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  1. You are so welcome Charles. The truth is that you are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise struggle to get some of these husbands to surrender to Christ. I have no doubt that Christ will finish the work He has begun in you!! Kimberly
  2. I read her Book. She makes salient points but overall leans toward 50/50.
  3. Brandy, This song was very meaningful to me as I walked through divorce. I pray it blesses you with comfort as it did me. My link Kimberly
  4. Welcome Charles!! A pray for restoration being released over your marriage and life. Blessings of truth and grace, Joshua and Kimberly
  5. Bruce,you are going in a great direction.Posting on the forum,unwrapping all the tragic historical events of the past,and learning how to identify with her pain. I commend you on these efforts. Good job. You are taking back ground the enemy has stolen from you. Make sure you put on your spiritual armor every day and be vigilant over your thought life. You are entering a battle, because you are on the cusp of real change.God is after the deep places in your heart, and this is very serious business. Seek an encounter with God,and have an honest heart before him. He will be faithful to lead you e
  6. Bruce, Very good acknowledgement. You are getting better at seeing her boundaries and apologizing. Keep up the good work. Joshua
  7. any response brother? if I were in your shoes I would be working 24 hours a day at learning how to lay down my life for my wife. my heart would be so broken, I would be so hungry to learn, I would be on this string every single day. it would be (marriage restoration) the single most important endeavor in my life. you murdered the heart of your covenant partner, taught your children the worst way a woman should be treated, and all you are doing is checking in once in a while. I do not know, maybe you are not in a big hurry.
  8. Timothy, What do you mean that you are still a moron? What is it that you are doing or not doing that could be effecting a restoration? I am a bit bewildered. Maybe we can help? Kimberly
  9. A 9.5 out of 10? You have got to be kidding! Jesus sees you as without blemish. He has looked behind your veil and is ravished with you. In His eyes, you are an 11. S should be so beautiful that all other women are to be compared to her; the standard is her. I caught this in your post only because you, yourself remarked how you would always tear her down to get your insecurities bolstered. I know that this may seem insignificant to you but to her, if she read this it is more of the same. Yup, there he goes again knocking me down, even if it just a notch to keep me under his thumb of supe
  10. next job is to describe how that beautiful 18 year old woman , so full of joy and excitement , offered her hand in marriage to you. she offered her body and soul and heart to a man on her wedding day she thought would love, protect, and care for her the rest of her life. Bruce, try to describe her emotional journey from trusting the promises you made her in courtship , to the shock of your first betrayals , through the methodical taking of her control over her own life . from dating to wedding to children . from the thrill of great hope to shock and horror to the breaking of her heart : try to
  11. Your problem reid is that you WANT to look. plain and simple When you get that this is an abomination to the Lord then maybe you will actually get some self-control. Self-control is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. It is not that you can not stop. It is because you do NOT WANT to stop. Humble yourself...maybe you will get farther. God is a jealous God. How do you think God would feel if you claim to love Him alone and then dabble with idols all week long? Would you think God would take issue with that? Why do you think the Bible says, there is NO ONE like you, O, Lord. None can compa
  12. You were NOT.........PROBABLY YOU ARE ABUSIVE You ARE manipulating her emotions You ARE trying to stab her heart in an under-handed ways to get your POINT across that you do NOT have to be careful with her because you could care less You ARE trying to let her know in no uncertain terms that you are ticked that you have to give up sex now You ARE sending her the message, LOUD AND CLEAR that you could give a crap about what she feels You need to see YOU ARE THIS MAN right NOW.
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