afternoon or even first thing in the morning, your pursuit of the "act of LM" will be welcomed in a much more enjoyable place for her. As Joel likes to say, "sex for guys is great anytime." lol But in a Woman's world, sex is GREAT if she is feeling Loved, cared for and valued. Its like a pipeline. If you keep the good flowing through the pipeline, when you turn the faucet on (initiate the act of LM) then s
  6. Hi there Riversedge, yeah, I think you "going over what happened" instead of being concerned about "her" and the pain her finger was in was not really the best plan. Your lack of care for her in the past could have taken a step forward toward healing by you instead,focusing on her, her finger, the pain she was in and helping her get a band aid and ointment to help with. She needs to know you are there and focused out on "her" in the little issues and the Big issues. Ok, learning moment. Don't go into the "Woe is me" guy on the call tonight. Have the mindset of "I'm really sorry,
  7. Yeah Riversedge, when you go into the "Woe is me, I'm a bad person, I've been a bad husband.....mode, It draws on the "mommy mode" in a woman and makes her respond from the place of a mom instead of a wife. "oh, it's ok honey, your not that bad." That response from her will not help you grow up and be the husband your wife needs you to be. . eventually she gets really MAD that she has to be a mom to yet another "child" in the home instead of being the wife she thought she was going to be. It's not SEXY to her....at ALL. Ok, so you haven't been the husband that your wife has need
  8. Mary Jane, when I got on the forum today and saw that "title" I thought, "That title has got to go." Ugh!
  9. Hi Babyblue, Update? I will be on the call tonight at 10pm eastern Here is the number: 857-232-0576 code: 544475
  10. Oh my gosh Christfollower, I typed out a nice long reply and I ended up losing it. Ugh! Ill do it again.
  11. Hi Christfollower, I finally was able to get back to the forum. Give me a call or text me at 386-334-7873 ( cell ) I would love to chat with you via the phone as well.
  12. Wow, not much posting on the contest. It is going to be a little difficult, actually, VERY difficult to determine a winner if there is not postings. Maybe everyone got a good running head start and ran out of steam. hmmmmm.
  13. Hi there Babyblues1116, I'm sorry he got upset, but the only way we can help is if we get "real answers." Change is hard but necessary. John and Susan are very good at what they do. They have been with us for alot of years. Maybe 7 years??? Father, we ask you to go before us and send your Ministering Angels to bring her husband back to the call and be willing to learn thus making their marriage great. Ps 21:2-3 You have granted him/her the desire of her heart and have not withheld what her lips requested. You go before them with wonderful blessings and put a crown of fine Gold o
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