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  1. thanks MT. I've been "away" for a while I guess. Just returned from a week in WV, to spend my father's final days with him and we had his service on Veteran's Day . . . so appropriate. My oldest brother called me about two weeks ago and told me he had gotten saved and baptized in the VA hospital's hot tub! And I do believe he had peace or maybe he was just ready. With all that has happened, I hope he met Jesus and didn't just get scared at the end. I hope he experienced the peace of Christ. I DO know that he left his estate to my youngest, most irresponsible brother. The one he ha
  2. [smilie=hi ya!.gif] Life's going along at a rapid rate of speed . . . my oldest has started high school football, 6 days per week, most days 2x per day. Keeps him off the street! But it's been good, except that I hit another wave of grief. Darn it!!! Capstone is notorious for not answering texts and emails, so I vented BIGTIME the other day . . . and he responded very nicely! He agreed it was rude and thoughtless, but he has apologized for this before. BUT seeing how the communication was about the kids, I mentioned the fact that he can go play softball with the guys, and go wor
  3. thought about you yesterday as I landed in LaConner. LOVE YOU!!! I pray all is well . . .
  4. yeah, that's it MJ! That's what I was referring to . . . Just waitin' on the Lord . . .
  5. OK . . . I don't know what that means, but I think I'm likin' it! Girded loins sound like a must have for a good Boaz.
  6. I'm sending Joel an ALERT on this this. Looney Tunes, you ALWAYS have good ideas, but I only have one thing to add. They MUST like pasta . . .
  7. God takes care of His girls, especially for those of us who were NOT Daddy's girls . . . get out your tissues everyone!
  8. per J.D.'s request (that would be Joel D) . . . here is a copy of a letter I wrote to my father after a VERY difficult visit there last month, to West Virginia. Going "back in time" in a dysfunctional family, one tends to feel as a child and sometimes get sucked back into the dysfunctional dance, but by the grace of God, I did not. I even got to have dinner with Looney and MaryJane. The Letter to Dad . . . Dear Dad, I am typing this because I think a lot better when I type, and it’s less messy when I correct a mistake!  It was good to be there with you and everyone. My boys r
  9. I'm not sure what his response really was . . . I spoke with him a couple of times just to say "hey pop, just thinking about you today and wanted you to know I love you". Then the last time I directly asked . . . "so did you read my letter?". He said, "yes honey, I did and I'm not worried about all that s*%t". So there you have it!!! I really don't have that feeling of being "dismissed" any longer by him, and I choose to believe that he IS processing and sitting with it . . . (there's alot of sittin' that goes on down there.) And I have chosen NOT to go back next week, for many reas
  10. ugh . . . I feel old wounds coming back to surface for me reading this. I am praying my friends.
  11. I'm praying too . . . they are WRONG! His heart is WAY too BIG for his body!
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