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  1. Hi LedbyFire where do I start. My journey sounds like yours in a way regarding the sexual part in marriage. I had made sex all about me and idolized it to the point that I never knew what God's true design was . God will teach you like he is teaching me that my needs must be put on the back burner and I must die to self. With that death I must put on Christ to live in me and through me. We as man are designed by God to be the spiritual leaders in our homes but have been for to many years children in adult bodies mostly concerned with our self-centered needs. Now it sounds to me that you Led
  2. Hi Calvin I am sorry to hear the news in your last post however I want to encourage you to never grow weary(which I am sure you are by now) but to hold on and use this as part of you growing up in Christ and developing a more Christlike character. Your temptation will be to think that all this devotion to doing it God's way doesn't work. Join the crowd I have been to that point many times in my life and would blame God and go back to my medicating carnal ways to dull the pain. That is what sin does it dulls the pain and keeps us living as immature children always wanting our way. I believe C
  3. Hi Cbad I am praying right now for Godly counsel to give you as I can see that you have worked yourself up into a real crisis both in mind and body. I am assuming that you have a lot of head knowledge regarding how to win your wifes' heart back and also are beginning to get that head knowledge down into your heart. I know this is going to be hard for you to accept right now but welcome the pain that you are going through and don't run from it; go into, it face it and realize that it is though this brokenness of self that incredible grow in Christ will take place if you choose to follow Chri
  4. Prince I just want to appeal to you to surrender all to Christ. We live in a battle zone as you well know and God cannot control all events. God will not force your will and the choice is yours and yours only. Your goal is to live for eternity. To do this you need to have a saving faith in God as your creator. Spend time with Him in Bible study and prayer. That's your choice and if you choose to have His power in your life you will change but that change as you have experience can change back to the old carnal nature and Satan can take charge of your life again. That's why consistency and f
  5. Hi Nemo I felt called to reply to your post. I don't know you but am praying as I am writing to give you some Godly counsel. I also can relate to the shame that you can feel if you are trying to come up with work related activities and don't feel the purpose of your work. I am in a field like this and have come home many a night feeling unfulfilled and feeling guilty. This was for me a further pain in my feelings of deep rooted rejection problems from a damaged childhood experience. I would guess you are suffering from serious arrested development that is causing you to be in a reactive su
  6. Peter, I want to ask you about your relationship with Jesus? How much time are spending each time in bible study and prayer? I want to get right to the point with you. The only way that you can possibly be the source of strength to your wife is first die to yourself. NOW this is impossible to do if you try it on your own and if you connect with Jesus the source of life it will be possible but there will be a battle between your human nature and the spiritual nature. Why has it been a year since you have been apply the biblical principals concerning your marriage? No wonder you are at a stand
  7. Hi John I have read through part of your topic. The bottom line for you John is to surrender all of yourself to Christ and doing it with the right motive. What I mean by that is as long as you continue to feel sorry for yourself and verbalize your thoughts of helplessness in the restoration of your marriage, you will continue to serve yourselves instead of surrendering all your life to Christ. This is where the struggle comes in. When we are living in our natural carnal man state we want to control and cry and pout when things are out of our control. What you need and all of us need to do is t
  8. Hi Jacob I had a chance to read through your topic and totally understand what its like to be a child in a adult body. The frustration of putting the knowlege that you have from reading books and talking to Godly people is a big help but only as you put that knowledge into action. Jacob the bottom line here is that Christ is the only answer for you to be successful in being a man that Christ will live through and give you the power to love in a other centered way. As I read through your thoughts I sense a common battle know to all us men. Are you spending quality time each day in the bib
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